Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crazy About Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse Memorial
White Model In foreground.
The partial completion in the background;
Straight Out of the Camera Through
Large Glass Window of Museum

You can read about Crazy Horse here and here. [3 links] There are many more links. The museum center there was fabulous, better than Mount Rushmore, and a place I wish we stayed longer.Have many more pictures of here and Mount Rushmore, Badlands, etc. The disadvantage of bus tours is schedule is crammed with sites and you have to keep moving on schedule. But I am thankful even for this trip at age 74, with all my health problems. The employees of buses and tour guides are extremely helpful with handicapped people-both needs and equipment.

Plus here bus tours are following each other in some cases. Tourism is a major resource of Rapid City, SD.

I have a Cherokee heritage, but the Indian Heritage of the Northern Plains Indians do not include this tribe.


Amber Star said...

These pictures are really good straight out of the camera. You all are a long way from home for sure.

I'm part Cherokee, too, but my ancestor was never on the rolls. However, my family followed the Trail of Tears from Tennesee and stayed everywhere they went before coming to Texas.

Lorna said...

I've never seen even one photo of this monument. I really enjoyed the links and I'm glad you're having a carefree, if chock full, trip

Lorna said...

forgot to mention, the first link isn't working.