Saturday, March 17, 2012

Utility Room Remodel and Spring

Dark Pink (Near Magenta) Red Bud Tree Planted After 2009 Ice Storm
A few weeks ago I promised to post photos of our remodeling projects.

But first I had to add a splash of spring, my darker, almost magenta, Redbud is in full bloom. This tree was planted after the 2009 great ice storm.

If you remember, I also said I was not an interior photographer and thus you will soon agree.

I met such an interior photographer a decade or two ago at a workshop.  Her work made every room look beautiful to nearly surreal. I was amazed.

A room to me is to be lived in, essentially functional, not a showroom for others to envy, but never have I salivated to have my house on the front cover of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL either.

Further, I chose to use a wide angle lens mostly without flash. Wide angle lens at 28mm will have some distortion in the photo seen in straight lines which appear bent, curved or less than perpendicular to a comparable line in the photograph. There are lens which correct this aberration but I am not inclined to purchase one when this is not my particular interest.

Utility Room Viewed From Kitchen
Through Vertical Door."
Appliance Side (unchanged)
viewed from Kitchen
The completed room is vicariously known as a the washroom, laundry, recycling (plastic bags, newspapers, magazines, cardboard, aluminum cans), feed-dog, freezer, fishing rods and keys room, so I suppose its best name would be utility room!!!

SO I present our utility room which is off the kitchen, a hallway type room leading out the back door, which has a dog door flap, to the back yard.

We kept one side of the room with washer, dryer, freezer and hot water closet as was previously  remodeled because I upgraded the doors of the shoddy manufactured housing cabinets with nice doors, and made additional storage above the hot water heater. With this remodel we used light oak "bead" board everywhere else.
Left Side Utility Room Viewed From
Kitchen - Really Busy Side With
Various Recycling, Keys And Fishing
Racks, Newspaper Recycling in Brown
Brown Sack, Key and Fishing Rod Rack,

I know the room looks discombobulated but we truly do and have all the previously mentioned activities in this small area, lending a cluttered look. These photos are as good as it ever gets!

Utility Room Viewed from Kitchen To
Back Door and Dog Door

Now another peep at
springtime at the abode
of Nitwit1, Luckie, husband.

We renovated this flower
bed last year in the overhaul
of our front yard. An older
light fuchsia Redbud was
planted years earlier. We
added the darker Redbud,
whiskey barrels, moved
some yucca around, etc.
The leaves of Naked Ladies
are along our lot line and
planted a number of years
Utiliity Room Viewed from Back Door
Toward Kitchen Vertical "Door"

As can see Spring has sprung in the newly renovated bed which I nicknamed the Nandina Bed as all the whisky barrelshave Nandinas started in them. I have several more shoots that appeared from where moved these plants.The back of my Dallas Cowboy is seen. Miraculously the diseased Dogwood is also struggling to bloom. Note Naked Ladies along lot line.

 The manufactured home in the background is condemned, but a old federal lien is holding up demolition. It is a definite health hazard with black mold, a tree through the roof, water rot inside, wild animals living inside and out. Its age is such there is a good possibility of asbestos in its structure. The mayor also found evidence of humans using the place for parties, mostly likely illegal drugs.


TexWisGirl said...

you're a brave soul to post photos of your 'busy room'. :) i don't post pix of the inside of my house as i'd have to clean first, and that isn't gonna happen... :)

sorry about the trailer across from you. we have plenty of those types here in our area, as well. meth labs, etc.

Arkansas Patti said...

I really like your vertical blinds to the utility room. Nice effect and I am sure Luckie can navigate them.
That is a shame about your neighbor's eye sore. Hope that is resolved for health reasons though I am sure some wild animals will miss it.

Amber Star said...

I do see those naked ladies along the lot line. Do they bloom in the spring? Mine didn't bloom at all last year, but it was a most difficult one for plants. The heat was horrendous. I'm sure you remember my whining about all summer and fall.

Your floor in the utility room is uber clean!! It gleams in the light. That is a very clean floor. We use our laundry room as a staging area for many things, too. The cats used to eat there, but we have no cats anymore. The recyle things get put on the dryer until one of us gets out to put them in the bin. I think you have made wonderful progress on your remodeling and the pictures are very good. I have found I get a better picture using natural light rather than the flash.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I know honey you are happy about finishing your remodeling projects. They turned out really great. I don't thing your home looks discombobulated. I agree a home that I enjoy is one that is welcoming and lived in.
I like how you arranged and wrote this post. I don't know how you did it but it looks great.
Have a good week

rosaria said...

You really did get all your functions aligned and squared in one place! Good job!

Hilary said...

That's what I'm missing in my home.. a utility room so that all of the other rooms can look less cluttered. Sounds like you're taking on a lot.

Lisa said...

My home is definitively lived in! ALL THE TIME!!! It's not often all clean or even organized at the same time. Love your new look and I can't believe how your floor shines. Your photos spring are just great! Are those with the new camera??

Liz said...

Your utility room looks neat and organised to me and I love those bushes in your garden. What a shame about the trailer.