Sunday, October 24, 2010


Arkansas Heart Hospital (Internet photo)
 After a morning of admissions from Emergency Room, I had barely returned to normal heart rhythm at Arkansas Heart Hospital when the chaplain walked in, dressed nicely in his brown suit, white shirt and tie. My husband (H) was sitting in a recliner reading a newspaper.

I was supposed to be admitted on the 12th, so we traveled to Little Rock on the 11th where we planned to spend the night in La Quinta Inn and register as instructed at 10 a.m. Tuesday, the 12th. H would spend nights there while I was admitted.

Since I usually hit Sam's and WalMart when we make the very tiresome trip to Little Rock we usually go a day earlier. [We have another trip coming up November 1 to VA for my  H and Nov. 8 with H and best friend to allergist.]

Upon arrival we hit Sam's for some big time shopping as a friend sent a list, too. We were considering where to eat, or snack in the room, when another Atrial F attack hit about 8 p.m. When my heart rate spirals above 100 and I am placidly sitting at my computer, I have learned it is ER time. These attacks involve NO pain, just your heart is trying to jump out of your chest.

Instead of ambulance we went by car to the ER entrance, and amazingly was admitted before an accident victim. It sounds crazy; no doubt the AR Heart Hosp. ER is set up for heart emergencies and only stablize accident victims on a short term basis. Rescue units usually carries accident victims to nearest ER-no matter what kind of specialty hospital it may be.

After an hour on an IV drip I was admitted to the main hospital about 10 hours earlier than usual. Like my previous experiences I stabilized in same time as home, 3.5 hours.

So the Chaplain charmingly and patiently listened to my tale of woe. The he spotted my sparkling new Kindle adorned with a Dallas Cowboys skin wrap. [this skin came for SkinIt. also has some kinds of skins, too.]

Kindle Front Skin

"Oh, you are a Dallas  Cowboys fan," he said. My husband, a non-sports follower of anything, groaned in the background.

I answered 'yes' and Texans, too, but really watch anything that flings a football in the air--not an exaggeration.

We dissected the ailments of the 'Boys for about 10 minutes, maybe more, when he realized it was time to move to next patient.

"I'd like to say a little prayer for you," he said. I okayed it and ask him to to remember the 'Boys too." My husband's face was probably turning a tad red with embarrassment.

But the Chaplain obligingly did pray for both us and the 'Boys.' I  thanked him as he moved on to what he probably hope was a sane patient. I figured he would avoid my room, but I saw him nearly every day.
Kindle Rear Skin

When he left the room, my husband' face had a look of  disbelief with "Why did you do that?" I grinned and offered 'I believe you could pray for anything. I really didn't ask for a win.'

When I told my sister this story she said, "the Minnesota Vikings prayed harder!" I agree with her wholehearedly.

But I have to hand it to the Chaplain to comply with his patient's requests. May the Lord bless and prevent him from further insane patients! But how is he to separate the sane from the not so sane?

P.S. The screensavers are timed to inactivity. The one in the picture is said to  be Desiderius Erasmus by Hans Hobein, the younger.

If you have a Kindle and wish to identify some of the screensavever go to this site: Kindle Screensavers.


Jinksy said...

Oh, for the days when Kindle meant to light a fire! Hope your heartrate is behaving itself now. :)

Anonymous said...

I would venture to say you were probably the chaplains favorite patient.

Hope your heart is doing really well now and you will have no more problems. Hugs

Silver said...

Bless his heart (and yours too), such a very obliging chaplain!

I'll remember you in prayers.

Lorna said...

that was a scary/funny story. I just got a Kobo e-reader but passed on the skin; you make me laugh!

Small City Scenes said...

What a funny story. At least you didn't think the chaplain had arrived for another reason. gulp!! MB

Linda said...

I have a Kindle but have never gotten as fancy with it as you have yours. What fun.

My husband's cardiologist says Bob is "stuck" in A-fib, whatever that means. He does not have the symptoms you have. Because Bob is "stuck" in A-fib the doctor uses him in drug studies.

Hope you get some answers soon to solve your problem.

Arkansas Patti said...

Dang,a leaping heart has to be frightening. So glad you were stabilized so quickly. Hope they will be able to keep that from happening in the future.
I really like your Kindle cover, mine is boring black.
So sweet of the Chaplain to pray for the Cowboys. Pretty sure he didn't pray for a win either but that they made it to the final whistle safely.

Pat - Arkansas said...

I'm glad to know that AHH gave you the immediate attention you required. Also glad that you didn't have a "stuffy" chaplain.

The word verification for this comment is "acytendl." Rhymes with "Kindle." :)

Nezzy said...

I bet you were just a shinin' star in the Chaplain's day. Know my heart and prayers are with you and that you face no more incidents.

God bless you sweetie and have the most incredible day!!!

CHERI said...

I'm sure your husband (if he's like mine) has embarrassed you just as much as you have him:) What a nice chaplain...and I'm sure the Cowboys appreciated his prayer. Sure hope you are doing better now. Hate that you have to deal with this but at least you do so with a great sense of humor!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Well I don't know about your husband but my son and grandson thank you for the extra prays for the Boys. You would really love to be around my Bailey when he watches the Dallas Cowboys and he is only 6.
So sorry you are having so many problems with the heart. You take care of yourself.
Oh I want a Kindle really bad. But would I even know how to use one. lol

Liz said...

That's exactly the sort of chaplain you should have!