Friday, February 01, 2013


On Jan. 24th Betty's A Piece of My Mind blog featured an e-book, THIS TIME NEXT YEAR by Liz Hinds . The e-book is available on for Kindle or compatible readers, and may be available elsewhere, too--I am not sure. Amazon is big in UK, too.

Liz Hinds was one of my very first followers when I started blogging. We are mutual dog lovers, almost to a fault, so we naturally blogged about her George and my Luckie. She and  husband live in Wales and also she became a grandmother, I think for the first time, during my 3+ years of blogging.

She has more than one blog, but the one I follow is Finding Life Hard?

I won't review the book here, as Betty did a good job. Yes, I giggled and laughed often while reading it and when I thought of some of the situations. Persons in Cardiac Rehab had to know what I thought was so funny. Sometimes I shared and sometimes I did not, like the choice and content of certain books the central character bought for self-improvement---didn't think it was appropriate in mixed company of cardiac debilitated men and women.

The setting and situations could just as well been American, as Wales. Some life situations are similar regardless of location.  The e-book is a great read and not an epic sized book. I am likely to re-read it just for giggles....and I rarely re-read a book.

My next read is Des Miserables, definitely not a light hearted book, but the movie peaked my interest, even though I know it will be a downer.