Friday, November 30, 2012


Just a short note to honor the beginning of a special month where two "M" words mark this month to me: MEMORIES, MIRACLES

It is the month that those of the Christian faith have designated the birth of Jesus Christ occurred.

It is the month to others that demostrating good will toward others is more evident and many memories are made--most are wonderful, lasting and warm, but sometimes otherwise. I have many wonderful Christmas memories, but in recent years at least one personal bitter memory that jaded my holiday spirit, but not my faith in my concept of the true spirit of Christmas. It is all about others, not me.

December is the birthday of my deceased Mother (24th) and my sister (31st).

For your enjoyment I have embedded an exceptional video. I would like to see this at WalMart. No doubt it was staged to look spontaneous, but never the less, it really changed the mood of the frenzied shoppers. I found this video posted by my great niece on her Facebook account.

If the embedded video does not work, here is the link . ENJOY!

Christmas shopper reminder of the reason for the season.


Arkansas Patti said...

It took a while for my snail slow speed to view the video but it was so worth it. It gave me goose bumps, choked me up and made me smile. What a lovely gift. Thanks Carol.

Lorna said...

I Love flashmobs. They make the hair on the back of my neck tingle, and I don't care how prepared or how stagey they are. I've never seen one live, but I'm determined to.

Or maybe I should get all my singing relatives together and stage one.

Amber Star said...

Oh Nit Wit! I enjoyed that you tube so much!

Well, girl how you been? I just now got into my blog and found the message from you. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Niagra Falls! We enjoyed ours so much. We didn't need our passports while we were on the US side, but did when we went over to Canada. They guard at the border didn't stamp my durn passport and I was so upset. Ah well, hopefully another time. I thought I left you a message about the whole passport thing right away.

Anyway, I guess you survived the surgery and of that I'm so glad to see. I just now got your post onto my blog. Oh! Somehow or other the approval thing must have gotten turned on. How vexing. Hope you are well and do not have any problems with the A Fib anymore. My heart has been fluttering some. I need to make an appointment with my doc to see about it.

Am making a resolution to post more often. I've missed you all so much and reading about what is going on with you all.

Gotta run. It is after midnight and I worked in the yard too much today. We were trying to get stuff winterized today before the big cold front comes tomorrow. For once we won't be running around in a stiff north wind trying to get plants covered up. At least I hope it cools off. It has been bone dry and hot as heck for months now.

If I don't see you before the holidays I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.