Saturday, September 19, 2009

Where's Noah?

Raindrops on Mums
[Macro Straight Out of the Camera]

Liquid formula, known to scientists as H(OH) or H2O, or water, has been falling in my area since Sept. 12. Sometimes light and steady, other times deluges for 5-10 minutes; we've accumulated several inches.

The current forecast is for periods of showers and sun through Wednesday, Sept. 23, but lately these forecasts seem to be extended daily into the future.

Rainfall reports of bloggers and family in Texas and central Arkansas are even greater than here. An half brother in Texas had 6 inches a few days ago.

On a rainy Wednesday, I caught this photo of a fiberoptics technician working in a tent on the front corner of my lot at a new dropbox for my home. An out-of-state contractor, he appeared to have a self-contained mini-motor home/work home on wheels.

Our independent telephone company has designated a huge outlay of funding to upgrade service to our little town using underground fiberoptic wiring. My neighborhood which is a part of Phase- I is nearly completed.
Upon completion of Phase-I and activation, the phone company may provide faster DSL or video feeds (essentially cable TV) and possibly a different kind of telephone service.
Contractors work with deadlines and are often penalized for unmet deadlines, so if work can continue during inclement weather, it usually does. Hence this technician is splicing and connecting various fiberoptic cables, protected from the elements by his utilitarian tent.

Now if we had Noah among us, he had a direct pipeline (maybe not the best word) to God, who kept telling him when it was gonna rain, and how much. I doubt Noah knew how big " the whole world" was, but he had a Texas sized 10 gallon hat full of FAITH.

Noah's God inspired instructions included heavenly blueprints for building a giant ship called an ARK of certain dimensions and materials. It's a good thing Noah had the pipeline, because nobody knows exactly what gopher wood is! I trust if I'm told to build an ARK, God will pick measurements and materials like oak so I can fulfill his orders. [My beloved 100+ year old red oak, which bit the dust in our 1000-year ice storm, would have been a good start on an ARK!] 

Then there were those 120 years of preaching, not to mention the subject was RAINFALL for 40 days and nights, an event which heretofore had never happened. No doubt Noah took a lot of hootin', hollarin', hecklin' and rolling-on-the-ground, side-splitting laughter from his contemporaries, His only converts were seven members of his immediate family.

I wondered if 120 years could be classified as preaching without ceasing. Modern day men of the cloth point to Noah, a "preacher of righteousness," for their inspiration of endurance, "keeping the faith" in difficult times and unbelieving audiences.

My husband will testify I could easily preach 120 days without ceasing, but years, he would be long gone.

When it came time to pack and move into the ARK he had to round up a litany of animals not to mention his  seven family members. He had a long checklist.
But the reward of a covenant signified by the beautiful rainbow kept driving Noah for those 120 years.

Whether the rainfall spigot is controlled by natural forces of the universe, or divine intervention, a Creative Force set the universe and probably other universes still unknown, into being.

Rainfall, or the lack thereof, became a natural event in the lives of Biblical people living in primarily agricultural settings. Today, is not much different, but encompasses the earth. No agriculture, no food; no vegetation, no oxygen/carbon dioxide exchange. Unfortunately, humans have disturbed the O2-CO2 balance. 

This year has been a "wet" year so far in Northern Arkansas, but the amounts generally have been sufficient, without overloading our flood controls, as in recent years.

The importance of rain reminds me not too fret when the days are gloomy.

May I suggest an awe-inspiring series of  of DVDs originally commissioned by BBC, shown on the Discovery Channel, THE PLANET EARTH. It is being re-runned periodically, on Animal Planet, TLC and probably other cable channels, too. What better way to while away a rainy day, than an educational, beautifully filmed series on our planet?

The photography is unbelievable...I repeat- UNBELIEVABLE!  I bought the 4-DVD series so I could revel leisurely through the superb cinematography, importance of rain forests, jungles, balance /original harmony of life on the planet. It doesn't sugar-coat man's damaging contribution to imbalances.

Three segments stood out to me: (1) the plight of the polar bear (2) the tracking of a rare large cat (in Russia, I think) by photographers for months in the extremely harsh conditions for a shot of the rare cat. (3) the time-lapse photography of the effect of cutting ONE tree out of a forest canopy--life sprang up in response to the small amount of sunlight from one hole in the canopy.

I am sure The Planet Earth is available in libraries and video rental stores. My set was purchased from the Discovery Channel and included a bonus disk entitled Planet Earth: the Future. There are newer series like The Blue Planet: Seas of Life. has many listings.

I am writing this on Thurs. Sept. 17 for posting 19th. I spent my morning at the opthamalogist office. I was two years overdue.

A free screening glaucoma test in May with borderline reading in right eye convinced me I should overcome my dislike of the more comprehensive glaucoma tests. It is very hard to touch my eyeball, even numbed. It is a reaction to a childhood event--I know all in my head.

After a dose of Valium we managed with much difficulty to accomplish a better reading. The dilated eye exam results indicated other factors pointing to glaucoma in the right eye, maybe both eyes.

