Sunday, January 30, 2011


What am I doing these days as I have neither posted much and visited my favorites little?

1). Playing musical chairs with the computers in the house getting them repaired as much as possible. My immediate previous laptop bought at a BIG BOX store that sold me a useless expensive maintenance contract by contract group known as the GEEK squad. Purposely I was not informed in-home service meant 40 mi. radius of any of their stores.  I live in the Ozarks at least 100 mi. from any store. I did take it in once and returned a month later to pick it up. They "found nothing wrong."

It turns out the time period a large number of HP series with NVIDIA Graphic Processors unfortunately were designed not to handle heat problems. Bad choices of paste, so-called heat sinks and variable fan speeds led to  all manner of screen failures to outright black/blank screens or screens with all manner of weird artifacts (mine was the latter).

Mine went to HP 3 times (they extended warranties 6 months past  my two year contract), but they replaced the defect with the same cr----py parts. The actual remedy was 4 pieces of copper for heat sink,better heat paste and a fixed speed fan (runs all the time). I belatedly found a repair shop and paid to have mine fixed.

The good news is it is fixed; the bad news is the repair shop ran tests on it after repair which indicated it may fail again in one year, especially if I don't turn it off every time I am not using it--no snooze, sleep or hibernate modes.

There are two class action suits near completion with both companies claiming no wrong, but customers may be eligible for new computers or repair costs. I may be able to reclaim my repair costs.

2) My housekeeper had foot surgery the end of December; she returns Feb.1.  I became housekeeper and cook. I hate cooking and dusting. I don't mind vacuum for our commercial carpet and Swifter floor washer for vinyl, except I have to take breaks to rest back, shoulder and hip pain. I am proud I got the entire house done once each week she has been gone, but NO dusting, and reluctant cooking.

I am routinely responsible for two rooms; the washroom and the smallest bathroom.

I cannot believe she gets all the house done in approximately 4 hours--worth every dollar to me. I literally fell asleep when I set down in the evenings.

3) We are having the entire ductwork replaced in our manufactured home. Our electric bill kept escalating despite a second insulated roof over, new windows and doors, solar shades, and numerous indoor renovations.

After over 3 years and 2 estimators from the company to which we were loyal, my Husband asked a neighbor employee of the local HVAC co. to take a look. He found a hole the size of a large man's fist in a major section.

They started work the next day. Of course new vents and boots are a part which require inside sawing which makes them square and larger. Mobiles have nothing square or level. So more dust--sawdust.

Furthermore, ducts were constructed of the same cr----py particle board as the floor; get it wet and it is a goner. The insulation was inside the duct which meant we have been inhaling the particles for 30+ years. No wonder my asthma/allergies/bronchitis/COPD hate living here!

We are hoping for completion Monday as they work despite rain. Tuesday does not look like its going to be a fun day.

4) We are still considering the course of treatment for my A-Fib. By the way, the website, AFIBSTROKE, com sis pretty good but don't believe everything in the forums. This heart irregularity is rather common and seem to have a mild case somewhat complicated by vagal nerve intervention like when I eat too much, or need a BM--perhaps other events.

April is set for decision. Apparently my case is nothing compared to one lady who has 42 hour long episodes or those in permanent A-Fib.

It seems when you start with a clinic it is hard to change but it looks like we'll have an ablation, which I would just as soon skip and go straight to a pacemaker, which is a later step.



Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Things are buzzing around your place. I hope they have all the work completed soon and your heat bill will go down and you will have less problems with your health.

Sure sorry about all the hassle with your computers and I hope that you can recover at least some of what you have had to put out.

I know you are going to be glad to have your housekeeper back.

Hoping it won't be too much longer before you get the pacemaker and you will be doing much better. Hugs

faye said...

I am worn out for you...
I need a nap now... you have been
way too busy.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Well, you have been busy. I'm surprised you've had so much trouble with HP. I've had 3 HP desktops and my laptop is a HP. I've always had good, quick service when I've had a problem. Maybe I've just been lucky.

Lorna said...

You've been a busy person. I'd hate to have to be spending time and money on things that can go wrong in a home. So far, few things have gone wrong with the condo, and there's a condo board to look into them. The drawback is that Dave is the Prez of the condo board so that's really a false economy, as the time he spends on condo stuff is not usually time we spend together.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I've been wondering about you!Sorry you've been having trouble, trouble, trouble! None of the situations you mentioned sounds like it's been much of a picnic. Hope you get your heater fixed before the bad cold snap gets here.

Arkansas Patti said...

I too have a laptop and it wasn't till I got the last one that anyone mentioned about just raising it up on blocks so that it doesn't get hot and has room to breathe. There are devices you can buy that do the job, I just raise mine up with what ever I have handy.
I have mine scheduled to shut off if I leave it for 15 minutes. Kind of a nuisance but doable and keeps it cool.
I do hope they cleaned out your duct work of the insulation. Good grief, that could explain your breathing problems.
Hope you have smooth sailing for a while now, it is about time.

Amber Star said...

Oh mercy! You want me to tell you what you are doing??? Lordy I can't figure what I've been doing, except the durn doctors. I guess my A Fib is over. My doc told me he didn't think he would have to see me again. He said I had only one hanging chad, whatever that means. Dentist tomorrow and physical therapy in the afternoon. Other than that it has been fairly calm around here. My lady who helps clean comes on thursday now and I nearly work myself silly before she gets here. If stuff isn't put away, she doesn't know where it goes and then I have to clean after she leaves.

Take care kiddo. I've missed you, but been sort of down lately.

rosaria said...

Me too, like Faye, worn out just thinking of all you're going through. Best wishes blown your way.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

My goodness no wonder I have not heard from you. Like Faye said I am worn out for you. lol
Just this week I was wishing I knew where I could get someone to help me clean because I love a clean home and with my neck and back I know longer am happy how my house looks. Glad you have help.
Don't know what I will do when something happens to my laptop. I depend on it so.
My utility bill was over five hundred dollars last month and it was not cold like it is now so I wonder if I have holes in mine. Of course I can fight with inmates but I will not go in the old attic. hahah
Love ya

CHERI said...

You certainly stay way or another. I've been experiencing some health issues also. Just had surgery after two weeks of pain and anguish. Still pain but hopefully on the mend which dr. says will be slow. Our health is certainly a blessing when we have it...such a hassle when it's on the skids. I will never take a healthy day for granted again! Take care...and don't clean too much:)

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie all that tearin' up and puttin' back together is enough to make anyones heart go flippity flop!

You take care and know that you'll be in my prayers sweetie!

God bless and have a warm fuzzy kinda day!

Liz said...

Dear me, such a lot going on. Most important of course is your health - and that of your housekeeper. Hope all goes well for you.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I came by right after you posted this and left you a long comment but I do not see it. I guess I did something wrong or it could be I am having computer issues. Probably me!
Sorry to hear this about your computers. I was hoping when I dropped by again tonight that you had posted again.
Hope your staying warm in all this bad weather we all seem to be involved in. It actually snowed here last Thrusday. In the teens all last week and I of course thought I was going to freeze to death but I made it. lol
Keep in touch and let me know how you are