Thursday, July 28, 2011


What is happening?

Sumac, near High Ridge Subdivision, Midway, AR.

On the way to church July 24 I saw sumac was turning yellow, orange and red!!! Is it dying from heat or is it a sign of early autumn? The adjacent photo was taken July 26 near my home near an unincorporated community, Midway, AR.

This isn't poisonous sumac which primarily grows in wetlands, but a common variety seen along roadsides, like staghorn sumac.

Sumac in this area usually does not turn any color until at least mid or late September. This sumac is either dying or the seasons really are wacky this year. If it does not form the familar dark brown seedhead soon, I'll know it is dying.

Sumac changes from yellow to orange to deep red and forms the seed head atop the bush in a very short time. I remember a trip to Harrison, AR last year. The sumac were adorned in flaming color with seed heads along the roadsides near Harrison. One week later we made the same trip and the sumac in the same area was past prime, most bushes being without leaves at all.

More Nonsense:

I notice I attributed my quote in previous blog to the March Hatter; I believe the correct name is Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.
Dallas Cowboy Star (front)
I have made my yard dog concrete statue a Dallas Cowboy. Yeah! I know some of you think the 'Boys are a pack of junkyard dogs, but it has been my team since it was organized and coached by Tom Landry, who probably still is their most remembered and respected coach.
Dallas Cowboy Helmet (rear)
I found four old decals in a file So I pasted the infamous blue star on the front, and the popular helmet w/blue star on  back, of the statue. It will not last long in the heat, but will do until I find something more permanent. I have 3 remaining identical decals, so I am temporarily OK.

I would like to find a small helmet. I could even paint it. Will have to do some research on all of this.

I may have to prevail on some friends in Texas to find what I want. This is not a life-size statue, about 3'.

Please refrain from sending psychologists, psychiatrists, or heat stroke specialists, paddy wagons to my front door. I am sitting in my beloved lift chair in a very comfortably air conditioned home writing this nonsense. And my blood pressure is low for this time of day.
Hmmm, maybe that it! No blood is reaching my brain.....

Monday, July 25, 2011


"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be, and what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?" (March Hatter from Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll)

I never realized how many quotes we, who have read Alice in Wonderland, or other Lewis Carroll works, use. One of my common ones, is "I'm late , I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date..." and there is more by the March Hatter. If you are interested in other conversations and quotes here is a link or here.

Today I have a collage of photos of nonsense. Actually, they do make sense, but were not always posted, as other photos were chosen for varied reasons. Some photos are truly snapshots, others were done with some effort of proficiency. So if you cannot figure any of them out, just re-read Paragraph one above.

Welcome to Our Home! View 1
The Canopy was added earlier this year.
The front bed and bed inside handicap
walk ramp triangle were renovated.
The Cute "Boss Hog" concrete statue
may be relocated later.
Welcome to our Home! View 2
This view includes handicap ramp and the
 stone walkway from a fence gate (not shown)
 and a carport. (not shown)

Ripening 2010
Maplewood Cemetary, Springfield, Mo 2010

Mr Sammy's Morning Sip - 2010

Dallas Cowboy and Nandinas Area
The small statue here is a dog wearing a blue and silver uniform.
When I am through he will have a helmet (if I can find one) and
the all important star. There are 4-5 nandinas dug up  from other
areas now in whiskey barrels, but when they get stronger from
transplanting and HEAT, they will become a part of this area.
Three dwarf Burford holly are planted here, too. One windmill was
repainted and located here.We transplanted Yucca from another
bed across the front. sick looking now, but you can't kill Yucca.

This area is two sections across the center of our lot.
We have not yet named it. The sailor of course was a
choice of my husband. There is a blue glazed pot with
a red Knock-out Rose bush here, a Japanese red weeping
maple, several dwarf Burford holly and repainted windmill.
Further away is a cherub sleeping in a basket, a Yucca,  several
more dwarf Burford holly, a regular Japanese red maple and
climbing roses original to the property, also SURVIVORS!
Eventually,another Knock-out rose will be located near Cherub.
Fishing on Bull Shoals Lake
Probably 2 years ago when we stayed
at Black Oak Resort near Oakland AR
Maplewood Cemetery-Springfield, MO
I am ready for Autumn, or am I?
Pumpkins in Oregon Il
Black (Deep Purple) Iris- 2001
Bull Shoals Lake near mouth of Howard Creek

Cherub Sleeping

Football Player
Soon to be Dallas Cowboy

Sea Captain
American Eagle with Brown
Trout [trophy fish of White River]
and Patriotic Plaque

"Boss Hog"

Time for Dessert 2000 A.D.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


'Boss Hog' Rests on Railroad
Tie Framing the Renovated
Bed in Front of our Deck.
No! this is NOT referring to my heat and health slowdown in blogging. The current heat wave does make it uncomfortable to exit the front door, back door, car door, or any door to see what is around me worth writing about, or spending a few minutes with a camera.

