Sunday, September 04, 2011

See You Later on the Blog Pike

Luckie's Hedge Hog Toy

As we near the end of our bustling week of packing Luckie placed her favorite toy on the bed where we were placing clothes, and other items of travel. I wondered if she wanted to be sure we packed it in her things for boarding, or wanted us to take it with us to remind us of her. The poor toy, which I called a procupine, or groundhog, has lost one ear all four feet and a tail; it is  obviously filthy. I do wash it occasionally, but not lately.

Whichever the case, I am continue to be amazed, how animals attached to us, have the innate sense to changes occurring, or soon to occur, in our routines-that goes for illnesses, too. Luckie knows she has a pile of things that go with her to the kennels for boarding including medicines are on the kitchen island. And she has noticed me fixing my medicines, and sortting through clothes.

Or she wants us to be sure it is packed with her bag to the kennels for her "spa" vacation. Because she is epileptic, we board her at her vet kennels, which is no more expensive than private kennels. The kennel girls love her and spoil her. However, she seems to dislike boarding, even with the extra attention.

She gives me the most forlorn look when I leave her at the vet boarding kennels and pouts for a week when we return home and retrieve her. She knows how to give you guilt trip.  I guess we commit some grievious sin leaving her. She is a rescue dog, and has some anxiety issues. I call several times while we are gone to check on her. Guess I have anxiety issues, too.

She travels beautifully, but our trips are usually to family and friends--in this case, a vacation group tour-- where a dog is not something I impose on my hosts, who may have different pets, or do not like pets. Now that Luckie is older (about 11), the vet is the safest place to be, for near 24-hour supervision.

She really will hate us this time as she is getting her annual vaccines and teeth cleaned, plus I purchase a year's supply of flea repellent tablets and heartworm medicine, while boarding. She can't hate it any worse than I hate to see the bill--boarding is the least expensive item. I buy any medicines she needs throughout the year at a retail pharmacy IF they are also used for human treatment. Price is around 50% less.

LUCKIE knows it is nearly time to say--for about 2.5 weeks: so long, goodbye, adios, adieu, sayonara, hasta la vista, ta ta, cheerio, see you later on the 'Net.'

[Her owners may have time for short blogs or e-mails, depending on the intensity (and exhaustion) of their vacation day's activities.]

"I can't take my favorite 'reserved for me' lift chair to the 'spa.'"


Carol@The Writers Porch said...

Luckie is a Lucky girl to have "humans" to take such great care to see that separation from them is as least stressful as possible! Have a safe and wonderful trip! XO

Dimple said...

What a wonderful portrait of your Luckie dog! She is a lucky dog, and she knows it, I bet! I think dogs do know when they are going to separated from their people for a time. Our dog always does, anyway, even tho' we leave her at home under the care of family. She loves her Aunt, though!

Lorna said...

Luckie looks resigned. that's not too bad. I hope you have a great trip and dazzle us with photos.

rosaria said...

Enjoy your vacation. Lucky will be looking forward to your return the entire time, each minute thinking you've arrived back for her.

Linda said...

Stay healthy and and have a wonderful trip. However, my heart does go out to Lucky.

Arkansas Patti said...

Aw, I hope the time flies for Luckie and you have a wonderful and safe trip. Travel and pets is always rough even if they get to go.

faye said...

That is the sweetest shot...

our Jack Russell has the same
reaction to the kennel.. Bob takes her and stays an hour with her at the
kennel and then he calls the Vet twice while we are away..

Have a safe trip.. relax and enjoy.

Pat - Arkansas said...

The few times I've had to board my animals (it's handy to have built-in house/animal sitters)I found that vet kennels are the only way to go! I don't worry half as much knowing that professional care is quickly at hand.
I hope you have a most enjoyable vacation. See you on the flip-flop.

Anonymous said...

Love that hedge hog.

Amber Star said...

I found your blog. :)

I thought you were already gone on vacation. We had a few cool days and boy howdy we were outside enjoying it.

Luckie wanted to go with you on the trip. That is why she was putting her stuff with yours so maybe just maybe you would get mixed up and take her with you.

Liz said...

I'm sure she has a good time really and just pretends to be miserable when you leave and then return.