Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Brown, Brown Grass of Home

The Green, Green Grass of Home
Tom Jones - YouTube

Obviously I have renamed a classic favorite of yore, The Green, Green Grass of Home , a country song, popularized by Tom Jones, into an easy listening song, and my favorite version.
Brown fields on HWY 235 between Yellville - Marshall, AR
I had an appointment with a cardiac electrophysiologist this week. The rural scenery starkly showed the effect of the severe drought Arkansas is enduring, and almost transformed me into thinking I was in Texas instead. Photos are from a moving car, and not very good, but look for the brown patches. These spots are as far as you can see as you travel to Little Rock are cleared land, usually pastures or hay fields. It seemed more severe north of Clinton AR  which includes where we live.

Man at Top of Verizon Cell
Tower on an 104 degree Day.
The tower picture I think has heat waves coming off it. It is a Verizon cell tower just built on land leased by our church. The man was putting the final touches before it was activated. The temperature that day was 104 degrees amd this was about noon.

After consultation with all my physicians I will be taking our trip. The A-Fib attacks will take place whether I am sitting home feeling sorry for myself, or if I am having a good time traveling. As long as I am on blood thinners, I have been assured I am fairly safe from the dangers of the arrhythmias. I do have emergency drugs which lower blood pressure and other means to break up the fibrillation.

A Scene North of Marshall, AR. This Barn Is Nearly Empty of Hay Bales and No Sign of a Second
Crop which Farmers in this Area Usually Are Able to Reap. Note Brown Hill in Distance, too.
We are trying to get Pass Cards so we can drive into Canada and see Niagara Falls on the Canadian side where the spectacular Horseshoe Falls is located. We will of course see both sides, and I hope to ride the Maid of the Mist!

I will try to later regale the trials of getting a Pass Port or Pass Card. It is unbelievable, and time is not on our side. So our trip may be shorter and my heart procedure scheduled earlier. The next two weeks will probably tell the tale1


TexWisGirl said...

glad you got the okay to make your trip. maybe you'll get to see some greener countryside up there! :)

Beth said...

I have AFIB too so I know what you are dealing with. Enjoy your trip!

The grass here in Illinois is dead too. This is the hottest driest summer that I can remember in my lifetime.

Sandi McBride said...

Just try to relax and enjoy yourself...relaxing, there's the key...hugs

Hilary said...

Enjoy the trip in GOOD health. I hope your woes will be resolved soon.

Niagara Falls is only about 90 minutes from where I live.

Liz said...

Looking forward to the Maid of the Mist photos. Hope you have a good time and stay well.

Lorna said...

I'm late reading this and hope that you get a chance to cross into Canada. I think the falls are more majestic (and scary) on our side.

Stay well.