Nor am I planning a Pig Roast-Believe Me!

It is an energy draining effort to keep appointments. Monday was a good example. I had a dental appointment with the dental hygienist. An early morning phone call asked me to come Monday, instead of Sept. 1 which was earliest date given me when I called; the hygienist is having hip surgery and an leave of absence for recovery.

 There was a cancellation , so I accepted it.

Thankfully, no cavities or other problems were found. In fact the dentist has said many times, I would take my teeth to heaven. My retort, is I won't need them there, as I'm supposed to be made perfect. We have a running commentary as I've known him for over 30 years. I enter the office saying, "I am here--my most un-favorite place to be." He, of course, will not let that pass, so he retorts something like this: 'And you are my most favorite patient."

This Sailor  Steers a Front
Right Section of Our Yard
Renovation, Near One of
Two Repainted Windmills.
Then I came home, grabbed my  Kindle and headed for my nurse practitioner's office for allergy shot. The current nurse assistant insists I wait 20 minutes for any reaction. I've been using  the same formula injection for about 5 years, and at maintenance at least 4 years.

Previous nurses would send me on my way, admonishing me to call immediately, if a reaction develops. I also have a Epi-Pen at home, which is reversal of  an reaction. Not this one!

I read my Kindle for 20 minutes. What am I reading? The Professor, by Charlotte Bronte; I already read Jane Eyre. Soon, I am on my way home without having fumed over the waiting.

Then I had a 2:20 p.m. appointment with a gynecologist for test results to determine curent status of osteoporosis. I had been off medication over 2 years due to digestive problems. [THIS IS 3rd MEDICAL APPOINTMENT IN 1 DAY]

I also had seen an endocrinologist who found Vitamin D deficency which affects parathyroid function and absorption of Calcium and Vitamin D. This had been corrected by titrating oral Vitamin D into the normal range which corrected the parathyroids. Meanwhile my ANP made adjustments to my thyroid.

Cherub Sleeps in an Area
in Front of the Concrete
Block Building near Street.
Taken in the shade, at high Noon
the Cherub Is Much Lighter Gray
Then Photo depicts. Camera
failed me and I am not adept
at the advanced features of
PhotoShop Elements yet.
The hormone system is so interelated it is amazing. It was my favorite subject of human physiology in pursuit of my pharmacy degree.

The net result or all these changes was my classification of degenerative bone disease has changed from osteoporosis (which is indigenous in my biological family) to severe osteopenia. This may seem minor, but it shows the hormone gland deficiences many have been to the root to my bone density decline.

The net result is the gynocologist wishes to continue only my calcium/Vit. D medications and not add any of the bone density drugs to my already extensive arsenal of pharmaceuticals. Talk about a happy camper!!! I nearly toe danced to my car in the 100+ degree heat.

Then it was on to Staples for Inkjet cartridges  (5 different) for my new HP PhotoSmart AIO C410a e-station printer. So far photo prints are brilliant. My other printer was 8 years old and the six required cartridges were beginning to be scarce to find.

Afterward it was a quick trip to Wal-Mart and a swing by KFC for 2 small boxes of 1 grilled and 1 crispy dark meat chicken for supper. I have been ordering grilled, but truthfully I don't think it is any healthier that original or crunchy.

This Gorgeous Eagle Holding a Brown Trput.
Was Added to the Patriotic Plaque I Repainted.
He Is a Handsome Addition, I think!
I was worn out......needed a nap like the above pictured cherub, only inside!

Tuesday I sprayed the Dwarf Holly for fungus. I am not sure some are going to survive the heat. They were not planted deep enough. Even though a very hardy plant, 100+ heat is not in their everyday life cycle. I cannot tell if they are water-stressed, or dry-stressed. They do have some black and/or yellow spots, hence the WalMart organic fungacide/insecticide/miticide spray .

