Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Short and Sweet

Dallas Cowboy  Guarding the Nandina
Forest. Nandinas not visible.
As Sept. 12 approaches, we are near to point of packing up our electronic toys; the suitcases are airing out, ready to be packed. Since we are going to a different clime, we are unsure what clothing is needed, as well as outerwear. Choices! Choices!
Old Hickory Nut Tree
%$$##@  Squirrels Are Have
24-hour Burial Parties in Our New Mulch

I am packing underwear, socks, and gowns in WalMart bags; that's a new recycling idea. They don't have to be wrinkle-proof and are easily available. Hmm...maybe I don't need a  suitcase. I also have a rollator (kinda like a walker) which takes up space in SUV. It will aid me in walking; I can store camera, purse, portable oxygen (if needed) in a seat where I can also sit if I become winded.
Scattered Garbage Cans #1
SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera)
Note: New Black Garbage Can Glare 
As we are taking some of what remains as memories of our 2.5 years in Morocco, we have to have room for them too.

Today I am posting a subtle use of a polarizer. I was sitting on front covered deck with my camera, hoping some birds would perch in a row on our incoming TV  and phone lines. There were plenty of birds, but the choir was not in session, I guess.
Scatttered Garbage Cans #2
Slight Polarization- a Tad More But NOT total as in #3
Would Make It My Choice. The Can Is New Black
 Highly Polished Plastic
It was also garbage collection day; I noticed the laborers who empty our cans don't care what we paid for them, the way they toss them on the ground. A car or truck could demolish them on my street, as it is barely a two lane street (with no lane or edge markings).

I have mentioned before my use of a polarizer to darken blue sky, but it also has other uses, such as reflected light. I am posting three pictures, one where the polarizer was not used (even though on the lens-#1), one with partial polarization (#2) and one where the light reflection was fully polarized (3). I happen to like (2) because the black garbage can is mine; it is highly polished hard plastic as it is new. Later it will look more like #3.
Scattered Garbage Cans #3
Maximum Polarization of Reflection On Black Can
On Black Can Note: in each photo the polarization
 also slightly changes other colors in each photo
A linear or circular polarizer is a special filter comprised of two layers of glass which bend light, depending on the light and light angle. It can be overdone for very dramatic effects, or it can make an otherwise 'blah" sky interesting to astoundingly nearly night. But it can be used to improve items that the camera lens cannot do without help. The sky/water effects which I usually exaggerate are my favorite use.

I have also scattered some photos throughout this post that are in the category of "this and that."

Faucet Is NOT leaking!
First of Several Minor Rain
Shower Drops After the
Long Hot DRY Summer
See you on the road sometime after the 12th. Gotta get packing, planning routes, preparing meds, and plan "escape issues" in case we have some medical or other emergencies.

Our Route to and from Rapid City SD includes parts of Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas ........ we think.

The Reunion time is comprised of four days of touring all day, with a banquet at the end of the fourth day.

We are allowing 3 days before the Reunion starts for me to adjust to the altitude. Heart, COPD and asthma patients have to take precautions but can still enjoy this beautiful country with a little prudence and preparation.

I'm sure blogland will still be here when I get back and will try to check in from time to time to comment, if not add a photo.
More Raindrops On Garden Hose


faye said...

Have a safe trip.!!
I am ready for a road trip.. but
have to wait til mid October..

Takes lots of photos.. post them when
you can..

Arkansas Patti said...

I know how you have been looking forward to this trip. Hoping you have great weather and enjoy your old friends. Have a wonderful time and a safe trip. See ya when you get back.

Amber Star said...

Have fun on your trip! I wish we could take off. Maybe later in the year.

The pictures you took are interesting and the lens is, too. The last picture of the white hose with water droplets on it...hmm..well, I thought it was a tall cold glass of beer when I first saw it. It is that figure/ground thing, I guess. I don't drink, but have seen my share of glasses of beer. When I realized what it really was I had to laugh. :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

Wishing you a safe and highly enjoyable journey, friends.

I enjoyed your mini-tutorial on the polarizing filter -- and the photos.

Lorna said...

what a chatty post---I can see you on the road, and hope that you find it easy to accllimatize. Happy trails, as what's-his-name used to sing.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Sounds like your getting ready for your big trip.
I am sending you lots of good wishes for a great time. Hope all goes well while your out and about.
Just be careful traveling

Dimple said...

Our road trip for the year was in June: that's when I took the shots of the Lighthouse in Nebraska.
Enjoy your trip!