Thursday, December 08, 2011


Yucca in the Snow
Snow in Arkansas is not a novelty, but it is not a winter season-long event, either. Some years we receive one snowfall which last a few days; the rest of winter is just gray, wet and something we don't like -- ICE.

The first snow is exciting, and it has come as early as November BUT today, Monday, Dec. 5, we received our first significant, ground-covering snow in north central Arkansas.

It was somewhat surprise, even though some weather reports across the northern state line had it in the forecast. We live slightly south of the state line.

Winter Caught Some Flowers
And Bushes By Surprise
After my early morning coffee, reading e-mails and getting dressed for a glaucoma eye appointment, grumbling to myself how often I had to repeat these appointments a year, Husband (H)and I walked out to very cold rain and sleet, temperature - 34 degrees. Handicapped ramp was covered with sleet. I carefully edged my way down the ramp holding a cold, sleet covered rail. It was 8:30 a.m., appointment at 9 a.m.

It sleeted all the way to the physician's office which is in a town east of my little 'burb.' He drove under the canopy so I could disembark, and then parked in a handicap space, waiting for my return.  YES I have a handicap plate.

I was called into the exam room rather quickly. Last I looked out the weather appeared to be the same and H was smoking outside the car.

This was a full checkup, glacoma check, refraction, and exam  by physician. All was stable except some membrane affected by my cataract surgery is slightly clouded and may require laser surgery later, or sooner if it bothers me. I made up my mind it ain't gonna bother me. I don't need any more medical procedures than I already face.

After checking out for at least 6 months I hope, I wrapped up tight, especially my head as I am combating a sinus infection, I headed out the door at 10 a.m..

LO! and Behold! The whole world had turned white in an hour. As we headed home some roads were nearly covered, and the landscape became whiter and whiter.

Rails Stacked With Snow--That Summer
Flag Is Probably In Shock!
What a nice  early Christmas surprise from Mother Nature. Accumulation looks to be maybe 1-2 inches.

It seems like a day to be cozy, read, catch up on reading and writing blogs, drink decaf coffee, and complete a few minor household duties--which is mostly what I contentedly am doing.

And if this hangs around (current weather report does not support this) I might decide to cook something--not a chore I enjoy.

Fortunately I have some home-made Chicken Noodle Soup frozen, which sounded just right for tonight...and meets my WW criteria as I know what's in it.

After arriving home I grabbed ye ole camera and snapped a few pictures to share with you.

OOPS! Hope No One's Head Is Buried in the Snow!
A Gnome? A Cherub? A Munchkin?


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Bless your heart having to get out in those conditions and go to the doctor. I worry that you might fall and add to your problems.
Your pictures are lovely but I don't envy you unless I could just stay next to a warm fire and read. lol
I am scared to death about driving with my land lady next week to Iowa. We leave Sunday and I pray she cancels but knowing her political convictions I don't think that will happen.
Thanks for entering my giveaway. I am sorry your number did not come up but I have gotten a email about having another one so keep trying
Stay warm and glad your home safe

Lorna said...

I didn't know you got snow; geography was never my best thing.

Amber Star said...

Oh you! I'm so envious of your snow. We were on the edge of the snow in our area and didn't get a flake.

It is exciting to have to go to the doctor in bad weather. It is a challenge for sure. Keeps our wits sharp, eh?

The picture of your lawn chair looks as if the chair was making a break for it and toppled over.

Stay warm. One of our daughters is working in Dallas this week and is staying with us at night. She is going to help me get some holiday baking done tonight. We have a couple of parties to attend and I need to take something. She is a good kid.

Lisa said...

You make it sound so wonderful! BUT! I hate to drive in it. When I was 19 I hit a tree because of black ice and 19 years later ~ I am still scared to death of the snow and ice. I don't even like ice in my water during the winter months. :) Now that my son is 19, I'm dreading the day he needs to go to school on icy roads. The thought of it makes me want to crawl back into bed and cover head.

jeannette said...

Am catching up on your blog! Wow, you already had your first snow! But sleet - not my kind of thing - hope that is gone now! But it does make for pretty pics!