Actually, I have a return policy for any plants that don't survive a year. We both watered and watered, I am glad the water/sewer/solid waste bill is paid via EFT (electronic fund transfer); somehow it is not as painful as writing a check.

The Plaque Before
I also made the exercise gym for 30 minutes on treadmill (downhill) with the Kindle. Time really passes when I am reading at same time as treading. I don't set any speed records, but am doing what my medical team advises. I also did a few reps with some upper body equipment and only 10# weights.

Wednesday I wshed a small load ofclothes to keep Friday, my usual wash day, from being so heavy. I decided weiners for supper. I usually eat two, but only one bun. I buy Sunbeam low calorie whole wheat buns. We had fixin's of chopped onion and tomatoes, sweet green relish and mustard--no chili--fairly simple to fix.  I went to the gym. It was not much cooler than Tuesday. If they the gym is better heated and cool soon, they may not get my annual fee. Hot air is twice a hard to breathe as cooler air.
This is an overview of the Renovated Area Near the Eagle/Plaque.
The Unidentifiable Black Matter in Background Is NOT a DEAD
ANIMAL, Just Tools and Unknown Material Still Needing to
to Be Cleaned, Return to Storage or Discarded.
From reading other blogs the entire US is under a heat wave. Nearly the entire US weather map is some shade of RED, with some area having high humidity.
Handsome Football Player
Will Soon be a Dallas
Cowboy When I
Am Done!!!
Inserted throughout this post are photos of statuary we purchased in Branson, MO Saturday. The front yard renovation is essentially completed except for cleanup and some personal touches.

The football player (a dog) will become a Dallas Cowboy by the time I finish my personal touch. And we do have to water and water. Hopefully, watering is all we have to do. Photos were taken at near high noon so highlights are harsh.

Next year there are Naked Ladies on other parts of our property; I may dig up a few and plant, but that will be all we plant---no annuals and hopefully 95% fewer weeds. I will still do the hanging baskets and  a few pots I set around, but that can be done on the deck and moved as needed.

Everyone take precautionary measures to avoid heat stress or heat stroke: plenty of fluids, light clothing, stay in air conditioned housing or at least have plenty of fans. If you have chronic health conditions, follow your medical team's advice precisely!!!
Welcome Home!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


After a record, or near record heat Tuesday of 105 degrees, as registered by the outside temperature sensor of my Highlander Hybrid, I decided this expensive car tells me more than I need to know. That temperature was about 3 p.m. as I entered the city limits of my home after a trip to WalMart. Although I bought fruit and veggies, I was smart enough not to even think MILK, ICE CREAM  and FROZEN anything.

Prior to WalMart I had picked up orders for a some blood tests in connection with my osteoporosis at my physician's office in another nearby town, went by the lab and had blood drawn for the test, before leaving that town and driving to the WalMart nearest my home. I left home about 12:30 p.m. and l was on my way WM about 2 p.m. My list was short and I only had 4 bags and my purse.

When I arrived home, Husband and Luckie had left for the state line where he gets his cigarettes much cheaper than locally. It is only about 35 mi. to the AR/MO line where several businesses are located just across the line. Gasoline and cigarettes are taxed less than Arkansas... significantly less. If you factor in the gas, I don't know if you have much, but H thinks so.

After hauling in the groceries and fixing some supper, I decided to apply some plant food and water the hanging baskets and whatever else I could reach with the 25' hose and faucet/hydrant/spigot [take your choice] H installed. Long lengths of hose curl and loop, nearly tripping me as I try to manage them. I don't need any more falls. I can manage 25' fairly well and reach quite a few baskets, pots and plants.

BUT IT WAS STILL 10 PM it was still 100 degrees; I had been in and out of the heat for the most part of the afternoon and evening.. I think I got too hot, as I felt a tad woozy before I  finished so I quit. The night was fitful and the early morning I had a few symptoms of overheating which have faded.

Now to the title of my bog today: Wet Wednesday. During the night Luckie began vacillating between the bedroom and where I sleep in a lift chair. Being unusually tired, I did not recognize her premonition of pending bad weather. But somewhere around 5 a.m. I heard thunder!!! Petting Luckie for a few moments I returned to a short snooze with the soft sound of rain on the roof.

