Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Few people own two laptops , much less three laptops and a desktop. But there are a few nutz like me. Actually the desktop is husband's.

The time has come to remedy some problems I've had with two laptops, leaving me with a iffy, dinky one where I can eat dinner between mouse clicks. Plus it is a laptop I named "does not like to travel." When it is moved I usually have to do a  System Restore from the C prompt. It still boots at this point.

I am waiting for a box for one which has been fixed three times by HP for a video problem between NP and Video that led to a class action lawsuit. Warranty ran out so I set it back and occasionally turned it on long enough for it to update Windows, etc. .

I found the remedy is 4 tiny copper fins added around the graphics accelerator costing all of $7 but I had to do the work. I built desktops but my old hands are not steady enough for the tiny laptop parts. I have found a place which does it and corrects anything else, I hope.

My newest one has an ill-mannered wireless network adapter which chooses to disconnect at its own time. I've lost many a paragraph in a blog as it has gone "off the air." It is in factory warranty.

Backing it up requires 11-12 DVDs and 24 hours, so while one is at the hospital I will backing up the other.

It is conceivable I may be down to "No Traveler" at which point husband's has some quirks he wants me to work on. For reasons unknown he gets lots of virus /worm stuff. I will have to change some settings on his virus program. We both have Kaspersky but I set his at a more elementary setting than mine so he would not have to answer questions the programs intermittently asks.

So blogging may be very sparse the rest of the month but I may be reading, if "No Traveler" cooperates.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you the best of luck getting all those puters up and running as they should be. Will miss you if you are not around but will be looking forward to hearing from you when you are. Have a great day! Hugs

rosaria said...

I'm impressed by your expertise. I'm worse than your husband; everything trips me up.

Arkansas Patti said...

Gracious, I had no idea you were so adept at fixing computers. All I can do is put mine in the carrying case and drive to my computer guy. Total sum of skills.
Hope all are healthy soon.

Roxann said...

I have an old back-up laptop I hope to never have to use, LOL. Now I have a mini I use mainly and the desktop I use when no one else is on it. Plus, I like the larger screen on the desktop for doing my powerpoint presentations.

Lorna said...

You astonish me! I am seriously in awe. Please feel smug.

faye said...

I have a backup laptop for my laptop.
Just in case..

I know better than to ever pick up
a screwdriver ... nothing good ever
comes from my attempts at repair.

Good luck with No Traveler .. maybe
he/she will be willing to work outside your home just this once.

Amber Star said...

Ugg...I hate computer problems and wish they would make one that wouldn't give us so many problems. is COLD where you live. I just read my blog where you left a message about it. When you get down to single digits it is time to move south.

I'm sorry I know nothing about the heart hospitals around here and hope you find a place for your hubby to roost. I wish you the very best of luck. That stuff with my heart last spring was about all I could stand of heart problems. Take care and keep us updated if you can.

Anonymous said...

Are you behind a router? I would think unless you open emails that the router would stop some stuff. Never had any problems with laptops or desktops here. My lap top were perfectly. My daughter has a newer Dell and she has had no problems. We don't even had a regular virus protection program on any computer except the one Microsoft puts out "Microsoft Security Essentials."

Small City Scenes said...

Well good luck. I have one desktop and that is IT!!! My Mother gave me a brand new laptop which I promptly gave to a friend. My Mother (aged 94) thought she should be computer savey but found out she really didn't want to be. My friend had never had a computer (what in this day and age) and she hasn't even plugged it in yet. I would like it back but don't know how to ask. My problem. So we all have computer problems of different natures. Whew--they can be a handful. Again--Good Luck. MB

Liz said...

I understood very little of this post but gathered that you may not be blogging much because of puta problems: am I right?!

Kat said...

Yikes, computer problems can drive you crazy. Hope you get things settled so you can enjoy yourself with no worries.


Silver said...

Dearest Carol, I just like to send you my love and to say thank you for your friendship on the blogosphere.

I am leaving my blogs for good. Just like to make some last stops first.


Sandi McBride said...

Fraid I'm one of the ones with three laptops in the house plus 3 pc's and I'm afraid computers are taking over my life! Hope you get them all straightened out soon!!!

Lisa said...

Stupid Computer!!! It's always the machine! Never the operator! :)

Hope you, your hubby and Lucky are doing well!


Ginny said...

Wow! I'd say it is time to go buy a new piece of equipment! You have been gone for so long! I hope you are out having non-virtual fun!