Sunday, June 12, 2011


This is to notify those who cruise through, and those whom I follow I am having great difficulty in comments. This morning I had trouble logging into my own blog. I had to change fore Internet Explorer 8-64 bit, to Internet Explorer 7- 32bit.

Blogger must be intent on driving us all NUTZ! NUTZ! NUTZ!

The short news is right eye cataract surgery Tuesday. Looking forward to my both eyes seeing the same colors


Anonymous said...

Sorry you are having trouble with Blogger. Will be thinking of your Tuesday and praying all goes well with your other eye surgery. Hugs

turquoisemoon said...

ME TOO....It's been awful!!! Sometimes I can't post a comment and sometimes I can't get to my own posts...making me crazy!!!

Arkansas Patti said...

We can't complain about Blogger being boring though this is more challange than I like.
Hoping Tuesday goes smoothly and you have matching eyes.

Lorna said...

so far I haven't had any trouble with Blogger, but I did blow up 6 years' worth of writing on Wordpress; I hope your surgery goes well.

faye said...

I've been away, so the I missedd
blogger's latest mayhem.

Have a speedy recovery with the
cataract surgery !!

Lisa said...

I double and triple that!!! Blogger drives me crazy too!!!!

Good luck tomorrow!


Pat - Arkansas said...

Blogger is more than a bit nutz... your post about your second cataract surgery has a post date of MAY 15. I could not imagine that I had not visited here for a month! Hope the Saul-symptoms are somewhat abated today. Hugs!