When I arose around 7 a.m. to make our two pots of coffee, the rain gauge registered 0.15 in. It also has showered a couple of times during the morning. Currently the temperature is 86 deg. with a "feel like" temperature of 93 deg., humidity is about 50%, and chance of more showers is 40%.

Although our lake level is still very high from Spring's bountiful rainfall, the heavenly spigot has been in the shut off position, since latter part of May. Guess we had not paid our bill.

When I was younger, heat did not bother me, but with COPD and other problems, I really do not tolerate being outside for long periods when temperatures are above 8o degrees. Cool air, even cold (above freezing) air, is much easier to breathe.

AMAZING HOW A LITTLE WEATHER CHANGE can change your mental attitude, sometimes for better, sometimes for worst.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Blue Plant Pot mentioned in
previous post.
Since several of my readers noticed I did not mention what happened to Luckie after I left her two hours early for her beauty shop appointment, I am writing an addendum to my horrendous bad shopping and medical appointment day Thursday. No, I did not abandon her, although the owner loves her.

Luckie's appointment was 12:30 p.m instead of 10:30 a.m. She was so early (2 hours) the congenial shop operator who loves to see her, kept her in a cage by her side as she washed the other little whipper-snappers and worked her in. She talks to all of them as if each were on a direct phone line to her.

The only laugh of the otherwise bad day was a two-bit, beautifully groomed, gray miniature poodle in a cage awaiting pickup,who growled loudly when Luckie walked in. Luckie just stared the poodle down and quietly went into her cage which was below the poodle.

Luckie is as big a dog as the groomer takes; she has a bad back. However, she has a lift table which 40 lb. Luckie stands quietly on as it rises to her washing tank. Apparently by her reports she is a perfect customer. She comes home with a little cloth neckerchief tied around her neck.  She doesn't jump off the elevator lift table, loves to ride in car, yet she won't get in our boat and even hates to walk on a very substantial dock, and she  jumps off the exam table at the vet [must be the expectation of needles!]
Square Stone Walkway From My
Carport by Front Steps Around
Handicap Ramp to a Gate
Husband picked up Luckie about the time I was in the bread shop. I called on the cell phone about 12:30 p.m. to asked him about the bread supply before I entered the bread/bakery shop-no answer. Then he and his backyard neighbor son arrived at Home Depot the same time I did. He had a less than pleasant experience there, too.

Our front yard renovation has required tons of mulch, dirt, and  50 flat stones for a walking path we created. We bought mulch and dirt in such large quantities they were entire pallets. Home Depot charges $20 for the pallet. Lowe's does not. Remember that for future reference. Lowe's will take theirs back and recycle them, but does not charge for them.
Square Stone Walkway From CenterDriveway - Front
Steps Around Handicap Ramp to a Gate
My husband was a tad disgruntled about the $20 charge for one pallet from Home Depot, after all we spent at both stores. It took about as long for him to get a refund, as it took for me to get the ticket sale mess corrected. He did get a refund, somewhat grudgingly. I don't know his argument, but I would have said your competitor across the street charges nothing and we are going to return their pallets for recycling at our cost of gas for the 30 mi. round trip.
Some Kind of Mold/Slime Growing Out of Brown
Mulch with Beetles Munching on It Yuck!
Similar Slime Is In Another Bed with Same
Mulch But Has Tiny Flowers Sprouting Out
of It. Will Take Photo When Flowers Are Larger.
Although both stores have similar or same kinds merchandise, one seems more popular than the other in our area. I'll leave it to you to guess which one. Personnel and the management and training thereof, make all the difference. In 99.5% of the time, "the customer is always right."

Today we have a benefit to attend at our local VFW hall. There is one elite restaurant in our little town that has area reputation for fine food called The 178 Club.

One of their long-time waitresses has had brain surgery and now taking radiation treatment in Little Rock for an indefinite period. Prognosis is not known. The part of the tumor removed was benign, but a part wrapped around a major brain artery is malignant and could not be removed. Metastasis is not known publicly.

Her and my husbands worked for the City. He is still working as Sewer Superintendent, a super nice guy who knows how to quietly  manage his job despite many years of mayoral changes and politics.

