Wednesday, July 04, 2012


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For 76 years I have had the incredible experience of having been blessed to be born in the land of freedom, which is not free but for those 76 years has continued to be paid voluntarily by blood of untold numbers of patriots, most of whom I have never known.

I have walked among the many names of graves in Arlington cemetery and many private cemeteries. I know only a few with whom I may have actually had some knowledge of. Some graves bear marks of a preferred religion, but I have never seen a military marker with a political party designation. The military protect all of us, even those of us who are unappreciative, disobedient, or anarchist, all races, political and religious persuasions--everyone.

Flag in Snow Storm- Our Front Yard

When I consider the writers of our Declaration of Independence, I don't see all these divisionary political and religious terms thrown about today. From history I know they were of different persuasions politically, socially, religiously. Yet they were able to reach a consensus of wording, not only for the Declaration of Independence, but also a Constitution that has been minimally amended for over 200 years.
By the way, the four Presidents chosen for Mount Rushmore, were not of same political persuasion, from conservative to progressive, yet at the time of its inception those four Presidents were considered the outstanding presidents from the birth of a nation.

What happened? I lament.  I can only speculate.

The direct purely democratic process evolved into largely a representative  democracy for a rapidly growing nation. In fact the Constitution created this type of government. The town hall where citizens met to directly address issues among themselves became a relic with the ever enlarging nation of states and peoples..

With this evolution, and the right of petition, the democratic process became somewhat polluted by special interests with finances to influence, and even promise financial backing in  re-election to our representatives from President, Senators, Representatives, even down to the larger city officials.

US Flag & Dallas Cowboys Flag
Yes, I Can Fly Another Flag As
Long As the US Flag Is Higher
Than Any Other Flag. Oh! Yeah!
I Think The Cowboys Claimed
the Name of America's Team,
a Disputable Fact, I Know!
But I still can choose to celebrate our Nation's birthday anyway, I choose. If  I don't go for hot dogs and hamburgers, watermelon and ice cream, there is not a food police coming by with a baton to enforce a tradition. I can choose to fly a flag, or not. [At our house it flies 24 hours on a permanent pole, and yes, there is a yard light on it, too.]

I can travel within the nation across state lines without being stopped and asked to show some national ID card, because I am a naturally born citizen.

No place on earth has ever been enticing enough for me to entertain the thought of permanently living somewhere else. Visit- yes, Live, no.

Even though I personally feel some facets of the Bill Of Rights, the first amendments to the Constitution, are being eroded, I still believe at 76 the first unique experiment in government is still  man's best achievement in this world!

PHOTOS: NitWit1, unless otherwise attributed.

So Happy Birthday! United States of America!


TexWisGirl said...

you made me laugh with the dallas cowboys. your post was well-said. we are very lucky to be here in the US.

faye said...

Great post !

Hope the weather begins to cool soon for ya...
and be careful getting out and about....

A quiet evening at home watching the fireworks is probably best for you...Enjoy !,

faye said...

Great post !

Hope the weather begins to cool soon for ya...
and be careful getting out and about....

A quiet evening at home watching the fireworks is probably best for you...Enjoy !,

turquoisemoon said...

Well said!!! Also, I really do appreciate the photo tips, and I really do research the ideas you give me. Thanks again...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I do hope your careful in this heat we are having.
I too had to laugh about the cowboys.
This is such a wonderful post for the 4th.
I so enjoyed coming by and reading this and visiting with you

Arkansas Patti said...

Enjoyed this post. You made me think what the Declaration of Independance would look like if compiled by our current politicians. It would have taken years to draft at best and I fear and possibly would never have been mailed across the pond from lack of agreement.
Hope you managed to stay cool and had a great 4th.

Hilary said...

Nicely said. We should all feel that way about our home land. I know that I sure do about Canada. Hope you had a Happy 4th.