Thursday, May 26, 2011


Bull Shoal Dam during the 2008 flooding
This photo was taken much earlier in the spring
than this year's flooding. I can ell by the leaves,
or lack thereof, of the trees and shrubs.
(photo by myself)

At 10 p.m. last night the 17 spillway gates of Bull Shoals Lake Dam were opened to 2.25 feet , setting yet another record. The release rate now is equivalent to about 20 generators.

The Corp of Engineers is trying to equalize the level of water flowing in, to the level of water being released. I call it the ole I/O (input vs. output) theory, an acronym used in many circles, medical, digital, electrical, etc.

The local newspaper link advises all persons in the path of the White River from Bull Shoals Dam to the Mississippi River, be aware and protect themselves from the dangers of swift flowing, rising water.


rosaria said...

The Midwest has had its full share of natural problems this year. Hope things return to normal soon.

CHERI said...

My heart has gone out to all those affected by the recent tornadoes and flooding. Here we need rain so very badly while in other places homes are underwater. A tornado devestated a town here in GA a few weeks ago also, but definitely not as bad as Joplin. As you say, however, anyone affected is just as devistated as all the others. The world has certainly been going to h--- in a handbag and I'm not sure God isn't trying to tell us something! Hope your eye surgery goes well. My mother has a difficult time with glaucoma and other eye ailments too. I pray that you will recover quickly.

Liz said...

Amazing photo. Such power in that water. And very scary for anyone in its path.

faye said...

Fantastic photo.!!

Hope the bad weather and all the problems
relating to the weather will soon be a
thing of the past.. You need sunshine
and some of our dry weather. I would gladly share.

Take care of you !!

Kelly the Happy Texan said...

Amazing. It's so strange that there are flood problems only a short distance away, relatively speaking, while we are in a severe drought.

I got to witness the power of water from a helicopter last Sunday. There is a dam at Canyon Lake that overflowed and cut a gorge to the Guadalupe River. The gorge uncovered some treasures like dinosaur tracks though. Very interesting. The flood happened in 2002 and was the only time the dam did not contain Canyon Lake.

Have a great weekend. :)