Monday, February 22, 2010

Do! I Need the Secret Service!

December 31, 2010 I will have completed 6 years of service to my small community as alderman on City Council. For the most part it has been business as usual, a few intra-council disagreements, but generally non-combative interactions trying to solve our problems which are common to all small cities.

Imagine my surprise when we arrived at morning worship services to have mail from a citizen in my community, addressed to me in care of my church! We are in the phone book, and our address is readily available at City Hall. My church affiliation probably was obtained from a campaign mass mailing.

The scrawling, nearly illegible envelope was troubling as its return address indicated an highly imaginary title of the sender. The return address took fully 1/3rd of the upper left hand corner of the envelope.

Inside was a rambling diatribe, not necessarily addressed AT me, but there were enough radical words for me to conclude this person is radical, mentally disturbed, perhaps demented.

After regaling about not voting for me, his/her reasoning descended into justification of saving me from unholy liars, STD satatist (may be satanists) troublesome degenerates, postal criminals, greedy crimes inspectors, unholy disgraceful liars, and cops in bosses uniforms. COP is defined as cocaine, opium prostitutes (if I read it correctly).

There are several illegible paragraphs, but it is a continuing diatribe of slanderous names. Best I can tell, he/she claims to be kidnapped by the "Holy Blessed Religious Roman Catholic Holy Sacrament Communion."

The three-holed, lined notebook page is written on both sides in large, scrawling handwriting, with many misspelled, illegible words, incomplete sentences and a few run-on sentences.

The ending, specifically invited my husband and I to correspond with him/her on "valid, unspoken opinions of various subjects."

I have forgotten how to correspond on lined or unlined notebook paper, and I will continue to forget--HA HA. Hope he/she doesn't have e-mail..........

My initial reaction is I don't need the Secret Service or other bodyguard provisions. However, I will be at our police chief's door at 9 a.m. today, Feb. 22 for reassurance. Incidentally, Feb. 22 is our 41st wedding anniversary. What a way to celebrate, but then most of our life has been anything but mundane.

Truthfully, we celebrated with a church couple Saturday night in Harrison AR at the Cadron Creek Catfish House Too. The original Cadron Creek Catfish House is in Bee Branch, AR further south on Highway 65 from this location.


Patty said...

I hope the police can in some way help or at least put you mind at ease. Too many unstable people running around out there.

Happy Anniversary.

Betty said...

That person is probably harmless, but you never know. You're right to go to the police.

Renie Burghardt said...

Yikes! I would show it to the law for sure! By the way, is Luckie a good guard dog? I hope so!

Happy Anniversary, too!

faye said...

Geez... I am a day late in wishing
you and hubby a Happy Anniversary.

Did they have cheese grits at the
catfish house ???

Maybe the police can locate the
loco letter writer and put an end to his/her problems.

Lorna said...

first: Happy Anniversary!

second: that diatribe seemed really disturbing; if I were a public figure, I'd be taking it to the police too.

lakeviewer said...

Yes, alert the local gendarmes. You never know!

Happy Anniversary!

NitWit1 said...

A fast report - The Police Chief followed up on the report. It seems the City had received similar letters over a long period of time. The is a 90 yr old bipolar (untreated) female living with her 63 yr old son who tries to intercept these letters which she writes day and night.

In the past she has sent letters to the PREZ, which one I do not know, the FBI, the US Postmaster, etc. The FBI sent an investigator to our tiny town to determine if she was dangerous.

Her son said this letter seems to have missed his supervision. The Chief said the son showed him a hugh stack of letters.

From the postmark it appears she slipped it to someone who mailed it in a different zipcode than my town.

Linda said...

I'm glad you found my address again. Often such letters are written by the mentally ill, but dead is dead, makes no difference if the deed is done by a "sane" or mentally ill person. I too would have checked it out. Since she's 90, and you know who she is, sounds like you're safe.

The ones I worry about are the tea party type thinkers. Their anger is being stoked and their focus directed at the federal level of government. Before the days of TV those folks' anger focused on local government.

It pays to be alert these days. You did the right thing.

Amber Star said...

sounds to me like he/she has already been kidnapped and not by who he said. What a nut! Take care and see ya later. Wouldn't hurt to have the police in on the letter and maybe the Postmaster general?

Amber Star said...

Oh...I see you have already taken action...possibly while I napped in the chair thinking of something to say. :)

What a drag having a parent that crazy!

Dimple said...

God is your shelter from everything which may happen!
Happy anniversary the other day, and thanks for the visit!

Liz said...

Congratulations on your 42 years together!

I hope you don't get any bother from the anonymous crackpot!