Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Despite all the prognosticators of weather that Arkansas would only have snow in December due to La Nina, where the temperature pattern of the Pacific Ocean determines weather in the US, we had about 3 inches of snow Monday in north central Arkansas. We also had a light snow amount in January. So much for weather forecasters, the Farmer's Almanac, and other prognostications.

Luckie seems to be recovering from her chronic Ehrlichiosis. She decided to run and play in the snow yesterday, as if she were two years instead of 13 years old. She barked at everything that moved and raced around her fenced yard, trying to scare feral cats, squirrels and the neighborhood grouchy groundhog who were scavenging for food.

She came in several times with huge snow flakes to shake the snow and cold water all over us. I'd wipe her off and out she went again. She has a nest of dead leaves she uses as a soft bed from which she oversees her perceived worldly territory.

Once she came in the house in such a ridiculous mess I had to laugh. The hair on her head reminded me of small boys I see at church with short haircuts which stand straight up on their heads. Their parents probably use some kind of mousse to get the effect.

Needless to say, Luckie was very disgruntled when I closed the doggie door and made her stay in the house till her feeding time which was nearly dark. When I finally opened it up again, she had lost her zeal; maybe she has beginning dementia and forgot about grouchy groundhog. Not likely!

Despite her age, she knows exactly my morning routine: the order I start the coffee pots and additives like milk or flavors, then I take my morning medicines; then I retrieve water and cheese from fridge to start her breakfast.

She won't take her meds without cheese or peanut butter. She takes PROIN (for spayed female bladder leakage), Pepcid 10 mg for tummy, and phenobarbital for seizures. She gets Beneful and --get this: purified cooled water from the fridge.

If I am too slow she has a toy, a porcupine until I had to amputate its identifying nose, arms, legs and tail because she began her own surgery strewing cotton everywhere. (I sewed her surgery up, too.) She squeaks it until I feed her. It has an nerve wracking, nerve grating noise for a 75 year old woman barely moving early in the morning.

I ought to feed her the minute she waltzes in the kitchen, but I am just stubborn enough to think husband's and my coffee and meds come first.

Below is Luckie's Mother Nature hairdo!

Luckie's Snow Hairdo

We are remodeling a number of rooms, mainly renovated walls with bead board ceiling to floor. I love the effect, although a tad expensive. We have a carpenter doing the hard work including trim. My job is keeping up with where stuff gets shuffled to and from.

Posting may be short for awhile. I am too busy shuffling through the shuffled!

PHOTOS: BY NitWIT1 unless otherwise attributed.


Nezzy said...

Luckie sounds like she had a blast and a half out in your snow.

Six inches feel here yesterday and our nine month old Blue Heeler would put her head down and just make the snow fly....it was funny!!!

Shame on you and hubs for puttin' your coffee before Luckie! Heehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have a wonderful Valentine's Day! :o)

Arkansas Patti said...

You got the snow I was expecting. I am glad at least that someone got to enjoy it. Luckie looks so cute with that hair do.
I use cheese for Mighty's pain pill. Sure makes it easy.
You couldn't tell today that it had snowed. Not a trace left.
Maybe later??

rosaria said...

Isn't it fun to see animals enjoy the snow? My cat wakes me, insists that I get up, follows me through my routines, and then walks me back to bed!

Yeah, they know how to train us.

Dimple said...

Luckie looks very modern! And a little disgruntled, so I guess this was taken after the doggie door was closed :-)

I understand about the shuffled objects, part of my job during our renovation was the same as yours!

Amber Star said...

Luckie has the best life. She has you to care for her and let her in and out to rule her domain.

We got some snow Sunday night, but it didn't stay. It is 75F here today.

CHERI said...

Luckie looks beautiful and so glad she enjoyed her romp in the snow. Of course, I'd love her no matter what since we share the same name:)

Liz said...

You wouldn't be without her though! Lovely Luckie.