Friday, October 26, 2012


Since my last post, life has been a series of medical appointments which I facetiously call my 'social life.'

Not best shot, nor do I remem-
ber where,but taken between
Harrison and Little Rock
Two appointments have required trips to Little Rock and included the heart pulmonary vein procedure. Then three weeks later a return post-surgical checkup in Little Rock.

I also have seen my local cardiac physician and my ANP at least three times.

The procedure was successful far beyond my expectations, resulting in perfect heart rhythm and no breakthroughs so far of A-Fib. This in only one month in to the projected 3- month healing process.

The next positive event is I have been approved for supervised cardiac rehabilitation through our local hospital. Even though I am not a gym body-building, muscle bulging, aficionado, I periodically have been in reasonable exercise routines, but without medical supervision. My main concerns now are cardiac strengthening (the heart is a specialized muscle) and faster weight loss.

Along US 65 from Harrison to Little Rock
near Marshall AR
So my next few months are going to be busy as the cardiac rehab. unit is 15 mi. from our home, entailing a short drive 3 days a week for about 2.5 months, and of course more physician appointments.

The only downer is my shortness of breath  (SOB)has not improved. However, I cannot unreasonably expect this a I have asthma, COPD, and an increasing curvature of the spine from hereditary  osteoporosis which crowds the upper chest cavity space.

My somewhat upper is a recent visit to my ANP which serves as my primary care physician. She had an ANP intern Wednesday. I was complaining of the SOB. Finding no new explanations, verified by a blood panel workup,  she explained in the elderly SOB may have no explanations as well as fatigue which I added to my complaint, and added at 76, my mental acuity, appearance, interests and activities did NOT fit he usual 76 year old profile.

Along US HWY 65 Harrison to Little Rock
near Marshall, AR
I accepted the compliment, but chuckled to myself about the appearance. I never have been the normal female box full of cosmetics to keep me younger looking, not even as a teenager. My cosmetics consist of  several shades of lipstick, a blemish cover, and pressed face powder which I only use when leaving the house.

Yes, I am engaged in as many activities as I can physically handle, participated in local politics, read, and maintain a reasonable level of digital acuity. I have fascinations in computers and photography. But the aging needle on the clock of life continues to roll ever higher on its scale.

Since my recent activities have curtailed my photography, I have only some photos taken from vehicle, which are a tad blurred. I was trying to capture the autumn color  which was muted this year in Arkansas. The extremely dry and hot spring and summer took its toll on the sometimes flaming color we have in mid-to late October.

PHOTOS: NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed


Miss Dazey said...

I really, really admire your attitude about cardiac rehab. I love reading a positive post. Hugs!

rosaria williams said...

At least you got a compliment!
We have only the choice of living or dying; and living involve a whole lot of new accommodations, what they now call rehabilitation.
Getting old ain't for sissies!

Betty said...

Glad your procedure was successful. Welcome back!

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Glad to hear that your procedure was so successful. I'm sure your positive attitude and interest in life have kept you young.

Dimple said...

I have heard that "use it or lose it" applies to both mental and physical abilities. Bravo to you for keeping active!

Most of our pretty leaves have been blown or rained off now. I'm glad I caught a few while they were still on the trees. Your pics have lovely colors, and they are not so blurry that the subject is hidden, so good job on that, too!

Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful news Carol about the successful A-FIB proceedure. I know this has been a real worry for you. I am also pleased you will be getting supervised cardic rehab. Also wonderful news. They will know what you can or can not do and what will help the most. You go girl.
This has not been too spectcaular of a Fall but nice anyway. 31 degrees this AM.
Keep improving gal.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm so happy about your good heart-news. Take care; enjoy the rehab.

Hilary said...

I'm glad you're getting mostly good results. You have a great attitude. I hope you weren't driving when you snapped your fine photos.