Sunday, September 06, 2009


Today I added the Followers gadget back to my sidebar.

It was removed because so many visitors, and MYSELF, received "Operation Aborted" messages when trying to access my site.

Blogger first said the problem was the Followers gadget, so I removed it.

Then I was advised it was conflict with Internet Explorer, v7 and v8. Sorry I don't have access to version 6. I am reluctant to confuse my computer with two browsers but many do. I have to have IE to get Windows Update. But this advice was certainly believable, a la past experience with Microsoft products.

I removed my fish tank gadget.

Nothing seemed to help.

Arkansas Patti suggested I make the Comments section a separate page which appeared to solve the problem. Not my preference, but if it brings peace, let it be.

VOILA!!! It seemed to have worked.

Several viewers have asked where the Followers gadget is, so I have added it back in--hope it resides in peace. It is located far down on the sidebar, a suggestion of blogger. However, the gadget had NEW beside it so maybe there was some revision, who knows!

If you encounter problems with error messages, please e-mail me at The "b," "s," "c," "c," and "" are all lower case letters. All other characters are numbers: 11, 04, 20, 08 .


jinksy said...

Never trust things that say 'New!' It usually translates as 'We had a good thing going, so NOW we changed it, it probably won't work as well!' Says me, the cynic!

NitWit1 said...

Jinksy: generally I am with you on that. I am waiting 6 mo. before I order a new laptop with new version (Oct. release???) Windows on it ( and that may not be long enough!!!).

Blogger said the old one was the problem and it was not available when I decided to give it another try. Or maybe the old one is the same--just relabeled NEW!!! HA

I think AR Patti had the right soln. making COMMMENTS a separate page although I liked it in line. She had a similar problem, I am on the side of "voice of experience."

Sandi McBride said...

I use Firefox for the very reasons you mention about Navigator and any my Firefox browser, it never falters nor kidnaps, demands ransom or should give it a try!
proud to once again be a follower!

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

There were a lot of blogs with that problem including mine! I didn't do anything to mine it just cleared up. I did download Mozilla Firefox for searching and browsing YouTube and FaceBook because it is much faster than Explorer. I don't have it as my default though because I don't like it's set up as well as Explorer.

richies said...

I had problems with IE so on the advice of my son-in-law who teaches computers at a technical college I switched to Mozilla Firefox. I left IE on the computer but always browse with Firefox. It is much faster and fewer problems.

An Arkies Musings

Renie Burghardt said...

I have IE 7, and it gives me problems, but I was told IE 8 was bad, too. I am also waiting for the new Windows 7. I tried downloading Modzilla, but had trouble with my firewall not allowing it. Have to work that one out. We'll see if this goes through. I have my comments on another page and never use word verification and have had no problems there. Knock on wood.

Now if this comment doesn't go through, I will email you.

Have a great Labor Day!


Arkansas Patti said...

Hope all is well now. I haven't had any more problems. Like you I am leary of NEW. Vista was New and while I am now adjusted, it was a struggle. So far, no problems with IE.

Lorna said...

Love my firefox....but I do keep IE handy, just in case.

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox almost always though I do like Chrome too. I did find your Follower widget and signed on.

Thanks for helping me to make history.
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