Sewer plant manager/operators have to obtain many licenses; the 24 hr. plant operation demands testing effluent at regular intervals. There is weekend and holiday duty, as well as emergencies. Our plant is located near The White River which has a very high EPA rating that must be met.  Any spillage, no matter how small, must be immediately reported and corrected.
Square StoneWalkway - Closer View of
First Photo of Same Subject
on This Page
Although wages are probably much better elsewhere, our City via the Arkansas Municipal League various programs for member cities, offers excellent benefits. But there are the deductibles, the co-pays, the near 300-mile round trip to Little Rock, lodging, meals, etc. so a benefit for such a hard-working long-time citizens is entirely appropriate.

Usually we buy tickets and give them away. I currently plan to go since there is also some auctions, although I may just give a donation and pick up meals to go.

[The major problem I had in posting was related to BLOGGER IN DRAFT. You cannot use the older composing window any more and had to uncheck that choice in my settings. Photos were easier in the old composing window is the only reason I kept it.]

Any photos by myself are probably unrelated to subject matter of this blog unless I get the flower pot planted today.]

I've made photos of this rose bush before. It actually is supposed to be a climber. It must be of very old hardy stock and was on our lot when we bought it in 1980. It rarely shows any rose diseases; it receives little pruning, fertilizer, etc. and produces roses most of spring and summer. [This is same photo, which do you like?] If I had used a polarizer to take reflection off the leaves, both would be better shots. Photoshop can minimize, but cannot correct everything. It is a close call for me depending on my mood. I did not use any cropping in Photoshop photo so the comparison would be harder. Not sure I would have cropped anyway.
Vintage Rose
SOOC (Straight out of the Camera)
Vintage Rose
Some Photoshop Element
features applied

Friday, July 08, 2011


There's a fungus among us.
Fungus of some kind on dead tree trunk
in our front yard.
You know the saying: "I got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!"
Thursday was one of those of days, except I generally sleep in a lift chair, so there is only one way out of it, the front where it lifts you in a near standing position.

When the electricity fails and the foot/leg portion is in the up position, I have climbed clumsily over an arm, and returned in a similar ungraceful fashion, but it was not that kind of night. Description of my return by alling butt first over the arm of the lift chair fails adequate description.

Thursday, I had several chores and appointments starting with an appointment for Luckie at her favorite local beauty parlor. The appointment was made in late May and I thought it was 10:30 a.m., or so I wrote on my big number calendar. Her last 3-4 appointments have been on rainy days.

How appropriate at 10:30 a.m. it was raining as I arrived at Classy Critters.

Luckie always has to pee before entering any place other than home. And lots of PEE. You would think she had not peed in days! I marvel as she starts in the usual position and sorta waddles leaving quite a stream for several feet. Must be the rain's influence on kidneys, by some unknown method to me.

Finally, we enter only to be told we are two hours early. However, the lovely owner kept her until her time, so I could proceed to another city for a mammogram and bone density test, the latter I know will not be good news. She thinks Luckie is the sweetest dog she ever accepted. I am wondering if her eyesight is failing behavior standards are less than mine. Hope she doesn't have any loaves of bread around her salon!

My drive in light rain to the Imaging Center in Mountain Home went fairly smoothly, except my creaky bones do not like some of the positions required for the bone density test. But my paperwork was completed as were thetests on time and I thought my day might be improving. The rain had stopped.

IBC/Hostess Bread outlet is one block from the Imaging Center, so I popped in to pickup Wonder Sandwich bread and other goodies for husband, and Pizzelles and Hostess (Weight Watcher approved) tiny cakes.

Smouldering debris from front yard renovation.
Smoking in the background is my steam from
Murphy Oil experience--just kidding
The minute I walked in the cashier said, "Do you want Pizzelles today? I said YES . "Well, we only have 5 cartons in vanilla, and won't have any more until Thanksgiving." I rushed over and grabbed 4 containers. [Nice of me not to piggy out and take them all, huh?] Reko Italian Style Pizzelle cookies come in several flavors: vanilla (a favorite), caramel (a favorite). citron and anise are stocked at various times at this store.  Reko Italian Style Pizzelles come in several other flavors including chocolate and dulce de leche (I'd love to try!). Six cookies are 4 Points Plus in WW lingo; however they are huge and thin, so I usually just eat 3 for 2 points dessert with some fruit (free-no points).

I commented their shelves surely were empty and no Moon Pies, not that I needed them, but their Moon Pies are not triple deckers like those a local WalMart store. The cashier said orders were being severely shorted since some time before July 4, maybe a sign of the times. Not the best trip I've made to that store, but only mild disappointment.

