Friday, December 30, 2011


It seems each year around New Year's Day there is a surge of questionable comments, or downright spam. Today I received a new twist.

A seemingly positive comment, perhaps more sarcastic than positive, appeared by a person/site under name of "gclub." Within the comment were two hyperlinks in a foreign, seemingly oriental, language. Not having Google Translate immediately available I clicked on one which lead to a gambling site. I did not click on the other as I am afraid I might get a virus. My fairly rigid BitDefender did not pop and sock the first one.

I did not post the comment and marked it spam. The comment was on the recent blog about Mammoth Site; it referred to the fact I had used an You Tube movie for my information and made an oblique comment I was relying on the info of the movie. I had a several of my own pictures.

Most of these travelogues rely on information gained at visit, my own photos, and brochures received, plus Internet to back up my information and links provided for those seeking more information. The YOU TUBE was simply for your enjoyment and may have contained more information.

This blog is an effort to record my own life experiences; advertising. overt or covert, is never welcome. Subjects of my blog, the places I visited, and other topics might be construed as advertising, but it is a stretch. I certain am not receiving monetary value or collected any vast number of "hits.". In fact, we PAID a fairly expensive package vacation fee which included these sites.

There is also some comments going around using aliases for legitimate bloggers. If it sounds odd, e-mail the blogger.

This criticism is not aimed at those of you who are fortunate to offer gifts and give aways. You are open about  your activities. I am referring to subversive, hidden  activities.

Have any of you received this kind of spam? I wonder why a blog with less than 50 comments per post was singled out?

Be sure to read post before this; I just wanted  to interject this friendly warning.


Amber Star said...

Well, NW1 it looks like they got you all riled up! I never would have thought you were advertising at all. I enjoyed the posts about your vacation and wondered how on earth you made if getting in and out of the bus. It nade my knees hurt just looking at them.

Take care and have a safe new year.

rosaria said...

Ah, we stand warned! Now, I better go off and reclaim my power over comments.
Happy New Year!

Arkansas Patti said...

With in the past two days I have gotten two such comments. One from someone with no profile filled with negative comments and another wanting me to email them. That came under "fat chance."
That is why I also preview before I approve a comment. Like you, I care too much about my good folks.
Hopefully they will go away when they don't succeed. Just keep hitting delete.
Have a great New Year Carol.

faye said...

Hate those spammers... someone was forever spamming an older post of mine.. so added approval control over
any posts 4 days old... that stopped
the spammer.