Monday, June 27, 2011


On the Road Again!
If you think 'yours truly' has much rank in this family of three (husband (H), myself-NitWit1, Luckie-4 legged prima donna) then these two photos should be able to prove I am #3 back seat driver. However, in one photo it looks like Luckie may be checking H's driving skills, too.

She best remember who is in charge of filling the food and water bowls! Further she doesn't follow back seat instructions any better than H. I might as well same my limited oxygen capacity for my own survival.

This was a Saturday morning road trip to the big box stores to survey stepping stones for a path. We left AC on for Luckie while we quickly perused the selection. I found it profound that 4 different stores, 3 of which I consider box stores and 1, a farm store, had identical merchandise priced with 1 cent, yes, a penny, of each other for the same pattern and size. We skipped nursery and landscape centers as we knew it was out of our price range.

In the process I saw some Burford Holly that struck my fancy as a relatively maintenance free shrub to consider. I have to look up its hardiness, as I have discovered the dirt on my lot and at least one adjoining lot has a soil fungus deterimental to dogwoods, japonicas, lilacs and a list of about 20 other plants. There is no treatment for the ground, or the plant. That was after I lost a very high priced red dogwood I planted 2 years ago.
Landscape Crew

This post is a mixture of photos I've had little time to editor touch on a Duke's mixture of subjects, too.
The landscape renovation continues with the local crew of next-door neighbor, neighbor-behind-us son, and husband. The purpose, as previously stated, is to make the front yard as viewable from the street, maintenance free as possible. We are barely able to do the amount of yard work we both once did. Bad backs and knees are major culprits, but other deteriorating, aging factors such as COPD, heart, etc. are beginning to rear their uninvited heads.
Once a benign neglected bed overflowing with coneflowers,
 black-eyed susans plus roses, overgrown English ivy and
tall weeds, it is simple now. A few additions may be added.
One area of our front yard now total renovated once was a benign neglected flower bed of beautiful cone flowers, roses, english ivy, and black-eyed susans. This then faded patriot yard cement plaque was hidden among the ever heaven-reaching weeds. The plaque was renovated and repainted by moi. Since this photo, a solar light is placed by each side of the plaque. A small hedge plant was moved from another location by the plaque.
My paint job up close
Behind the plaque bed is two whiskey barrels with Knock out pink and yellow roses which  make small trees and known for their hardiness and little need for attention. A path is being built along an handicap ramp to a gate and spigot.

I expect to plant some kind of slow growing foundation plant like burford holly or similar plant--no maintenance will be the key on every decision and purpose.

Luckie surveying H's driving skills
I have several other areas to review photographs, and of course we are not finished. I also plan a few monuments in certain areas, but no fountains or bird baths which require some attention. My neighbor has a bird bath; I can watch and probably photograph them from my shady covered deck, especially if Christmas brings a newer lense and/or camera, so I can really get up close from that distance.

My new eyes are getting better and better. It is a weird feeling to look through the viewfinder of a camera without squinting through eyeglasses! I'm sure it will become
normal but I have to stop and think NO! I did not forget my glasses. Whether I end up with reading or computer glasses is still in the mix.

Even driving (or riding) is weird. Since the third grade I have never left the house without a pair of glasses.

This week I have another visit to opthamologist, a dreaded visit to the gynocologist, and I am going to have to see the Advanced Nurse Practitioner. My barefoot encounter with a melting ice cube, resulting in a hard fall backward is now 4 weeks old and I am still in considerable pain. Thank goodness, no broken bones or stress factors. PLUS I AM BREAKING IN A NEW HOUSEKEEPER, A story for another time, maybe.

[Tonight blogger speller has decided I am in no need of typing/spelling corrections. It is not working. Apologies. I know there are plenty.]


rosaria said...

Hey, that yard looks spiffy. Can I borrow your crew?

Liz said...

Whisky barrels? Did you empty them first?

Your garden is coming on well. And that's very neat painting; you must have good eyesight!

Arkansas Patti said...

Nice job on the plaque. I don't know that particular holly but I believe hollies that produce the red berries are poisonous to dogs. I have two but they are both female and with out a male, they don't have berries. Of course you have to check that a neighbor doesn't have a sneaky male tree.
Loved the pictues of Luckie.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Luckie seems to be enjoying her ride. :)

If your soil fungus is hazardous to Burford Holly, how about a really big planter/container with some good dirt? Would the holly winter-over above ground?

Your yard is looking good!

faye said...

Great looking yard and Luckie
seems to be in total control of
the front seat...

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Luckie does look like he is in charge. Love your plaque, you did a good job painting it. Your yard sounds really pretty and easy to maintain.