Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Life takes many turns; as we age we are faced with many more it seems. We may welcome them, resent them or accept them. Some are challenges; some are not.

Right now the word in my life is 'rehabilitation.' It is time consuming in some ways, small life changes in others. Since my A-Fib heart procedure, [NOT nearly as life changing as more serious heart problems such as open heart surgery] Rehab, short for rehabilitation,includes  a 3 months supervised exercise program a the local hospital 16 mi. away, more careful dietary decisions, and patience while the healing process continues (3 months). The last mentioned, healing process appears to be ahead of estimate by a lot, which is good.

I had made some dietary changes and now others, but my main problem is sticking to them so the desired effect is evident such as weight loss and better blood pressure readings.

Not being a lover of exercise, (I'd rather read a book), the exercise regimen takes grit and determination. After 3 mo. I am allowed to continue at hospital, or enroll in a local gym. It will be difficult for me to decide as price of service is about the same, but gas cost to the hospital make it a more expensive choice.

The turn-key gym near my home is not supervised, although often there are other gymnasts, maybe an instructor now and then, etc. Right now my housekeeper and mother attend and I can go with them. But they might quit at some point.

However, this time in my life is filled with decisions and efforts to rejuvenate a physical body, mainly ignored most of its 76 yr.  old life. As the writer of Ecclesiastes wrote, "for everything there is a season." This season has ended, but like the seasons change, it may return again, maybe as a photo blog only, who knows.

So I am suspended this blog until such time as I feel the need to resurrect it. Most who follow me have also slowed in their blogging and reading. Life changes for all of us--a journey with many turns, curves, hills and valleys.

It has been a wonderful time; I have made many blogland friends, met one, and would have liked to have met many more. My gmail address is associated with this blog should any of you care to contact me. It will be open as it is also associated with my facebook account which I am not closing, nor am I very active.  

In conclusion I ask you pray for our nation; I have avoided politics (and specific religions) purposely, but recent current events leave me fearful of our Union's future, especially for those who will be left, after I have departed this earth.

Luckie and I will be watching many more sunrises and sunsets. We hope the same for all of you.


TexWisGirl said...

i hope you will continue to get stronger. keep up the exercise and be well, dear one.

Beth said...

I suffer from Afib and high blood pressure to.

I hope you continue to do well. You will be missed from blogging.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Good luck with the exercising. I swam at the local Y for a few years, but let it drop...I should probably get back to it.

You are right about having good thoughts for our nation. Thank goodness President Obama won and we can continue to move forward as we have for the last four years.

But we need to understand that in a democracy we all support the person who won. We do not wish out country ill or bad things to happen just because the person we supported did not win.

Good luck.

Arkansas Patti said...

I do hope you are unable to hang up your keyboard for good. I too have slowed to a crawl blogwise but the tug is still there.
I know the hospital is a farther trip but I do like the idea that it is supervised exercise. It is too easy to fall into bad exercise form with out someone prodding you.
Keep progressing Carol and I do hope you return to blogging at least occasionally. Be well lady.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Carol I do hate to read about your having to go through this rehab. I don't know what I would do if I too were faced with such exercise program.
I completely understand you not writing for a while but like Patti mentioned in her comment I hope you have not hung the keyboard up on blogging forever.
As you know I have slowed down to a crawl myself but hope to pick it up now that I am not mowing as much. lol
We will miss you please come by now and then and let me know how your doing.
Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.
Take care dear friend