Friday, December 10, 2010


This week has been a mirage of mini-glimpses of life. I did indeed put out two small Christmas items, my limit for this period in my life.

**Friday Shelly took 22 sealed huge boxes as well as a number of loose items to the Humane Society of North Central Arkansas. These boxes contained what was to be a garage/yard/deck sale of 30 years of clutter I removed.

**However, my atrial fibrillation was such I thought better of the stress of sitting in the hot weather for a few pennies.
Actually, there was much more than a few pennies, but I'm not sure it was worth another ambulance ride to ER which in my area is $999, plus whatever they may do to you during the ride.

**I swear I could probably pull just that many more boxes if I had the energy. At least I now have an empty room I can use as a guest bedroom with a inflatable bed, if needed.

**Oh yeah the DIET, Weight Watchers really renovated their Point system, now called Points Plus. Just as I thought I had a small handle on the procedures, the site froze for two days. Despite their technicians trying to help me, nothing worked. Finally, after much frustration, I decided to just RESTART. Voila! Everything works.

**Sometimes easy ideas should be tried first. I'll try to remember next time. Anyway WW learning goes on. Wish I lived near a group, but I'll just trudge along learning on-line.

**The ongoing battle with my atrial fibrillation includes a vagus nerve component, primarily as relates to eating. I can eat about one cup food, or 2 cups fluids; if I exceed these limits I trip into A-Fib. Chocolate also triggers it.

**So tonight we are taking a family to a fine restaurant for a Christmas Dinner. I am carrying two containers for leftovers.

**Those of you who live in Arkansas may read our little town is recalling the mayor who fired a popular police chief and council who upheld the mayor's action. I quit that council one month before this. Am I psychic, or what? And people still call me about events that are occurring.

Our town is known in the whole state and the most raucous community in the state. We have no community spirit. We fight, scratch, cuss and snarl at each other.

However, I have seen it come together in a time of great need, in a way that really amazes me.

And Luckie is still searching the house for more loaves of bread within her reach.



Lorna said...

Congratulations on your foresight and acumen around the council issues. does your Christmas wish mean you're taking a break?

Linda said...

Sorry you're still having to be so careful with your A-Fib.

Sounds like you got rid of a lot of stuff to now have an extra bedroom. That's great.

Small communities are good at fighting and scratching, or is it that it's just more noticable in small communities?

lakeviewer said...

I never heard that food could cause atrial fibrillation to this extent. You poor thing! Do let others do for you all that's needed.
Is Weight Watchers your choice of diet, or is it recommended by your doctors?

Dimple said...

Oh, too bad about the chocolate! But it's good to know the triggers, so you can avoid them.

That is a lot of boxes, and work; it's good to give to such a good cause!

faye said...

Maybe for Christmas you could leave
a small loaf withing reach for

Happy Holidays !!!

CHERI said...

Glad you are being so wise...learning to work with WW and recognizing your limits. Poor Luckie...he's a lot like me when I get a craving for chocolate! Isn't it a freeing feeling to get rid of some clutter? The older I get the less I want! You take care...Merry Christmas!

Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief, one cup of food?? Don't know why you even need WW with that diet restriction. Hope you can eat that one cup often.
Hadn't heard about your political mess but am glad you are out of it.
Take care.

Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Hey CA just stopped in to check on you! Sounds like you have total control of things! XOXO

Dimple said...

Yes, it has been windy all over. Our weather has calmed and warmed since I took the photo, but it was very cold that day!
Merry Christmas!

Silver said...

Well, once a member of the Council, always remembered as one i suppose.

Glad to hear of a new cleared space. Aren't you pleased?

Thanks for sending me your warm hugs and thoughts.. i am sending some your way too.

love and hugs,