While dilated, three other tests were performed and I return Monday for a final test. I expect to be put on drops. I think we have caught it early with out damage to my eye. Peripheral vision seems to be fine, but that is Monday's test.

Believe me I can handle drops in eye once or twice daily. It is just one of those little annoyances that come with age.

I bought some computer-only glasses, and special clip-on polarized sunglasses for fishing and/or driving, ever though I have Transition lenses.




Sandi McBride said...

We've been getting sprinkles for the past four days...would like to see an actual downpour for a bit...we're still in drought! If you see Noah, send him over...

Arkansas Patti said...

Know what you mean about rain. In the past week, I have emptied a combined 10 inches out of the rain gauge. And me with only a kayak and neutered pets.
Planet Earth was awesome.
Big doin's in town this weekend may be rained out. Darn. Getting cabin fever big time.

NitWit1 said...

Sandi: I thought Noah had moved on, but we got a respectable amount of rain last night and still wet this a.m. But if I see him, I'll tell him to move his preachin' over your way.

Patti: Motorcycle enthusiasts stopped by our police. aux. food stand yesterday. They have a "poker ride" today rain or shine. However, I think Norfork is futherest south they are going. Cars can even participate.

What's the big digs in MV this weekend? Hope it is mainly indoors.

Weather affects a lot of festivities. Yesterday we had a good day for the City Yard of Yards Sale which is a two day event. Looks like today may be a washout.

We almost participated with a yard sale--glad it interfered with my calendar. When we do I think it will be in house. I have a huge living/dining area plus a laptop and two huge pieces of furniture I want to sell, + a few negotiables.

New carpet would get a beating--will have to think about that.

Anonymous said...

We could use some of your rain. None in August. So far in September, none. But maybe tonight will be different. I hope.

You spoke about not being able to click your pictures and have them enlarge. I just clicked on all of the pictures in this post and they all worked just fine. I will try the previous post to see if that works. Let me know.

Texas Travelers said...

We got 10 inches here in Ft. Worth. Today we have some Sun. Yeh!!!

To answer your question:

Sorry, I forgot to put the location of the Gator.
We saw him/her at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge.

Unfortunately most of the gators were wiped out with the ocean surge of salt water during hurricane Ike.

The nearby town of Anahuac has a Gatorfest. 13 footers have been recorded there. This one may have been that long, but I couldn't get a good estimate because the end of the tail was hidden.
Here's a link. Click here.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, my...I hope all works out well with your eyes...I hate glaucoma tests as well...have been putting off my visit to the opthamalogist too! I absolutely adore this post!!! Your photography is so crisp and clever!!! And your humor shines brilliantly on a cloudy day!!! Thanks so much for your friendship!!! It means so much to me! You're the best! ~Janine XO

Dimple said...

It's good that God promised not to make a flood like that ever again! Course, He didn't promise no floods at all!

Arkansas Patti said...

The self guided Craft Tour was OK for it was inside various homes and shops though just the drizzly weather might have kept people home.
The one I really wanted to go to was a Chuck Wagon Cook Out at the fair grounds. There was to be horse training, draft horse log pulling, and of course the cooking contest. I'm sure it was a mud fest. I had hoped to do both but a persistant sinus headache and the gloomy weather kept me home.
Use to love poker runs when I rode. Would not like it in the rain however.

Amber Star said...

We got about 9" of rain from that system here at my house in Fort Worth with that system. Glad you are getting some of the wet stuff.

At least Noah knew how big to make the Ark...or at least could follow directions and measure properly.

Am on my little tiny soap box this evening. :)

NitWit1 said...

Amber Star: Yeah Noah could follow instructions not to mention he must have know what gopher wood was. Most scholars are not sure, but guess cypress. Maybe it was a code word in the pipeline.

NitWit1 said...

Amber Star: Yeah Noah could follow instructions not to mention he must have know what gopher wood was. Most scholars are not sure, but guess cypress. Maybe it was a code word in the pipeline.

Amber Star said...

I looked at the red ladies you were talking about and those are different than mine. I must get those pictures on this computer to upload. Those red ones looked like spider lillies.

I'm getting into mum heaven, too. Nearly bought some at the Kroger today, but controlled myself at the last moment. We have a bunch of gold ones that are in pots of varying height so they look like they are cascading down. I love the yellow ones, too.

When I started the plaquinil, my rheumatologist had me get with a really good opthalmalogist to get a baseline so if there is any change maybe we can beat it before blindness is a factor. Some days I wonder what is the matter with me to be taking this stuff...except I'm not in so much pain now and that's the truth of the matter. I still have the osteoarthritis, but the rheumatoid is better right now.

Learning html isn't really HARD as in impossible hardm but it is hard. For every open < you must have a closing one. This thing won't let me show you the tags. I can't remember why you needed to learn it, but I've found when posting a slideshow or a you tube if I paste the html into the tab with html on it that works really well. I need to get to bed. Goofiness has overcome me. :)

Pat - Arkansas said...

9-24-09 (I'm playing catch up)Still raining down here, too, even today. We've had some rain every day but one since Sept 10. Where's Noah, indeed?