Monday, August 22, 2011


Very Old House On AR 126 We Pass on Way to Church.
 It Is Typical AR Pioneer Home. AR Is Known For Lots
of Rocks. It Does Not Have Historic Designation. It
 It Appears Exterior May Have been Altered Which Is
Not Permitted in Historic Registries. If You Look
 Closely There Is Reflection of MY Car and Front
Fence In Window.
Persons engaged in visual arts whether for vocation or avocation, often refer to themselves or those they admire as having an "eye" for the subject/object of their vision at any given time; those engaged in the art of writing to create a visual image--much more difficult in my opinion--often refer to the Muses, who may abandon their creativity, more commonly called mental block.

The words sent me to Wikipedia for definition of The Muses. I think I read a book before I finished all the definitions of the Muses in the ancient world. Actually, by the definitions I read, persons in the visual arts may have influence of the Muses, too.

However, the "photographer's eye" is a bit more clouded. Some believe it is an intuitive, innate ability; others believe it is, or can be, learned. I found this definition at this site: "The photographic eye is simple. It is recognizing situations where the elements of art come together in a frame. It is opening your eyes a little wider and really paying attention to the details of the world around you."-Stacy Christian 

Front Door & Screen. There Are Many
Old Homes, Structures, Barns and
Scenes Everywhere, But Parking On
Narrow Easements Is a Hazard. I
Am Not Craving to Be Road Kill for
a Great Photo.
If you have time read the paragraphs containing the quote and following. One idea that struck me was many who come to photography may have had interest in, or studied other subject matter that contributes to a seemingly natural ability to see esthetically pleasing subject(s) within the confines of a viewfinder, usually square, portrait or landscape shaped.

A trick I once used, as I rambled around was to form a rectangle with my thumbs and index (fore) fingers, to imagine or frame a scene or composition. Usually, I was just training my "eye" without a camera viewfinder. The large LCD viewfinders I find annoying and still will not buy a camera without a tiny viewfinder. I know---I am crazy.

Most blogs contain acceptable photography; some are only photography, all visually pleasing even if the WOW factor is not there. The thing that got me to thinking about "other interests" is the blog on my bloglist by an artist who is equally talented in several painting media and photography, so if you have time visit mysteries. At any given time she may have photos from which she derives her inspiration for painting. Her photography is also very good.

napples notes, who is a poet, occasionally has done some amazing vignettes using Microsoft's Paint program with which I have never experimented. I have used it for some simple transfers.

Cotter Railroad Trestle Still in Use (I think) This Is What I Call
a Record Shot. It would have been SOOC (Straight Out of the
Camera) except My Haze Filter Did Not  Overcome the Haze. I
Have a New Set But Taken Before I Received It.
There are two bloggers, one of which is Abe Lincoln, who has been a journalist, writer, teacher, photographer, and a number of other talents with many accolades. The other blogger was an English teacher, artist in several media, photographer and writer who had to completely withdraw from blogging and FaceBook because of harassment, subterfuge and possible plagiarism. sad, Sad, SAD to quench the joy of sharing.

All of us write because we love to tell a story. Some of us are humorous. Some of us impart knowledge. I consider all of you far more talented authors than I. Some of us share our lives. I do a little bit of everything.  Thanks for putting up with me.
This Is Another Record Shot of the Cotter Bridge Which Has A Historic
Designation. In a Good year in October I can Imagine the Hills in the
Background Ablaze With Orange,Yellow and Red.
Probably NOT This Year!
 All of you are remarkable wordsmiths and in that respect I learn from you. Even though I considered majoring in English, I figured I would never make much of a living there. I piddled in art, music, snapshots, and many hobbies before I settled on counting pills for a vocation and photography for an avocation. Oh yeah! and marriage for a life-time, I hope.

Rear of Neighbor's SUV Across the Steet
Here are two shots of the same subject: rear end of a car with cloud reflections on the rear window. I am nuts about reflections and bananas when I miss one. I had been watching for some huge cumulus clouds which I had seen earlier.

But I captured this one for now. Do you like the one to the left which is cropped very slightly, or the closely cropped back window below right?

