Wednesday, March 09, 2011


1. Spring is sprouting out all over, but the recent rains were very cold to me, but no frost. I am longing for a little sunlight.

2. I HAVE a physician's appointment April 8 in Little Rock with physician scheduled to do ablation procedure.

3. Disappointingly, this appointment points to a May procedure. This physioelectrologist cardiologist is in great demand.

4. I have linked up with some departments at Baylor Heart Institute, if this does not work out.

5. I encourage all of you not to ignore your heart. If high blood pressure is a problem, do what ever advised to get it down. For older persons it generally is below 120/80. I have found I have fewer spells when it is about 110/65, but there are no approved drugs that will get it that low on a regular basis....maybe more weight loss.

6. If you are too busy, learn to say NO. I still have not learned the lesson--SLOW learner, as this is not my normal mode operandi.

7. Read. Invest in your own spirituality.

8. Sit 10 minutes outside, preferably in sunlight, on warm days for relaxation and a dose of Vit. D. You might see a great photo opertunity, too.

9. Avoid persons who elevate your blood pressure. We are all different, and it does not mean the person is  bad. It is just they, in some way, are hard on your system. At my age it is too stressful to change me or them.

10. Iif you are lonely-bored-like to verbalize, I strongly suggest pets which offer unconditional love. I talk to mine all the time, as my husband has severe hearing problem--he really does, although it would help if he would wear at least one hearing aid during waking hours. I can't be too critical as my hearing is moderately diminished and I hate the hearing aids I have.



Pat - Arkansas said...

Wise words, Carol.

rosaria said...

Oh what a perfect morning talk we are having here! Yes, maam! Your advice is precious stuff.

Linda said...

Good advice. Here's hoping your medical appointment goes well.

Anonymous said...

Very good advice. I well identify with the hubby who can't hear and talking to my pets. Hope everything works out for you and you are doing a whole lot better after the procedure. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, I have always had excellent blood pressure and it is never a problem.

I still have and will always have COPD and this cold wet weather is a pain in the ass. I need some sunshine.

I do notice I am not coughing as much as I was. I think because there is more moisture in the air but not sure.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey what a great great post. Like Patti says in her comment Wise Words and I could sure use them and will.
I hope your appointment goes well also.
Just was thinking about you and wanted to say hello
Love ya

faye said...

Great advice... but number 9 is
difficult for me to follow..I am
surrounded by people I would like to avoid. And number 10 works if your pet isn't a jack russell that only
tolerates you until her Alpha dog
comes home from work.

Lorna said...

It's true that the sun doesn't have to shine for it to be a happy day. The sun didn't shine here today, but I got a lot of reading done, did some volunteer work, had an unplanned nap, got to eat some of Dave's fresh bread with butter and honey. A good day.

Liz said...

I talk to George all the time. And to GrandDadughter even when she's asleep in the pushchair.

Avoiding those who push up your bp is good advice too.

Hope all your appointments and husband's are sorted easily and speedily and everything goes well for you.

CHERI said...

What wonderful advice. I sometimes think it's time to slow down at age 61. I retired in 2005 but still working in the field of education. I enjoy it, can make my own schedule, and the extra money allows me the opportunity to do things I might not otherwise get to do. With everything going up but my retirement check, I feel I need to keep working as long as I can. But at times life does get hectic and I think I should just sit home, relax, and eat bonbons all day!

Small City Scenes said...

Words of wisdom----some learned the hard way. MB

Anonymous said...

When possible I like to have my own apples or know the orchard from which they come. Too many pesticides to make those sold in stores safe to eat.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good morning honey. Hope you changed your clocks. lol
When they do that to us I am confused for days.
Have a gread day and thanks for your visit I always love seeing you there

Dimple said...

I, too, am longing for sunlight. But it is on the way! I find I need 2000 mg of vit D daily, which is not possible here during the winter. But I have a good supplement.

Patty said...

I like #6, 8 and 9. But all the things you have written are good advice.