Monday, April 18, 2011


I'm checking in before someone sends the sheriff to find me.

Between being in my spring allergy/bronchitis funk, my main notebook computer was also in the hospital. I just got it back today which coincided with a tad better perceived health.

Despite my lack of memory, HP informed me AND sent me photos of moisture/spills inside my unit. I have owned 3 notebooks over 8 years and this is the first to crash because of apparent owner lapses in good judgement, i.e., don't drink or eat near your computer! Yeah, I know, we all do it.

However, I have some ideas to eliminate re-occurence; a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and/or an overlay for the notebook keyboard. Spilling coffee or whatever in a $9 keyboard, is much easier and less expensive to replace than the motherboard, keyboard, etc. of a notebook computer where liquids on the keyboard mean liquids inside on the main components.

Since I bought an extended warranty, but not accident warranty, I had to pay a hefty figure for repairs. Normally I'd chunked it for another, but this particular unit I custom designed and truly love the features, like streaming TV, etc. and its nearly 18" screen.

We also have hired a man to renovate our flower beds. I heeded his advice to basically start over. He dug up nearly everything and laid felt that is good for 5 years down, then about 3 inches of  good soil and same amount of a good chestnut colored mulch. We left 2 forsynthias and a few rose bushes which apparently grow in spite of neglect.

We are not through yet. We have some nandinas we saved to transplant or grow in whiskey barrels for awhile. And we have one area to renovate, but have not decided how yet.
So we have postponed work for a week or two.

Next Tuesday (26th) I go to Little Rock for a consult with a electrophysiologist cardiologist about and a pulmonary ablation, a heart procedure.

The somewhat dangerous medicine is working great, but I'd rather be off it, if possible. We discontinued a stomach medicine called Nexium which blocked full absorption of many foods and medicines. VOILA! Suddenly the medicine was fully preventing the A-Fib attacks, at least to the extent I am not aware of them. It has been wonderful.

Will try to get around to what I have missed, the two weeks I spent in 24 hour paroxysmal coughing, hacking,  and, well, I think you get the picture without further adjectives.


Lorna said...

Sorry to hear you've not been well. Spring does help though. I'm always amazed when I have that surge of well-being that comes with the good weather. I'm still waiting this year.We've had one springlike day, and many other where we've been teased by sunshine harbouring vicious cold wind.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it sounds like you are getting your flowerbeds and plants all taken care of and they will be beautiful. I am very glad to hear the medicine is working for you and you are doing better. Have a safe trip to Little Rock and back and I hope you hear nothing but good news. Hugs

faye said...

You have been very busy.
Glad you could check in..
the sheriff was already in the

Anonymous said...

I just can't keep enough oxygen in my lungs to do more than breathe and then it must be with oxygen. I just ate a piece of cheese to stop a fibrillation that has been trying to start since supper. I have to eat a certain amount of protein with each meal and if I don't the attacks start.

Lynn said...

So, how did it go on Tuesday? We have been waiting to hear, and yes, we were ready to call in the cavalry all the way from Panama! WE love you both!