Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When I started blogging, after an elementary class offered by a friend, I thought it great fun for retired person. I had periods of prolific work which leveled out to reading and less pontification on my part.

IT SEEMED A HARMLESS PAST TIME. Early on I heard of gang ambushes, stealing or using blogger's or copyrighted work without permission or attribution, unnecessary critical comments, outright intentional meanness, and many other startling misdemeanors for a seemingly harmless pastime.

Suddenly and early in my blogging experience, persons had private blogs for various reasons which I did not then understand. I have encountered several over nearly two years of blogging.

Others have eliminated comments from time to time. I only received two comments which were pornographic spam from a foreign country, which I deleted.

 The third was a person with a cause, posting multiple, -- I mean a great number--, links to my post about my parents relatively mild corporate punishment. I courteously replied to the person that causes were not a purpose of my post.

I realize some persons tire of comments and others feel a need to recognize comments.  I adopted a habit of  replying to comments on my blog by e-mail, especially if my reply was personal and not relevant to the blog.

I never built up the long following of many who even follow me, so I have not met up with these bandits of the blogland highway yet. I suppose I will quit if I do. I have eliminated only three comments mentioned above.

Spamming blogs is stealing the creative time and effort of a writer for personal gain.

Hiding behind anonymity with or without the intent of destroying another person for any reason is abominable.

 I'm sorry; I have too many other things to do with my time.
My husband and I are in the process of changing a lot of our medical care. In a small remote area, there are not multiple choices in some disciplines and specialties. We have very good insurances, so that is not a problem, at least as long as Medicare and TriCare for Life assignment is accepted.

Assignment is a very important word: many medical facilities will file for you, but you make up the difference, no matter how much insurance you have. Believe me that adds up in a hurry.

My husband ALSO has VA 100% disability and use of  VA medical  facilities too, but that is approx. 150 miles away. The local VA clinic is a wellness clinic. When you have an illness you are stabilized and sent to Little Rock or other VA facility, in ambulance, etc. if necessary.

Despite being covered-insurance wise, physical accessibility is becoming difficult for us as we age. So we are looking for  a general practitioner for him to use Medicare/TriCare for Life assignment.

The nearest town with a relatively good sized hospital is 17 miles away -- not 4 lane highway, but fairly decent road.

I have Medicare/TriCare for Life and have been fortunate in finding a local physician in the past, and some specialists.
We have a clinic in our town but it seems in turmoil.

Our little town was elated with an area hospital gave us an abandoned medical facility if we found personnel for it. This means the City is in real estate business but at the time, it seem the only way we would ever be able to keep a medical service, other than an ambulance.

For about 5 years it was wonderful to have medical service just blocks from home, but the bubble burst late last  year when the physician chose to leave for a larger city and practice, leaving an advanced nurse practitioner as the sole occupant.   This recent turnover resulted in turmoil, including negotiations with the city.

The ANP has been gone on "business" several times. This week alone she will be working 1.5 days only out of her 4.5 official days. One employee of three has quit, leaving a heavy workload on a RN and a lab person.

I was resolved to stay if I felt I was getting good care. I am no longer sure I am.  So after I get my husband settled in I will have do some more thinking. I also have the unresolved issue of the ablation procedure, although I am leaning in that direction.....which, guess what, will be in Little Rock.

So you see we are in a state of flux, which we never anticipated, but we will face them as we have other situations in 42 years Feb. 22. [My husband cooked steaks Saturday night as anniversary dinner. Being ill I was not the best of condition among the 5 guests.

A number of retirees here go to the renown medical centers such as Mayo's or Cleveland Clinic.  They perceive they get better care. We are able to do this, but I wonder if the care is that extraordinary, or is it enticing? 


Pat - Arkansas said...

A belated happy anniversary to you both.

I am fortunate to live where I have a number of medical facilities available to me. I can only imagine the concerns you must have.

I don't often get anonymous comments but, when I do get one, I just zap it into never-never land.

I still enjoy blogging. It's only the occasional day that I'd rather be doing something else.

Linda said...

Sorry you're having problems finding good healthcare. I've never lived very far from medical care. It must be very frustrating.

CHERI said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY...42 years is a blessing these days. We are headed toward our 41st this year. So sorry you and hubby continue to have medical issues. I will tell you that my dearest friend and long-time neighbor who recently moved to KS always used Mayo. Her husband had cancer (he eventually died) and she had breast cancer. They always felt they got wonderful care at Mayo's in FL. She always told me I should go there if I ever had a major medical issue and I trust her judgement greatly...she's no pushover either:) I know you both will make the best decision for yourselves. You are such an intelligent and well informed person. I've been happy with my blogging experience so far. I hope I never have to deal with some of the issues that I've read about but there will always be people out there who try to rob others of joy.

Anonymous said...

I sure was hoping by now you had found a solution to getting good health care. I am sorry you did not feel well for your anniversary...BTW Happy Anniversary!

I have not so far had a problem with spammers and have only had one anonymous comment and that person emailed me to let me know it was them. It was a family member who did not have a blog here.

I hope you do not have to leave ever, I love reading your posts. Hugs

Lorna said...

Like you, I don't have energy or disposition to deal with the bloggy no-gooders.

I wish you had better access to the care you need; it's especially distressing when you'd already put some planning into it.

rosaria said...

Yes, Happy Anniversary you two! I've tried to respond to comments, but I can't get to everybody. So, my method is to visit those people who are my regulars. Any new person will get my visit eventually, as I have time.

Sorry to hear about your health issues.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I sympathize with your problems in finding good medical care close by. I live in a rural area and must travel to Richmond for anything other than basic care from our Family Practice Center.
Happy Anniversay! 42 years is wonderful. I hope you have many more years together.