Friday, January 18, 2013


Today I introduce you to a soul set free of mental fear and torment by a persistent heart condition, MYSELF!

For 4+ years many of you have followed and sympathized with my battle with a common heart condition, A-Fib, short hand for atrial fibrillation, a condition 1 in 4 persons may have at some point in their lives. By the way you don't have to be a senior citizen, either. A church friend in his 40s had it, too.

Without revisiting my daily struggle and frustration of trying to live a nearly normal life at my advanced age with a chronic condition, and the very dangerous drug with narrow boundaries of safety, I am happy to report I am now nearly, if not entirely free, of the condition.

September 27 you may remember I had a heart procedure in Little Rock, called pulmonary vein ablation. In brief the 4 pulmonary veins which enter the heart in the left atrium were ablated (scarred or cauterized), even though only one was causing A-Fib. The reason is if one vein does, the other three veins eventually will develop the same symptom.

After three months of healing and NO recurrence of A-Fib, my electrophysiology cardiologist removed the drug, Tikosyn, from my regimen. After one week I have had no A-Fib attacks.

If still symptom-free in 3 more months I will be able to discontinue Pradaxa, a blood thinner with dangerous side effects.

I am under no delusion. This condition can return. Drugs and ablations may, and do fade in 30% of users. I hope I am in the 70%, but, if not, I still have the same options, unless ObamaCare denies payment because of age. The procedure is costly.

But today and all the days I remain A-Fib free, I shall be thankful and enjoy freedom from drugs, fear, short a life set free from fear. I still have work to do, but I will endeavor to step into it with joy, not cardiac rehab [translate exercise] and lose more weight -- oh how I need support in this!

Thank you, blogging buddies for listening and I know some of you, or your dear ones have the same malady.

Thanks to my dear husband for being there for me every step of the way, as he has his own health problems too!

Yes! Luckie, too, who often lay by my chair in sympathy as I struggled through A-Fib  attacks which were more frequent in late evenings and night.

I am commenting on FACEBOOK more and more, using it much like blogging but nearly requiring the intensity. Many of you have a FACEBOOK account. I will 'friend' you, if you request.


rosaria williams said...

Yes, indeed, good news! I too have been catching up with some bloggers through Facebook, and look forward to your friend's request:
My FBname rosaria williams
My picture is the one cooking with a youngster.

TexWisGirl said...

oh, congratulations! i know this is one-day-at-a-time stuff, but i truly hope all is over!

Beth said...

Great news for you. I too have been diagnosed with A-Fib. I was told I was not a candidate for the procedure you had. I am so glad it is working for you.

Liz said...

Great news! How lovely to have some good news.

Arkansas Patti said...

Carol, this is wonderful news. What amazing relief you must be feeling. Freedom from fear. Wow!!!
Breathe deeply and relax. You are winning but also keep up all the good work you have been doing and kick those other drugs to the curb.

Lorna said...

Happy to hear this. It sounds like you have good reason to feel set free.

Amber Star said...

That is such wonderful news! We live in a miraculous age. Not that long ago people would have died from A-fib. It is good you are going to be with us for a good while more.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh what a great way for me to end my night finding such good news from a dear sweet friend.
I am so very glad to hear this and you must be feeling such relief right now.
So glad I stopped by and maybe we can work on the weight thing together because I have quite a few pounds I need to shed before I find myself with some serious issues.

Dimple said...

I'm so glad you are not having problems with A-fib now, hooray for ablation!

Blessings to you and yours!