Next on my list was Home Depot to pickup some landscape cloth for a friend, peruse solar lights and a container for my lonely 3rd knockout rose I bought for an empty whisky barrel, but the bottom had rotted out. Nothing interesting in solar lights that I had not already seen, so I moved to the garden area and found the landscape cloth. Then I browsed various containers I perceived large enough to the rose for a couple of years.

I found a lovely navy blue glazed clay pot. In fact there were 2 pots same size but one had some chips in the glaze and sitting in the wrong shelf slot, at a slightly less price. I chose the more perfect pot and expected to pay the full price. Military personnel get a small discount on the price so I handed the cashier my card at beginning of checkout; I tried to explain she needed to move the other pot. Remind me to mind my own business. She royally screwed up my ticket and said I had to take my purchase to refund desk and start over. She had given me a markdown on the pot I did not choose and a discount, too. Apparently, that is not kosher.

The truth is she did not know what to do. I told her to push the cart to the refund desk while I walked in the now sweltering, humid sunshine to retrieve my driver's license for ID. She did, and I did, and I finally got the heavy pot loaded with out breaking it.

Then I motored across the highway to fill up with gasoline at Murphy Oil (WalMart). For the 2nd-3rd time my WalMart cards were rejected at the pump. One of the two cards was finally accepted and I filled the tank.

When I topped off the gas at 10.001 gallons I shut off the pump hose. I reached over to retrieve my receipt--OOPS! no receipt, and a message on the pump monitor to re-insert my card or go pay cash at the window. I was not going to do either one, because it accepted my card. By now I was steaming inside and out. I told the office I was not paying twice and I was tired of their cranky, crummy pumps.

Amazingly she produced a receipt for me. I hope the next customer at that pump did not pay again for my gas and whatever they purchased.

So I moved on to WM Super Store. I had a rather short grocery listand a few other items. I usually divide the store into grocery and other. I shop the 'other' first. I thought I was moving right along with my list, eliminating certain items for various reasons, and moved over to the grocery side, after a short rest on a bench.

I headed for the "bug and rodent" sprays, traps, etc. looking for moth balls. I guess I am only person in the whole wide world that expects moth balls in the bug department. I thought moths were insects.....hmmm, my biology is very old.

A kindly employee who has worked in this store a very long time told me they were by the ironing boards. At this point the ironing boards were 1/2 a mile across the store. I asked the nice employee if he knew the perimeter of this store [at one time the 2nd largest in the world] was one mile. He smiled and said he had worked on the other side a long time, too. Then I asked him how many miles he had walked; he said he did not want to know.

No kidding the perimeter including the garden area is one mile, and if you also go aisle by aisle it is even more. I count it as WW activity strolling and counts the minutes I spent inside the store which averages 2 hours. After all I am not a daily customer, as I live about 20 mi. from one store and 10 mi. from a smaller store--one way. I consider cost of gas if I only need a very few items as we have a local grocery store, too.

After trekking the 1/2 mi. to retrieve the moth balls that my husband perceives will discourage squirrels from digging and burying their hickory nuts in our new mulch, I ran into a friend with whom I worked 20 years ago in a Mountain Home pharmacy. That was 30 minutes of chatting.

I finished shopping, missed getting Honey Maid Cinnamon Graham Crackers Low Fat, but otherwise I opted for lots of fresh fruit and some Weight Watcher Ice Cream Novelties, checked out and loaded up, putting frozen and cooler items in some insulated bags.

After closing the trunk, I grabbed my purse out of the shopping cart. It was strapped in with the straps normally used for small kids, a trick my husband's sister taught me to deter purse snatching. I forgot to unlatch the strap and the purse was not latched. Papers flew out and landed in water puddles from the rain. Since I am an avid filer of checks with tickets, I retrieved all I could. Just another item to add to the Bad Day List.

AH! the air conditioning in car felt like heaven as I headed for my last stop--KFC at 5 p.m. Timing was the worst with two lines frantically ordered takeouts for evening meal, as was I. Recently KFC introduced grilled chicken (skin on) to its entrees which is slightly, maybe very slightly, more healthy than their crispy or original offerings.

From the orders the grilled variety is taking off like a firecracker on the 4th of July.

