Thursday, March 11, 2010



In February Arkansas Patti of
The New Sixty and her wonder dog, Mighty, were interviewed for an appearance on Coffee with a Canine. Arkansas Patti mentioned my current canine prima donna, Luckie, to Coffee with a Canine author, Marshal Zeringue who requested an interview with Luckie and me.

Sensing an opportunity for a largess of canine treats, Foodaholic Luckie instantly agreed we should accept the invitation. Photographing Luckie is a "catch me if you can" project. However, I have an archive of Luckie photos from which to choose.

Thanks to Arkansas Patti for the "recommend" and Mighty's interview is here. Thanks for the fun blog and interview are in order for Marshal, who takes the information and assembles it in a coherent tribute to canines and their owners.

Luckie's interview is posted
here. She is really vain and hope she gets a lot of "hits" for Coffee with A Canine. She wants to set a record. HA! She thinks she is the only dog on the block. I sincerely hope you pay a visit to the blog.

As a long-time dog lover and owner, I love to read other dog lovers' experiences. This fun blog regularly posts heartwarming, cozy intimate stories of dogs and their owners. The blog made my blog list immediately after the first story I read. I hope it makes yours, too!


lakeviewer said...

I had no idea you had spoiled and renamed Lucky! Lucky for both of you, or three of you. Having such a loving companion gets you off the easy chair now and then! This was fun!

lakeviewer said...

p.s. I ought to go over and meet Arkansas Patty too, to round off the introductions this morning. As you can tell I'm a morning person myself, coffe in hand, a genuine cappuccino for me until hubby wakes. At that point, breakfast, regular coffee, and sitting up in bed watching the current storm and high waves from the comforts of our bedroom.

This is my serious writing time. I have no idea why I'm prattling on the blogosphere. I guess I need inspiration like your story.

Arkansas Patti said...

I knew you would do a great job. Wasn't it a fun thing to do? I have been following you for a while and still learned some stuff. Loved the close up of Luckie.

Linda said...

Most of all I enjoyed puting a face to a name. Now I know who I'm communicating with.

Luckie certainly lucked out when she came to live with you. We have a rescue chihuahua, and he came with some issues.

Thanks for letting us get to know you and Luckie better.

Lorna said...

the closest I've ever come to coffee with a canine has been an inadvertent and totally unacknowledged visit to the kitchen when I was actually in it, by my late and decidedly unaffectionate cat

Liz said...

And thank you for sending Marshall in our direction! I have a list of questions to answer now!