Sunday, March 24, 2013


If you are reading this post on Internet Explorer 9 or 10, the sidebar may have moved to below the post. This occurred when I upgraded to IE10. I then downgraded to IE 9, but the changes did not go away.

I have spent 3 days trying to find the solution; others seemingly have encountered the same problem. No suggestions, all of which required altering HTML which frightens me as I do not know the language, did not work. So I set it back to original language. 

I am fairly sure the template is a Blogger template, which may be the only other explanation. I found the lines suggested to change in the HTML, but the suggested changes did not work.

Actually, HTML is a bit like working in the Windows Registry which I have done sufficient times to be comfortable, if I have WRITTEN directions Only. So far I have not destroyed any one's operating system.

So I have downloaded Google Chrome where it displays the blog as I originally laid it out, until either Blogger or IE get their acts coordinated. 

Now I will be composing in Google Chrome, so hope it behaves itself.

That is as soon as I recover from the sinus, ear, nose and throat infection I have along with headache, and touch of Montezuma's revenge. 

This means I will have another addition to my social medical condition calendar tomorrow.


Miss Dazey said...

I admire you greatly being able to work with HTML and the registry. My only attempts were disasters. I use chrome a lot, especially on iPad.

Linda said...

I found Google Chrome works better with Blogger in publishing a blog.

Beth said...

Google Chrome is the only one that works on Blogger for me.

To publish my blog I use Windows Live Writer.

Arkansas Patti said...

I had to switch to Chrome also and it seems to work just fine.
It was frustrating for a while though trying to make IE work. Hope all is well for you now.