Monday, February 06, 2012


Afternoon Sun  Last Week
We've had a number of gray, but relatively mild days for winter, the last few weeks.

Despite a relative mild Winter thus far, a large number of days have been about this color and NO sun peeping through at all.

Normally, you should not point any camera at the sun unless the sunlight is diffused by one of several ways; in my case the overhead clouds, or fog, or whatever is hanging over the Ozarks served as an adequate filter. It almost looks like moonlight.

I looked up the spelling of the word 'gray' and 'grey' to see there were truly any subtle differences. There is NOT. However the 'gray' spelling is considered American English, but either one is correct and have exactly the same definitions. Just another one of the little interesting things about the English language and the American dialect, as I like to call it.

Today was occupied with getting our Income Tax done at the local AARP Tax Aide center in my little city. I had to wait my turn for 2.5 hours. But as my husband said, "I assume you found someone to chatter with." He was right; I said, "Of course, in that length of time I found several."

Tonight I have a mild stomach upset so taking it easy this eveing, food-wise and headed to 'nod-off-to-sleep-soon-in-front-of-the-TV land.' Good night and blessed dreams to all.'


CHERI said...

It was gray/grey here today too..a yucky, damp day but yet no rain in sight and we need some so badly. Sure hope your tummy feels better by tomorrow.

faye said...

I don't think we have had winter
at all... some people would disagree, but 80° is hardly sweater weather.

Hope your stomach woes pass soon..

Arkansas Patti said...

Think it might be my English upbringing but I usually spell it grey.
Sure hope you tummy settles down. Feel better soon.

Sandi McBride said...

We've had the same thing, cloudy and damp and chilly and hot...Mother Nature is going through menopause I fear! And when the last w-2 straggles in, we can face Uncle Sam( better Uncle Sam than Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac, huh?)

Lisa said...

Great photo!

As a dyslexic spelling is NOT my thing! I look up everything and get confused often about words. It takes me forever to write anything but I do it... and I'm getting better. Now, it's my sons turn.

Grey ~ Gray...Ugggg! Why do they have to make it so hard?

Lorna said...

I use grey and gray interchangeably even though I like to use the Canadian English, (or as they call it "english") when there's a choice. Like theatre, colour, or advertize. The new movie though is called "Grey Wolf" and I thought it was an American movie. oh well.

Nezzy said...

Awwwww, sweetie...I sure hope your feelin' much better by now.

It's probably the lack of sunshine! Heeehehehee!!!

God bless ya and have a fabulous day!!! :o)

Amber Star said...

Hope you are feeling much better today.

We haven't had much cold weather at all this year. The trees are confused and henbit is starting to flower. I'll have to check the patch of mesquite trees to see if they are looking like they might leaf. They are very rarely fooled into thinking winter is over. Heck, I'm still waiting for it to start.

Oh yes...grey or gray is the way I spell it. :)

Thanks for the info about the naked ladies. They look great now, but we are supposed to have some cold rainy weather this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. I have a sore throat and just feel crummy. Throat has been sore for several days, so I'm thinking it is allergies. Elm and juniper are hight today and have been this week.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I am glad you cleared this gray area up for me. It is one of those words that I when I use it I have to stop and think about how to spell it.
It has been cloudy or raining here. Strange to say after such a drought we have had here in Texas.
Hope you are feeling better now.
I was sick myself the last two nights. I think I am eating wrong.