Thursday, July 28, 2011


What is happening?

Sumac, near High Ridge Subdivision, Midway, AR.

On the way to church July 24 I saw sumac was turning yellow, orange and red!!! Is it dying from heat or is it a sign of early autumn? The adjacent photo was taken July 26 near my home near an unincorporated community, Midway, AR.

This isn't poisonous sumac which primarily grows in wetlands, but a common variety seen along roadsides, like staghorn sumac.

Sumac in this area usually does not turn any color until at least mid or late September. This sumac is either dying or the seasons really are wacky this year. If it does not form the familar dark brown seedhead soon, I'll know it is dying.

Sumac changes from yellow to orange to deep red and forms the seed head atop the bush in a very short time. I remember a trip to Harrison, AR last year. The sumac were adorned in flaming color with seed heads along the roadsides near Harrison. One week later we made the same trip and the sumac in the same area was past prime, most bushes being without leaves at all.

More Nonsense:

I notice I attributed my quote in previous blog to the March Hatter; I believe the correct name is Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Dallas Cowboy Star (front)
I have made my yard dog concrete statue a Dallas Cowboy. Yeah! I know some of you think the 'Boys are a pack of junkyard dogs, but it has been my team since it was organized and coached by Tom Landry, who probably still is their most remembered and respected coach.
Dallas Cowboy Helmet (rear)
I found four old decals in a file So I pasted the infamous blue star on the front, and the popular helmet w/blue star on  back, of the statue. It will not last long in the heat, but will do until I find something more permanent. I have 3 remaining identical decals, so I am temporarily OK.

I would like to find a small helmet. I could even paint it. Will have to do some research on all of this.

I may have to prevail on some friends in Texas to find what I want. This is not a life-size statue, about 3'.

Please refrain from sending psychologists, psychiatrists, or heat stroke specialists, paddy wagons to my front door. I am sitting in my beloved lift chair in a very comfortably air conditioned home writing this nonsense. And my blood pressure is low for this time of day.
Hmmm, maybe that it! No blood is reaching my brain.....


Arkansas Patti said...

Aw, I hope the sumac isn't dying. It is my favorite ditch weed in the fall. Now Fall coming early would be wonderful.
Your "Cowboy" is really cute. Hope you find a helmet for him.
Stay cool.

Pat - Arkansas said...

Methinks it must be the heat that is causing the early color change. If it IS an early autumn, what sort of winter will we have? Climate change??

Amber Star said...

Lots of plants around here are scorched from the searing heat we have had....and will have. Just looked at Wunderground weather and it is forecast 104 today and 106 the rest of the week...aie