Saturday, July 07, 2012


Parroting one of my favorite poems, The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll, this post is a medley of subjects, primarily photos, I have grouped together  to share without much comment.

Baby Girl Shower Setup-1
I volunteer to 'man' our church office for 4 hours one day a week; we have no paid personnel, a church membership policy. However, phone calls to an unattended phone often lose opportunities to serve. Recently volunteers were solicited primarily for this purpose. Some days there are NO calls, and other days I am busy with various calls and needs.

However, July 5 was a very slow day. So I wandered with portable phone in tow, around our church complex. In the fellowship hall, a stunning baby shower party was set up for this coming Sunday afternoon. I immediately went to my vehicle for my Point & Shoot Canon which is always in my car for unexpected photo ops...and a nice little camera it is, as I have said before. Ironically, I had just recharged its batteries earlier this week.

Baby Girl Shower Setup
Wall Decorations
Chairs for Mom & Dad
& Table
Several photos of the baby girl shower setup are scattered throughout this post.

Then, on the way home I stopped to take a shot of a blue motor bike and white fence I had been eyeing for a week or more. I pulled very much off the road with no tire on the pavement, parked with emergency lights flashing. In Arkansas state highway easements are scarce to very narrow. My vehicle was partly in dead weeds, but not the drainage ditch--maybe slightly on the slope.

Baby Girl Shower Setup
Table Setups
[Straight Out of Camera}
I disembarked to see a SUV sheriff's vehicle with blue lights flashing, pulling in behind me. With panic running through my mind, I quickly replayed my driving and parking: did I not signal? Was I speeding? ETC! ETC! ETC!

My panic was quickly put to rest; a very courteous female sheriff's deputy inquired if I had vehicle problems or was I feeling OK.  I assured her I was after a photo across the highway. Temperatures here have been in triple digits for over a week; vehicles and people may have serious problems quickly with little notice. How reassuring it was when I calmed myself down, and thought about it. How unnecessary was it for me to work myself into a tizzy, which probably did not help, I took a deep breath, made 2 shots and hurried back to my vehicle. The distraction, however, seemed to deter my getting exactly the shot I wanted. But a lesson learned, anyway.

Motorcycle for Sale
[The White Fence Leading My Eye IN and OUT of the Photo
Is What First Caught my Eye] Oh Yeah! The DRIED UP
Pasture & Roadside Remind Me of Texas
In January I had occasion to have Luckie at the her un-favorite veterinary clinic. I left her, ran some errands, and returned a bit early. While waiting in my car I spotted an empty back-lit large bird nest with strands of hair streaming in a slight breeze. I wondered what smart bird built their nest in the front landscape bed of a veterinary clinic, where there had to be plenty of hair to line the nest, but medical care just a doorway a few feet away! I quickly snapped this largely unedited photo.

Luckie Sightseeing
And speaking of Luckie, we carried her shopping (HA!), maybe Christmas shopping, Dec. 17 and I caught her watching the sights out the side window. Sometimes she sleeps the whole trip, but she occasionally  watches the sights, too. She is the best car-riding dog we've ever owned...just don't ask her to get in our boat.

I would love for her to travel  with us, but our trips are extended, and she is nearing 13-14 years old (estimate as she is a rescue dog) with controlled health problems. We board her at the veterinary clinic which claims boarding under medical supervision. She is a favorite with all the kennel persons and vets.

If my heart health holds status quo, we have a month's vacation planned, which means she gets a month with The gals and guys at the kennel. I know she is well treated, as she comes home several pounds heavier which mean ole me has to try to get her to shed.

Abandoned Bird Nest in Bush at Veterinary Clinic
[The Amount of Hair Strands back lit Caught My Eye I Expect Dog, Cat and Horse Hairs
Were Abundant Near a Veterinary Clinic Which Also Boards a Variety of Animals)

PHOTOS: NitWit1, unless otherwise attributed


Small City Scenes said...

Wanderings and photos---excellent!!
I think the baby girl shower's use of pink flamicos is a bit much--but that's just me. Love the motercycle and fence shot and of course Luckie is always a great shot. I see the hair in the bird nest--gives it a great aura.

My camera doesn't take any special lens that I know of. I am just a point and shooter. I have a very good zoom on it I guess. It is a Nikon Coolpix L120. But it does have a very good zoom. I guess I have been very lucky in being able to hold steady for long shots. No tripod.

Thanks for liking my shot. MB

Dimple said...

Good morning, Carol!
I enjoyed the chat: those flamingos are cute for a baby shower, and Luckie looks quite content in the car...Our dog HATES anything having to do with cars except when we come home!

Our campfire was well controlled, and so far the season has been wet and cool here. We're expecting summer this week: the forecast says we will have 90's and maybe some places more than 100. That's really hot for us, the last time we saw 90 degrees was in 2009.


TexWisGirl said...

you made me laugh. 'without much comment' means you wrote more than i do in a month. :)

i love your pup. what a sweetie. and i do hope you get to take your trip.

turquoisemoon said...

That motorcycle shot is amazing. I think I'd go back there with your big camera and take the shot you really wanted...but, that's a great pic as it is!!! I thought your flamingo pics were fun! Good job...

Justabeachkat said...

I don't blame you for getting a big nervous when you saw those flashing blue lights. LOL

Loved the decorations for the baby shower.

Hope your 4th was good.


Arkansas Patti said...

You really had some great compositions in those shots. The bike and the fence was stunning but I always love to see Luckie.
Good to know our law inforcement is also looking out for us. That was cool she stopped to check on you.

NitWit1 said...

Thanks for comments, especially on the motorcycle. Good thing I stopped when I did, as it was gone this a.m. when we went to church. No trying to improve that particular opportunity.

There is a slight chance the owner decided to use it over a weekend, but I doubt it. It was a very attractive rig. NitWit1

Hilary said...

A fine collection of photos.. and that Luckie sure is a beauty.