These decisions are where I waffle a lot. Altough the same picture, the cropped clouds are not as distinct, or so it appears. However, cropping and then enlarging, reduce the resolution of any given digital photo. We generally all take in *.jpg because of portability. There is a a file extension call RAW, Nikon calls it NEF but same thing. A good editing program can convert a Raw Photo to JPG after editing. I save my originals on a separate disk and copy to hard drive. IF and when I get the new camera am going to start using RAW so as not to lose data. I may decide it is not worth it.
Close-up (Cropped) Rear of Neighbor's SUV Across the Straight
And my very most favorite
sport season has finally started so I have football almost every night at some level: high school, college/university and my preference if a choice: NFL!

I watch 'em all, and have several favorite teams but as everyone knows, I am a Texan originally. I remember  the Dallas franchise announcement and the first team with Tom Landry and Roger Staubach who went 1-15 their first year. Coach Landry still remains in my mind as their classiest coach. I respected Roger Staubach who fulfilled his military commitment to the Navy before he ever hit the football field. The Dallas Cowboys saved a slot for him.
Dog Football Concrete Yard Monument
I modified with help of husband
who found the helmet.
It and many other franchises lost respect over the years, but the game keeps us watching. In high school I was in a marching band. We made every game, in and out of town. I learned the game, because we sat and watched, until it was our turn to perform. However, I did not fall in love with the quarterback, or the uniform--I was wearing one myself. It was the game.
Dog Football Concrete Yard Monument
I modified with help of husband
who found the helmet.
Dallas won their first game this year; their 3rd string quarterback looks like a winner, eventually. He might even move up to 2nd string if he continues to play as he did the last game.

Tonight (Thurs)I am watching Dallas rival, Philadephia and Pittsburgh Steelers. I can't believe how out of synch Philly looks. Bet they are in shape when they met Dallas! I think there are games Fri., Sat. and Sun. too.

A Decorative License Plate Posted at the Platform Landing of Our Handicap Ramp

Those Naughty Naked Ladies Which Mark One Side Lot Line
[Note mid-line focus- another trick that somewhat failed here.]

For the God on the mountain is still God in the valley.
When things go wrong, He'll make it right.
And the God of the good times
is still God in the bad times.
The God of the day is still God in the night.

"God On The Mountain" words and music by Tracy G. Dartt


Pat - Arkansas said...

You covered a lot of territory in this post, all interesting. I'm still looking for my photographer's "eye."

rosaria said...

Interesting! Isn't it funny how we all, innately, are drawn to the artistic photograph, one that is more than the scene it captures. We all have a need to see beyond the moment.

faye said...

A very interesting post.
The photography is what lured me to
blogland.. the commentary has always been nice but secondary.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Gosh you have me wanting to get outside with my little tiny camera and see what I can capture.
Love your writing with or without muses you keep my interest.
Great cowboy yard oranament. My son and grandson are die hard Dallas fans and the grandson is only 7 but boy don't talk bad about those cowboys to him. hahaha

Dimple said...

Nice post. I really like the two closer-up photos: the car because there are fewer distracting details, and the door of the house because of the reflections in the window which I didn't notice at all in the longer view. But the long view of the house is well composed--the corner of the fence in the foreground is a good frame! Good eye!

Amber Star said...

Oh NW-1,
I'm so very glad we met in blogland, because we probably wouldn't have met. You have a wonderful mind and I love your photos. I like reflections, too.

I wonder if Arkansas folks moving to Texas brought a bunch of rocks, because we have literally tons of them in our yard.

I was very disturbed by the poor soul who was run off from blogging and Facebook by bullies. That is sad and I wish I could tell them about how to go about protecting themselves.

Have a good week and I hope you enjoyed your football game. Your cowboy dog is sooo cute.

Liz said...

I think the clouds are easier to spot in the cropped image but I don't think I have a photographer's eye.

WE stayed in a hotel in Kefalonia called The Nine Muses but I don't remember what they were!

CHERI said...

I don't seem to have an "eye" for anything but my husband can visualize so much. Wish I had that talent. I love both photography and writing but not great at either. I envy those who do. However, my heart does lean toward the written word. I have so far refused to purchase a Kindle or Nook because I don't want to give up the feel of a great book in my hands. There's just something about turning those pages and feeling them between my fingers:) Hope all is well in your world. I've been very lax with my blogging as of late but hope to do better in the days ahead.