Friday, April 30, 2010


Friday again! Oh how the time flies when you are having fun, or lately this seems to be an attribute of aging!

Here are the photos I would have included in Monday's post if blogger, and probably a number of unidentified factors decided to be uncooperative, maybe even my brain.
I am posting these in small or medium format as there are a number of them, some of which may be of little interest , not posted with the intended text.

All should be clickable for enlargement, but who knows. This is only my third post trying to use the Blogger newer composition tools.
Luckie's un-favorite boarding kennel; her veterinarian's office which we consider the best care for an aging dog, and the attendants love her!

The Morning stop for breakfast at the Kopper Kettle. Hardy, AR. Not sure who designed the website but it is awful. Other sites mention service and menu/cuisine/service within unsavory terminology. My evaluation was adequate. The sign is a paint-over. Ifyou enlarge it you see part of some other sign. All I can make out so far is Bob;s something or other--a challenge like trying to figure it out drives me stir-crazy.

At least we made it to Tennessee! Whoopee!! Crossing the Mississippi River is always some kind of milestone on a very long road trip.

Pyramid Arena in Memphis, named for its twin city in Egypt where many pyramids are located. It is the 6th largest pyramid in the world! We passed it soon after crossing the Mississippi Riv.

We stopped in Cookeville TN for dinner at Golden Corral, one of my husband/ favorite dining buffets. It was one of the better and newer units in the chain; food was hot; a grill for individual steak orders, an assortment of continental and ethnic selections and a dessert bar with chocolate emphasis.

From Cooksville we traveled toward western edge of Knoxville, stopping for rest and the night at this EconoLodge just off I-40.
Above three weather shots depict the threatening weather we faced early Sunday morning headed for the North Carolina state line and the impending, uncertain detour.
The above three photos are along the Smoky Mtn. US 70/24 detour route from Newport TN to Ashville NC we chose from recommended detours around the rock slide closing a portion of I40 between Ashville and Knoxville. The 3rd photo is my favorite of the three, despite the raindrops on the windshield. In the green field to the right I saw the largest flock of wild turkeys I've ever seen -- around 30 with a gobbler strutting his stuff, tail feathers in full fan. Wonderful, but nowhere to stop for photo!

NOTE: Above six photos were shots through our  the SUV windshield. Significant rainfall is shown as white speckles on some photos.

We FINALLY arrived in Southern Pines, NC around 5 p.m. EDT to our reservation at EconoLodge, a very nice unit acquired from Holiday Inn Express.
After calling husband's sister to inform her of our arrival, we decided to carouse the area for chow. We ended up at Bojangle's. a popular chicken 'n biscuit chain.
Infamous Bojangle Sporks: husband confiscated a significant number and I became an accomplice when he asked me to confiscate additional sporks

Photos: All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, Golden Corral, EconoLodge(s) and Bojangles acquired from Internet.

All other photos are NitWit's work.


Arkansas Patti said...

Good to see you ate well on your trip though I am a bit shocked to realize I actually know a "spork" thief.
Hope you kept your roof on last night. That was quite a storm. No damage here though I did spend some time in the tub with Mighty.

faye said...

Glad you finally got blogger to
cooperate in loading photos..
It seems to take a lot longer.
So much for progress.

Love the travel photos...
I had forgotten about SPORKS..
that shot was too funny.

Lorna said...

I especially liked the weather shots. I've eaten at a Golden Corral in Tennessee. I wonder how many Canadians there are who've done that?

Sniffles and Smiles said...

BOJANGLES???!!! Why not Chick-fil-A??? LOL...(just have to tease you a bit for patronizing one of our competitors ;-)). But I guess it musta been the sporks that called you ;-) (he, he, he). Your photos are wonderful! And I like the raindrops on the windshield...really makes the composition interesting! Those stormy skies are spectacular! And I think Luckie's boarding looks so beautiful...but I'm sure as far as she's concerned, "There's no place like home..." and of course, her people. So glad you were able to get your photos uploaded...that was such a rough go...hopefully, now all your difficulties are resolved...Love you so very much! Janine XO

Liz said...

Scooter Bob's ???? Country Dining!! That's the best I can do.

A long trip.