Friday, March 05, 2010

The Intertwining Sisterhood

The family of sisterhood is an interesting concept of bonding via sibling, marriage or friendship. My first sister, like myself, was a sibling in my adoptive family. I have one biological sister I did not meet until I was nearly 61. I have three sister-in-laws . I have 2-3 friends whom I consider sisters. I have a niece whom I place in the same category.

If you've read the undercurrent of my blog, I am not a tightly bound to family and friends person--not sure why--but it has been my persona since early childhood. I have love and care for everyone, but my expression is not always evident.

All these "sisters," like myself, are aging and dealing with the problems associated with that phase of life.

Right now, some of these sisters are dealing with some of life's more serious tribulations.

One sister-in-law is dealing with a husband with terminal cancer.

Two sister-in-laws are dealing with their own aging, and their husband's deteriorating health; one is the wife of my brother.

Another sister is grieving over the death of an older brother. She also has some nagging physical problems, including a heart anomaly.

One sister is facing what we hope is gall-bladder surgery, but her surgeon suspects something else is wrong, based on severely elevated blood levels.

One sister-friend, still employed, is dealing with her husband's and her aging processes.

Another sister-friend I've known since the second grade. We lose track of each other but when we find each other, it is as if we've never been separated. She married her high-school sweetheart late in life; he died after only two years of marriage. Right now she has moved to be near her son. I've heard her health deteriorated to some point making this move advisable. I'm trying to re-establish contact with her.

Of course, some of these life tribulations will resolve themselves , but some will not. We are expecting some travel soon.

SO, if I am suddenly absent from my posts, never fear, I will return. Usually I am accompanied by one laptop, so I may be reading, without writing.

No photos! Most of us, including myself, probably would prefer photos in our youth. With apologies to my mid-life aged niece, I left the text gray in keeping with the theme most of my sisterhood is last least early "golden agers!" Maybe I should have selected a "gold" text, but I find golden a misnomer.


lakeviewer said...

We are all coming to an age when tribulations will pop up in the middle of the street and cause us to crash into the woods. Stay safe; stay sane.

Amber Star said...

Finding sisters of the heart is a good thing. Sometimes our real sisters don't act like it, and cause us grief. We usually wind up forgiving and going on...same thing happens with family.

Have a fun time and enjoy being away from the daily grind.

For some unknown reason I can't get into my blog today. I think this is God telling me to GET SOME REST YOU MORON! God doesn't whisper to me, much.

Betty said...

I don't have any real sisters, or brothers for that matter, but I do have several "sister-friends" and they have all had their tribulations, as have I. It's nice to have a support group.

Arkansas Patti said...

One thing you have to say about age, it is equal opportunity. Few of us are spared.
Oddly we don't resent the trials and ills set upon ourselves as much as we do those that attack our family. Guess it is our protective nature.
Hope your travels are safe and as enjoyable as possible.

NitWit1 said...

There is no use predicting whether the north wind calls us to Texas or North Carolina.

Illness and death are unfortunately the center of reunions when we grow old.

So we are gathering our strength.

Patty said...

I think these things hit all of us after a certain age. We just, as they say, get a hold of our boot straps and pull them up and go on. Not much else we can do. Be thankful and happy for what we have and go on.

Hope you have a nice time on your travels and can enjoy yourself. Have a safe trip.

I had one sister, she died about 27 years ago, when she was 42, from breast cancer, I was 46 at the time. I have two younger brothers. My Mother and I are very close, but then she is only 14 years older than myself. I will be 74 in Oct., she'll be 88 in Dec. We're more like sisters.

Silver said...

aging, illness, losing loved ones and friends....we all know them, sooner or later. No one escapes.

You wrote, " I have love and care for everyone, but my expression is not always evident. "

It's evident to me. ;)

Great Big Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Just read, for some reason, your profile about you. And saw where all you have lived. I have only lived in Ohio, in Japan 3 years and in Baltimore, Maryland 1.5years. Of all those places I like Ohio and don't know why as I bitch about it constantly.

Of the places you have lived, which do you remember with fondness or which would you move back to if you had the chance?

Lisa said...

Tough times indeed...How can anyone be really prepaired for any of these things; I will keep all your sisters and their loved ones in my prayers, especially you and your hubby for a safe travel.


I will be looking forward to tomorrows post :)

CHERI said...

Saw your post on my blog. So happy to have had you visit. Aging is a process that I myself am having a little difficulty with. However, my husband always reminds me it's so much better than the alternative. Life here in my small town has been very hard on many individuals and families this winter....much sickness, death, and loss of jobs. Life is hard but I believe that God walks through everything with us. Hope you and yours will have brighter days ahead. Wherever you travel, God speed. And I'm wishing you much happiness in the says to come.

CHERI said...

Forgot something. If your last name is Luckie, please let me know. I've been doing genealogy on this family for years!

Lorna said...

Your post pulled at my heartstrings.