Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Modern Rendering of TeePee Tribute
To Indian Culture at I-90 Rest Stop
[SOOC Straight Out of Camera]
Although I am in the midst of a series of posts based on our Moroccan Reunion Tour in South Dakota, I am forced to take an interlude this week, due to medical appointments in Little Rock, and our beloved Luckie's illness, plus no housekeeper, I being the very poor fill-in.

Husband (H) has hearing recheck at VA in Little Rock; my Best Friend (BF) and I have appointments with our asthma/allergy/COPD physician in Little Rock on the same day. For once we got it altogether and did not have to make separate trips.

BF and I have used the same physician together since 1991. I seriously doubt I would be breathing today, were it not for his diligent, persistent care in seeking solutions since I have all three maladies....and this week will learn about my heart problems.

This physician puts us in the same room at the same time and we 'entertain' with some of our escapades as he examines us. We only see him once a year, unless one of us as a severe change in our condition.

Luckie, our beloved, spoiled rescue dog, now about 13 years old,  went off food/water Saturday and i noticed she and difficulty urinating...like two drops. Since the vet's office is only open 1/2 day on Saturday I quickly called for appointment and headed out of town. It is about a 15 minute drive. Thankfully  Monday, she is much better, eating, drinking, and eliminating, however had regurgitated some grass early Monday a.m. So Doc wanted to observe her a few more hours.

Plaque Accompanying Above Teepee With Info About
South Dakota - SOOC [Straight Out Of Camera]
When I remembered our out-of-town trip, I told them to keep her until some time Thursday. Doc was pleased, hopefully for Luckie's well-being, not $$$, but then that is involved!!!

I think she has continuing erhlichiosis. This tick-borne disease can become chronic in a dog. Re-testing is futile before at least one year has past, as you get a lot of false positives.

So I am behind in reading (posts and books) and writing. To tease your expectation, the next post is entitled A TALE OF TWO CITIES AND TWO LADIES.

Also, I have started reading CARAVANS by Michenor. The setting ins timely-Afganistan. Since Michenor writes epics, I feel sure I'll be on this one quite awhile. I like the way he intertwines his settings in detail to the story.

BF and I are carrying our Kindles as we expect some sitting time everywhere. A new area library has partnered with Amazon to allow check-out of digital books for two weeks, much like the library card, except there is a fee of $30 (I think). I am not sure if the fee is annually, or a one time fee.

We may be hillbillies living in the mountains, but we have no excuse to not be educated!


rosaria said...

Ah, the life of retirees, coming and going, with the latest devices at their fingertips!

Good to hear from you.

Cheryl said...

Do hope you all got good reports from the doctors appointments. How neat is it that you and your BF have appointments at the same time and can keep each other company! Do hope the dog is feeling much better as well. I enjoyed the photos.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sure hope your appointments go well. How nice you can take your friend and both be treated.
I am concerned about Luckie and hope they can get her 100% soon.
Reading Kindles in doctors offices sure beats the old, germ filled magazines others have to deal with.

Anonymous said...

Hoping all your doctor appointments bring good news. Sending up prayers for Luckie and hope she will be all well soon. Hugs for you and hugs and nose kisses for Luckie

Lorna said...

we can borrow e-books for free for 3 weeks from our library, and the site for their digital collection looks like Amazon.com! We're so lucky. Glad Lucky seems better, and hope all goes well for you and your BF.

Amber Star said...

Golly! I hadn't thought about Erlichiosis since taking microbiolgy a hunnerd years ago! Hope Luckie is feeling much better and won't be too hacked off with you for leaving her with the diabolical vet once again.

Hope everyone gets an a+ check up with the doctors. My rounds start again in December. yuck

Oh yes, I got an email from Amazon about their lending library and it was free or something. Maybe had to get their credit card or something. Might take a look. I downloaded a copy of "Grimms Tales" today. I couldn't pass up the free offer and for heaven's sake I haven't read the real ones in ages. I watched the tv show last week called "Grimms". It was pretty good.

I'm reading McMurtry and my copy of "Lonesome Dove" had gotten in terrible condition. It must have been left in the rain and then stomped and then put in a baggie. It had a funky smell and to tell you the truth I'm not sure of where it came from. Anyway, last night I was jonesing for the book and I found it at Barnes and Noble bookstore, and the cool thing was I could reserve it online and hubby went down and picked it up for me this morning.

Liz said...

How good that you and BF can share these experiences! I'm glad Luckie is better too.

Lisa said...

First of all, I do hope Luckie is doing better now. I'm so sorry she is sick. Second of all, I think it's too funny you and your BF get to see the doctor together. The staff must love it when you both come in well. Lots of laughs I'm sure. :) I hope the house keeper can get back to you soon. Can't wait to read your next adventures.

Ginny said...

I hope old Luckie is on the mend. It is always so distressing to leave the little ones behind.

flowerweaver said...

Sending healing thoughts for Luckie!