Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Several of you have requested to see my resignation letter from City Council. With the exception of the formality of addressing includes names of elected persons, some innocent of my tirade, it is verbatim below starting with the generalities of the police & fire depts. and citizens, etc. NO identifying names but mine. 

September 10, 2010


Carol Ann Coward
Alderman, Ward 3, Position 2
616 Lynette Ave
Bull Shoals, AR 72619-3301


Recorder-Treasurer: XXX XXXXXXXX
Fire, Police and Public Works and City Hall employees
Citizens of Bull Shoals
Press Members

RE: Resignation

My husband and I have lived 30 years, 4 months in Bull Shoals.

For 5 years, 9 months (3 elected terms) as of Sept. 30, I served as alderman in the City of Bull Shoals. Serving Citizens of this City has been a joy, honor, privilege and pleasure.

I have served under 3 administrations: 3 Mayors, 2 Recorder-Treasurers, and basically the same council with a few changes from term to term. These relationships, with three exceptions, in the last nine months, has been congenial, with perhaps some personally perceived exclusive chauvinism by certain members within the council.

However it is troubling:

1. That an outside individual(s) in no official capacity seems to have more power and influence deciding city affairs for a select few elected officials, than the officials themselves. If not qualified for office, don’t become a puppet instead of a genuine leader.

2. That an alderman of 31 years experience in pharmacy is insulted by insinuating she did not know what classes of controlled substances, or for that matter prescriptions in general, that various classifications of medical practitioners may or may not write. [BS expletive.!]

3. That various officials accuse their contemporaries of ethics violations when they do not fully understand many facets of their own accusations.

Because of rapidly increasing deterioration in my personal health to a lesser extent, my husband’s health, and similar problems in our extended families over north-central and north-east Texas, North and South Carolina, I feel compelled to tender my resignation, EFFECTIVE September 10, 2010,  1:59 p.m.

I hope to maintain interest in several volunteer projects, TeleCare, public service or charitable projects, included my chosen faith, as long as I have fortitude and can contribute positively. I will voice my opinions on any subject I choose, including my political experiences, openly in any and all public forums I may choose.

My husband’s 14.5 years in Bull Shoals Public Works, my nearly 6 years in public office, as well as time served on an early Park Commission and working for several Planning Commissions, City Hall building committee and public officials equates to 20-25+ years of our 30+ years in this City for the betterment of this City.

My husband and I hope for positive time together fishing, traveling or even seeing the Grand Canyon, if we find solutions to our current health problems, which will permit these activities. We desire more personal time to concentrate on these solutions and sustain some serenity and sanity in the remainder of our lives, however long God has determined.

With Prayers of Peace for our City,

Carol Ann Coward


Lorna said...

Bravo! Done with spirit and class.

Anonymous said...

Very well done! Hugs

ginny said...

You go girl!

CHERI said...

I love a person who will stand up for what they believe! I am so proud of you. Did you see on the news about that town in CA (I think it was) where the mayor and city council and city mgr., etc. were all arrested? The city mgr. had paid himself $800,000...twice what the US president makes! All these politicians were corrupt as .....!!!! I am so glad they were arrested; sure hope they get what's coming to them! I pray both you and hubby will have many years to come in which you can fish and travel and just have some good old fun together!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

An excellant letter - you got your message across in a polite but forceful manner.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well done Carol. You let it fly but with class.
Part of me wants you to keep their feet to the fire through the public forums and part wants you to just by pass the hassle and enjoy. Perhaps you can do both.
Get that body well and hit the roads and lakes. Enjoy.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

WOW!!! That's powerful!!!! But very controlled!!! Good for you!!! Bravo!! Love you! Janine XO