Monday, May 16, 2011


Here is a link to an earlier post about the 'haunted clock,' which I have mentioned in two previous posts:The Haunted Clock.
My Parents' Sessions Clock
Photo courtesy of my Niece
who now owns it. Not haunted
to my knowledge.
Be sure to read the link as I tell you of other clocks in my life. We both loved old clocks. I earlier referred to a Sessions Mantle Clock in my family that sat on the fireplace mantle our home.

The mantel clock was black and was an anniversary gift of our parents early in their marriage. It counted hours and sounded once on the half hour. I was fascinated it needed two different keys to wound the spring mechanisms for the clock; and the sounding mechanism also was not very melodicl.

As my siblings and I became dating age, it became THE CLOCK that measured curfew which was 1o p.m., except Saturday night which was 11 p.m.

For a number of years after mother died it resided with us, and I tended to its winding .

Recently we returned it to my parents' first granddaughter; last I heard she said she never wound it as it would be too spooky to hear, since her grandpaents both were gone. My sister adamantly said she did not want it--too many times Mother was sitting looking at that clock, when she missed curfew.

Have you heard the saying "Pride goes before a fall?" Well it is a corruption of Holy Scripture, Proverbs 16:18: Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. I prefer a lesser known (to me) translation on the same link called God's Word (1995): Pride precedes a disaster, and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.
Similar Anniversary Clock
Internet Photo
On one of my parents' anniversary celebrations, I purchased what was called an anniversary clock, which had a glass dome and pendulum device. It was supposed to run an entire year. I was exceedingly proud of my selection, and perhaps a tad arrogant because I was in a position to purchase more expensive gifts than my siblings at this period in time.

I wound it up and it started its spinning of a pendulum-like device with four gold balls mounted on a cross like base. I left for parts unknown, i.e., I don't remember where I lived at this moment in time. Soon I heard the clock stopped long before a year passed. Since I, nor they, could find anyone who repaired them, it sat and gathered dust in their home until Mother died, a sad statement of my pride.

I took the anniversary clock to Arkansas but never found a repair person. It sat a long time and during a remodeling frenzy the dome was broken by a swing of a 2" x 4' board; later the pendulum wire broke while moving it.

There was a Cuckoo Clock I gave my parents one year. It ran very briefly. I'm glad. as I was living for a brief time in my parents' home. I probably would have taken my rifle and shot the those stupid birds. They are bad birds who steal other birds' nests for themselves, I've been told. [This was during a period of time I had a Savage Target Rifle and was pretty good target distance shooter in a local rifle club.]
Antique Gibraltar
Electric Clock
Then there was the wall Gibraltar Electric clock we siblings used to leave the house for our 2-block walk to elementary school, then called South Ward, after the school district division of the town. It was a sales premium given Dad by some salesman. I found it in disrepair with a frayed electric cord and rescued it.

I repainted the clock nth time to its original light green and later it became a blue with ivory trim. It hangs over our coffee bar today. I replaced the mechanism with another electric mechanism. The oval clear glass front cover is all that is missing. I think it broke in moving from Texas to Arkansas, or it may have accidentally fallen, when we had to reset the time.
Enamel Navy Blue Plate Clock
Designed by  Me

I also crafted a kitchen wall clock out of a dark Navy blue enamel white spackled plate. It matches the draw pulls and knobs plus two pieces of enamel white spackled cooking utensils. Our mothers used the large roasters for turkeys, and many camping utensils were made of similar materials.
Enamel Navy Blue  Knobs
On Our Kitchen Cabinets
Our Kitchen Cabinets with Navy
Blue Enamel Spackled Cookware
Finally, we have a lovely European antique clock given us by our military sponsors. When Navy personnel (perhaps other military branches, too) transfer to an overseas station, they are welcomed by a couple who help them adjust to living in a foreign land. 

European Antique
Wall Clock (gift)
Our couple became friends with us, and when they transferred back to US, they gave us this lovely gift of friendship. This clock hangs in our living room; it has a melodic tone and announces the hour and half-hour.

Since it has always been mounted much higher on a wall, than my 4'10" height and arms can conveniently reach to wind without climbing on stool or ladder), my husband tends to this dependable clock.

And HE will always wind it as long as he lives. After all, we received it mainly because of his military service tour-of-duty assignment; therefore I sense it may have a prejudicial haunt waiting for me to touch it...NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!

[ All photos mine except black mantel clock  is courtesy of my oldest Niece who now possesses it; the anniversary clock which is a Internet photo. Apologies for flash burn, but unable to put in light tent as these clocks are all beyond my normal reach without a ladder or stool, which I am supposed to avoid.]


Arkansas Patti said...

You certainly had a variety of clocks but I really liked the haunted clock. It really liked your husband and wanted nothing to do with you. I would take that personally.

Small City Scenes said...

Love the haunted clock story.
Also I like the enamel clock and kitchen hardware. I have 2 roaster like yours. MB

Dimple said...

My husband's aunt, who is almost 99, has a Sessions mantle clock identical to the one you show. She is in assisted living now, and the clock is packed up with her stuff. It needed some repair when it was packed, I believe, but it worked a very long time.

Liz said...

I love that Gibraltar clock - and that your clocks have histories.

Anonymous said...

The mantle clock is almost like the one my dad had. It was something he took great pride in. When he was a kid in the late 1800s, they didn't own a clock. Imagine that. Life without a clock.

Lorna said...

You prodded my lazy brain into remembering a clock in the shape of a cat with a tick-tock tail. It was probably the first of my major collection of cats disguised as other things.

CHERI said...

Loved the story of the haunted clock, but I don't think it was haunted at all. I think it just had an affection for H and loved his gentle hand. I have a beautiful old antique pendulum clock that my stepfather gave me after I was married. I love it although my husband won't let me keep it wound up. He doesn't like the sound, but I do. It reminds me of always hearing my grandmother's similar clock. She would sometimes let me wind it and I thought I was so special:) My stepfather died 25 years ago but every time I see an old clock I think of him. He loved them and even had a small repair service on the side. He fixed many old clocks that no one else could seem to get to work.

Pat - Arkansas said...

That's quite a variety! Love the stories behind them. I don't have any 'memory' clocks, as such. I did purchase a tall 'grandfather' clock as a gift to myself for my 10th wedding anniversary, but hubs wouldn't let me turn the chimes on! Said they interfered with his listening to the TV, especially the news, which was broadcast on the hour. Shortly after he passed away, I activated the chimes, and they have delighted my ear for many years.

rosaria said...

My husband remembers his grandfather clock at his parents'. He never got himself one, always too expensive for my taste. So, now that I know that these things get refused by the grandchildren, I'm glad we never sprung for it.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I too love clocks especially the old ones that have the lovely chimes. I only have one now and it is broken and I can't find anyone that works on them.
Came by to say hello and to check on you. Hope your having a lovely weekend
Love ya