Friday, September 18, 2009

Foto Friday

Flower photos made between rain showers , are covered with raindrops.
If you click on photos to enlarge, raindrops are visible.
The Red Naked Lady is probably same as some have mentioned to me.
Google Search of Lycoris shows "Naked" flowers in different colors.
Mums (perennials) planted after Great Naked Lady Harvest by Ark - Pat.

^RED Naked Lady
^RED Naked Lady
^RED Naked Lady
^Orange Bronze Mums

^Orange Bronze Mums Macro

^Orange Bronze Mums Macro (same as above)
[I've played around with the colors for a little fun]
^Orange Mums in Whiskey Barrel
[Straight Out of the Camera]
^Yellow Mums
[Straight Out of the Camera]
^Yellow Mums Macro
[Straight Out of the Camera]
Canon PowerShot A1000IS
I've mentioned my impression with quality and features of this compact Canon.
The Macro shots are probably about 2" from object(s).
The camera's macro focusing range is 1.2 inches to 1.6 feet.
The small built-in flash has coverage from 1-13 feet.
I expected more light falloff in the exercise class pictures.
Room was well lit.
Auto ISO must have kicked in. ISO up to 1600 is normal.
ISO 3200 possible with special setting.

^Macro of Remote Control on Arm Rest
Protector of My Lift Chair
[Straight Out of the Camera]
^Texture MACRO of My Lift Chair
Arm Rest Protector
lStraight Out of the Camera]
^My Silver Sneakers Exercise Class
[edit: slight crop only]
^My Silver Sneakers Exercise Class
[Edit: slight crop only]


jinksy said...

I love the scent of chrysanthemums, so these photos set my nose twitching in my imagination. How many other people can smell with their mind?! :)

Arkansas Patti said...

How on earth did you find enough dry time to take pictures. It has been a world of constant drizzle here.
Great shot of the Naked Lady.Love the Naked lady flower. Her naked stalk, not so much.
Your exercise class looks fun.

Renie Burghardt said...

Wow, I didn't know the naked lady came in red! How pretty. And what a great shot. The mums as well. Beautifully detailed. That's a great little camera!

Too much rain around here as well lately, and more in the forecast.

Have a good weekend.


NitWit1 said...

Jinksy: some years ago I read of and effort for computers to emit pleasant odors. If such "technology" ever developed, I don't remember. However, neiether my camera nor computer is so talented. Since you a such a good poet, I bet your nose could twitch. Unfortunately mine would just sneeze.

AR Patti: It was drizzling lightly when I took the mums, red naked lady. I have a foto tomorrow taken in light rain. Have to really wipe down camera when I get inside.

Renie: I didn't know Naked Ladies came in red or any color until friend gave me some red buibs, which had magically started in her yard. From whence they came, even she did not know. A Google search on Lycoris shows several other colors. I may try to start some of them. Bulbs are quite expensive.

TO any who post photos: Why can you click on some photos and they enlarge in a separate window; and others in same post do not. It is frustrating to me. There are raindrops on many of today's posts which show in larger version but clicking doesn't work on them (like red naked lady). WEIRD.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I have several of the red lilies popped up in strange places in my back yard. Fourteen, I think. They look a bit lonesome in their present configuration. I may have to dig up the bulbs and plant them in clumps. I have always called these "spider lilies" because of the 'legs' on the blossoms.

Your photos are lovely, although I couldn't get any of them to enlarge. Like Arkansas Patti, I think you must have been running between raindrops to get any photos. While I'm grateful for the addition to the water table, I would so much like to see a bit of sunshine.

Sweetie Pie said...

I'm glad you are having such a good time exploring with your camera. The Naked Lady photos are amazing. Ah, mums. They are the ultimate fall flower in my mind. I'm glad you got up close and personal with some of those too. I can just smell them now. :-)

NitWit1 said...

Further research on the photo enlargement dilemma still is puzzling but seems to have something to do with resolution (Pixels) and total size 100 KB which is an itsy bitsy picture.

Not very encouraging, as some answers said to decide if you wnat to take pictures to print or only show on the web. WELLLL,,,, I want to do both.

I may write Abe Lincoln for advice.

Lorna said...

That class looks challenging! Your flower photos are lovely---I don't think I've ever seen those flowers in the flesh (or whatever the flower equivalent would be)

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

The bottom flower opened big. The two photos of people holding up balloons opened up larger. I don't know why you are having problems but suspect it might be that you have too many large ones on Blogger now and may have to pay for more storage. And if that is the case then they must have something that reduces the size to fit. Not sure about this as I seldom use Blogger but have my photos on Photobucket.

NitWit1 said...

Arkansas-Pat and Abe

Post on Saturday - photos enlarged. However I cannot explain why one is hanging off the right side?!!!

I switched to the latest editor and far more confusing. No spellcheck that works. The ABC is some kind of strike out--why anyone would want to do that is beyond me.

What little info I can gather is the html of photos, especially the part that lets them enlarge, gets separated when you move 'em around which I do a whole lot. And I do.

The only way is to enter the html code in the html version of the blog--so sorry I don't claim to be a genius. That causes me headaches, just thinking about it.

Most of time it is not important, but the raindrops on the flowers were pretty in the regular sized versions.

Lorna: I am pretty sure this red Naked Lady known by most of my readers a red spider lily, is a very southern bloomer.