Thursday, December 17, 2009

FOTO (less) Friday & Christmas Memories - 6

24. If ever there was a doting shopper gone wild, it is yours truly. When I shopped for Christmas gifts,everything that moved and breathed was included, i.e. pets. In fact if I had to choose what I considered fun in shopping it is pets.

Of course, we usually had a dog, but I in the persona of my dog gave gifts to the pets of my friends, whose pet populations outnumbered our own.

For many years we kenneled our pets at a local kennel which also groomed animals and had a small shop of pet items. I routinely overextended the budget in their shop. Their selection was not the usual bones, and toy assortments found in large box stores.

Luckie is getting a couple of presents this year. One gift is a fuzzy chipmunk that is approved by some pet group. Another is a new collar if I can find one I like. I've been looking for the right color and design for about 4 months.

Since the 1000 year ice storm, the chipmunk (and squirrel) population has diminished with the removal of trees. Luckie seems depressed some days when she spends time at our windows scouting for her favorite varmints.

If an unfortunate chippy is spotted, it is a black flash of color out the back dogie door. Despite entering middle age (7-8 years old) Luckie can still jump and move with urgency and speed. Since she is part German Shepherd I've kept an eye on her movement for any arthritis or hip dysplasia. I have noticed she doesn't jump quite as high.

She also has a red Christmas scrungie with jingle bells to wear around her neck Christmas Day, at least long enough for a picture!

And since the picture for this blog will not be taken until Christmas Day, this is FOTO (less) Friday! I did notice a clump of red berries on one nandina.

May try to make some night Christmas displays, too. City Hall has an excellent display this year, thanks to a generous donation of displays by a private citizen.

[To add to those who by ow consider I am affllicted with temporary or permanent insanity, I have had a pet baby shower (when I purchased a puppy), and pet birthday party.]

POST SCRIPT: Several readers expressed interest in the earmuffs of a previous post. My husband bought them locally at Orscheln Farm and Home Store. There are several in our area. The nearest one had a cheaper model but the store in Mountain Home AT and the reall McCoy. He stocked me up for another year.


Arkansas Patti said...

Oh, I like the idea of a pet baby shower. Good idea.
You are a good "two legs" to treat Luckie so well. She was a "lucky" pup indeed to have picked you out.
I'm heading for Florida now so I will just wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas. See ya in 2010.

Anonymous said...

The trees will not produce the abundant nut crop but the chipmunks and squirrels will eat and store peanuts, both in the shell and shelled. We buy them all year long. The chipmunks store them underground in their pantry and the squirrels stick them everywhere.

If I could I would have me another dog but my wife said "we" don't want to go through that death separation thing again. Still I am hopeful.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Our dog had his own stocking...I miss him...I may have to break down eventually and buy another...but I haven't been able to bear replacing him...still grieving, I guess...Love you!!!Janine XO

Small City Scenes said...

Nice post. Our dogs have their stockings that I am sure Santa will fill/
I have those ear muffs and they are just great. They fit just right and if one has hair issues---well you don't with these. MB