I and another lady had to wait 11 minutes for our orders because it is not cooked in large enough quantities for the demand, so it seemed. KFC needs to re-evaluate the success of one tiny effort to make their food a TINY bit more healthy. At home I grill chicken thighs on an indoor counter griller without the skin.

Meanwhile the groceries are getting warmer, yet warmer. I cracked the windows but did not leave AC running as I could not see the car from where I had to place my order.

FINALLY, I was headed home. As I looked in my rear view mirror, and a side window I thought, hmmm!... that looks like a very good thunderstorm building over the direction I was headed. Within 2 mi. of Bull Shoals Dam, a Noah-like rain deluge hit. I was wonder if my Toyota SUV could miraculously become an ark.

Arriving home I parked in my carport, grabbed a cheap umbrella, the KFC bag and the cooler items and headed to the house. I was thankful for thedeck canopy where Ileft the drenched umbrella and dismal day behind. Husband andbackyard neighbor boy unloaded the rest, when the rain subsided.

Days like today increase my appeciation of HOME!

On a sad note today, (Friday) I heard a man, age 39 and firefighter,
attended a Texas Ranger baseball game with his son, fell from the very top row,
catching a fly ball--no doubt for his son. He fell backwards from the top row,
hitting the concrete below, head first. He was alive when place in ambulance,
but went into cardiac arrest and died in area hospital. What a sad event for an
father/son affair.

This man and his son were from my hometown in Texas, Brownwood. I hope the fly ball was retrieved ( if he actually caught it) and given to the son. I have heard tw0 versions of whether the father caught the ball.

PHOTOS have nothing to do with subject of this blog. Maybe it will add some humor???
[Blogger has made a lot of changes and updates. If you are still trying to use OLD EDITOR under settings, you may be creating a multitude of problems. I've had this blog written nearly 48 hours. It would not post. I could not block and link, nor could I cut/copy and paste. The usual menu options of Blogger and Windows were greyed out. It was horrible until I scoured for hours through HELP and found and exact question like mine.}

Monday, July 04, 2011


Old Yard Ornamental Concrete Monument
I have rescued and re-painted, changing
only the background color.
Today is the day 235 years ag0 our ancestors, forefathers, and others organized in 13 colonies and governed by a Congress:
(1) appealed to the "Supreme Judge of the World and
(2) resolved to declare their independence, and
(3) be recognized as a nation, the "United States of America" with
(4) rights to levy War, Contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and do "all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do."

Our area newspaper, The Baxter Bulletin, printed the Declaration of Independence, in its entirety today, so I read it in its entirety for the first time in many years.

The document has elicited popular phrases , such as "when in the Course of human events," but none more popularly quoted and included in many legal documents than the following:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

I wish to point out different transcribing and rewriting in revisions of the final document use the word INALIENABLE, instead of UNALIENABLE. Please follow this link for discussion of the topic. Apparently, Jefferson seemed to prefer inalienable. Either word has the same meaning. I suppose the official copy on parchment at the Department of State is the final word-unalienable. There are many intermediate copies, as you will see from this link.

Upon reading this document in its entirety today the third paragraph, following the most popular aforementioned paragraph,  was an important point I had forgotten. "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed." [emphasis mine]

The writers recognized the need for government, whose power is derived, or limited, or removed, from, or by, the governed, which are duly born persons in the United States, or persons duly naturalized by a prescribed process, set by federal law. Somehow, I feel this aspect has been ignored by our elected officials for a long time past to present. Also, I believe as citizens we do not take our "powers" seriously. Of course this power is primarily to VOTE, but there are ways to stay involved, such as petition our representatives, senators, and YES, even the President.

How about on local levels attend governmental meetings to see how elected officials perform?  Volunteer of local committees which are established to advise or participation in solving some project. Yes, some officials should never had been elected, nor do they behave in a manner to have deserved their election. Yes, committees and commissions become raucous and disorganized.

Democracy is sometimes a messy process, but I'll take it. No alternative I've read seems a better choice. If so I'd move there.

This document has religious references referring to a Supreme Being: "Nature's God, Creator, Supreme Judge. After all many had fled their countries for the privilege of religious freedom, which includes no religion. Religious FREEDOM includes, without prejudice, all forms of spirituality or NONE AT ALL.

I have included one of my favorite songs, performed by Lee Greenwood originally. This version is the Texas A&M chorus, not a very clear video, but nice chorus. If embed does not work follow link here: