Thursday, July 21, 2011


'Boss Hog' Rests on Railroad
Tie Framing the Renovated
Bed in Front of our Deck.
No! this is NOT referring to my heat and health slowdown in blogging. The current heat wave does make it uncomfortable to exit the front door, back door, car door, or any door to see what is around me worth writing about, or spending a few minutes with a camera.

Nor am I planning a Pig Roast-Believe Me!

It is an energy draining effort to keep appointments. Monday was a good example. I had a dental appointment with the dental hygienist. An early morning phone call asked me to come Monday, instead of Sept. 1 which was earliest date given me when I called; the hygienist is having hip surgery and an leave of absence for recovery.

 There was a cancellation , so I accepted it.

Thankfully, no cavities or other problems were found. In fact the dentist has said many times, I would take my teeth to heaven. My retort, is I won't need them there, as I'm supposed to be made perfect. We have a running commentary as I've known him for over 30 years. I enter the office saying, "I am here--my most un-favorite place to be." He, of course, will not let that pass, so he retorts something like this: 'And you are my most favorite patient."

This Sailor  Steers a Front
Right Section of Our Yard
Renovation, Near One of
Two Repainted Windmills.
Then I came home, grabbed my  Kindle and headed for my nurse practitioner's office for allergy shot. The current nurse assistant insists I wait 20 minutes for any reaction. I've been using  the same formula injection for about 5 years, and at maintenance at least 4 years.

Previous nurses would send me on my way, admonishing me to call immediately, if a reaction develops. I also have a Epi-Pen at home, which is reversal of  an reaction. Not this one!

I read my Kindle for 20 minutes. What am I reading? The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte; I already read Jane Eyre. Soon, I am on my way home without having fumed over the waiting.

Then I had a 2:20 p.m. appointment with a gynecologist for test results to determine curent status of osteoporosis. I had been off medication over 2 years due to digestive problems. [THIS IS 3rd MEDICAL APPOINTMENT IN 1 DAY]

I also had seen an endocrinologist who found Vitamin D deficency which affects parathyroid function and absorption of Calcium and Vitamin D. This had been corrected by titrating oral Vitamin D into the normal range which corrected the parathyroids. Meanwhile my ANP made adjustments to my thyroid.

Cherub Sleeps in an Area
in Front of the Concrete
Block Building near Street.
Taken in the shade, at high Noon
the Cherub Is Much Lighter Gray
Then Photo depicts. Camera
failed me and I am not adept
at the advanced features of
PhotoShop Elements yet.
The hormone system is so interelated it is amazing. It was my favorite subject of human physiology in pursuit of my pharmacy degree.

The net result or all these changes was my classification of degenerative bone disease has changed from osteoporosis (which is indigenous in my biological family) to severe osteopenia. This may seem minor, but it shows the hormone gland deficiences many have been to the root to my bone density decline.

The net result is the gynocologist wishes to continue only my calcium/Vit. D medications and not add any of the bone density drugs to my already extensive arsenal of pharmaceuticals. Talk about a happy camper!!! I nearly toe danced to my car in the 100+ degree heat.

Then it was on to Staples for Inkjet cartridges  (5 different) for my new HP PhotoSmart AIO C410a e-station printer. So far photo prints are brilliant. My other printer was 8 years old and the six required cartridges were beginning to be scarce to find.

Afterward it was a quick trip to Wal-Mart and a swing by KFC for 2 small boxes of 1 grilled and 1 crispy dark meat chicken for supper. I have been ordering grilled, but truthfully I don't think it is any healthier that original or crunchy.

This Gorgeous Eagle Holding a Brown Trput.
Was Added to the Patriotic Plaque I Repainted.
He Is a Handsome Addition, I think!
I was worn out......needed a nap like the above pictured cherub, only inside!

Tuesday I sprayed the Dwarf Holly for fungus. I am not sure some are going to survive the heat. They were not planted deep enough. Even though a very hardy plant, 100+ heat is not in their everyday life cycle. I cannot tell if they are water-stressed, or dry-stressed. They do have some black and/or yellow spots, hence the WalMart organic fungacide/insecticide/miticide spray .

Actually, I have a return policy for any plants that don't survive a year. We both watered and watered, I am glad the water/sewer/solid waste bill is paid via EFT (electronic fund transfer); somehow it is not as painful as writing a check.

The Plaque Before
I also made the exercise gym for 30 minutes on treadmill (downhill) with the Kindle. Time really passes when I am reading at same time as treading. I don't set any speed records, but am doing what my medical team advises. I also did a few reps with some upper body equipment and only 10# weights.

Wednesday I wshed a small load ofclothes to keep Friday, my usual wash day, from being so heavy. I decided weiners for supper. I usually eat two, but only one bun. I buy Sunbeam low calorie whole wheat buns. We had fixin's of chopped onion and tomatoes, sweet green relish and mustard--no chili--fairly simple to fix.  I went to the gym. It was not much cooler than Tuesday. If they the gym is better heated and cool soon, they may not get my annual fee. Hot air is twice a hard to breathe as cooler air.
This is an overview of the Renovated Area Near the Eagle/Plaque.
The Unidentifiable Black Matter in Background Is NOT a DEAD
ANIMAL, Just Tools and Unknown Material Still Needing to
to Be Cleaned, Return to Storage or Discarded.
From reading other blogs the entire US is under a heat wave. Nearly the entire US weather map is some shade of RED, with some area having high humidity.
Handsome Football Player
Will Soon be a Dallas
Cowboy When I
Am Done!!!
Inserted throughout this post are photos of statuary we purchased in Branson, MO Saturday. The front yard renovation is essentially completed except for cleanup and some personal touches.

The football player (a dog) will become a Dallas Cowboy by the time I finish my personal touch. And we do have to water and water. Hopefully, watering is all we have to do. Photos were taken at near high noon so highlights are harsh.

Next year there are Naked Ladies on other parts of our property; I may dig up a few and plant, but that will be all we plant---no annuals and hopefully 95% fewer weeds. I will still do the hanging baskets and  a few pots I set around, but that can be done on the deck and moved as needed.

Everyone take precautionary measures to avoid heat stress or heat stroke: plenty of fluids, light clothing, stay in air conditioned housing or at least have plenty of fans. If you have chronic health conditions, follow your medical team's advice precisely!!!
Welcome Home!


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Goodness you wore me out just talking about all that you did today. Three appts in one day is two too
I am like you slow about posting because it is too darn hot to even keep my brain waves capable of blogging. Sad right?
Just wanted to come by and check on you and be safe yourself.

Betty said...

Whew! If I had done all that you did in one day, I'd have been in bed by dinner time.

Arkansas Patti said...

Well you and the docs were busy but stable news is worth the wait. Don't ya love Kindle in the Doctor's offices. Saves handling ancient magazines that are covered with germs from every disease he treats.
Your yard looks so nice and I really like your statues.
Take care and stay as cool as possible.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Good grief, woman! I'm tuckered out just reading about all the stuff you did in one day.

It's hot as the hinges of you-know-where down here. We have cloudy skies this morning with the possibility of "scattered thundershowers." I hope some of it scatters this way.

Lorna said...

I really like the blue coffee cans on the stairs---something so welcoming about that.

Liz said...

You make me feel tired, nitwit!

When my friend was in intensive care I was amazed to discover that variations of the teeniest tiny amount in mineral levels could affect so much and have such repercussions.

God's creation is pretty wonderful.