Friday, April 29, 2011

The Fairy Tale

I have been up since 3 a.m. watching the Royal wedding of Will and Kate, which was beautiful.

In my nearly 75 years I have seen the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, the ultimately disastrous and tragic marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, and now, Prince William and a commoner, Kate.

Fascination with royalty is intriguing to me, having grown up in a democracy. The implication of British royalty, even without power is somewhat interesting. It seems their only "duty" if, indeed, it is even a duty anymore, is head of the Church of England.

I love historical novels about the English monarchy and for a period time read quite a number, most titles of which have escaped my old memory. However, I remember one novel listed a long genealogy of the central royal characters of the novel. It was amusing to me that being the monarchy as head of any church, their behavior and lives were/are not very exemplary.

Of course, just because they are monarchs they are humans and their foibles were same as us commoners. The so-called planned marriages to produce heirs and keep royal bloodlines were disasters as far back as the centuries of genealogies existed. There were many descendants born out of wedlock and listed in genealogies as bastards.

Since the marriage of Diana and Charles was essentially just that: to produce an heir, it would seem we humans simply repeat history and repeat same mistakes over and over again.

Will, having witnessed the dissolution of his parents' marriage, surely knows the pitfalls, and seems to have taken his time and not restricted his sights to the so-called royal blood lines.

Kate seems to have a very level head, too.

Fairy tales are supposed to end with "and they lived happily ever after." I truly wish Will and Kate this ending. And Long Live the Queen, who older than I, is certainly chipper. I may begin to partake of gin. I understand she has a penchant for gin.

Upon reflection of my own marriage, which I have blogged about in detailed, my husband and I would have needed gurneys hauled down the aisle behind us for a two hour wedding.  We would have passed out standing that long, after all we went through, just as to get to the alter!!! I had a series of blogs last year on our courtship, mostly long distance, absentee groom on first wedding date, etc.
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I realize there really is an Epilogue to the series on my wedding saga, which is the trip to South Carolina to meet some of my husband's family and on to one of our many homes. When you are married to a military person, the military owns you, which is a perverse sort of way, today's marriage between Will and Kate will be dictated by the monarchy. The main difference the military career can end, the monarchy is forever, or so it seems.

Maybe I will get to that soon. I have a lot of blogging to catch up with. The short of one is my medical problem is stable and a procedure at the present time is not necessary.


Pat - Arkansas said...

I would have loved to have been a mouse in the wall during all the activities surrounding your (eventual) wedding. It's a wonder that your first action as a legal bride wasn't to hit him over the head with an iron skillet! "A" and "Z" indeed! I must not have yet found your blog when you wrote this series of delightful (in retrospect) posts.

I haven't watched any of the royal hoo-ha but I wish them happiness.

Long Live the Queen!

rosaria said...

Glad to know your health is stable. Have a great day.

Liz said...

They've already been together a long time so, hopefully, this one will last. It was a lovely day; she looks born to be a princess.

Betty said...

I watched the wedding, too. Wouldn't have missed it.

Arkansas Patti said...

Best news is that you are stable. Keep doing what ever you are doing.
I had a bad night sleeping so I happened to be up at 3 AM and thought --what the heck. I watched the whole thing and really enjoyed it.
I wish them long happy lives.

Dimple said...

I have done a little genealogical research, and know that there are MANY "commoners" who can trace their lineage to royalty; perhaps Kate is one of those...but probably if so, it would already have been announced!

I am glad your health is stable, and thank God for it.


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful affair...

I really enjoyed watching it.

I wondered if the Queen paid for the whole thing - from policemen to hats?

Then I wondered how many years it would take for some Americans to pay for such an affair for somebody George W. Bush's daughter's wedding?

Or Bill Clinton's?

I have no doubts that the US taxpayer got screwed in the costs of the royals somewhere along the line.

CHERI said...

Can't believe you got up that early! I didn't! However, I did see the reruns. It was a gorgeous wedding and Kate made a beautiful bride...which I knew she would. I do wish the very best for both of them. I've always liked William and was so touched by the closeness between him and Diana. Don't you think he looks a lot like her and also has some of the same mannerisms? I know their lives won't be "normal" but hopefully they will be very happy. Glad you are doing well!

Lisa said...

I only watched spinets of the wedding but thought it was beautiful. The formalness of it all reminded me of my own Catholic wedding Mass and I feel in love with tradition all over again. I thought the Wedding Homily was perfect for all of us. and wish Will and Kate only the best of luck. It is so sad to think of the marriage between Will's parents. It was even sad to watch. I was young when they married but remember how sad Diana looked.

anyway, I do hope your doing well!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Glad to hear that your medical problem is stable.
I didn't watch the wedding while it was happening. I caught some of the highlights on the news. I do hope they can "live happily ever after".