Sunday, October 10, 2010


I am OFF THE BLOG HIGHWAYS, Monday, unless I sneak a connection from surreptitiously I will have NO connection until out and home.

The Arkansas Heart Hospital only has WiFi in two lobbies which apparently are floors of offices, not patients rooms. One very nice contact offered me his ATT phone connect cord. He has no idea that I'm used 24 hr connection. I thanked him for his generosity and helpfulness. I think these phone connections are like a cell connect and quite expensive.

I am sure some funny experiences (to me, some of which may be ribald and unprintable) will happen so plan to have my computer in my room along with my Kindle. Still gotta a lot to learn about the Kindle.

I am not leery of the stay except we are introducing still another medication to my many, especially COPD ones. I just worry about mixing such a cauldron of potions  (it is October, you know!).

Also, it is the second time in my life I have spent my birthday in the hospital! They don't even bring you a cupcake! Maybe a piece of pumpkin pie? I love that, too. Pumpkin has some very good nutrition, just not with added sugar, but I'd even take Splenda in it and ONE candle, maybe a dab of fat-free Cool Whip.


Arkansas Patti said...

Aw phooey, no cake for your Birthday. That is criminal. I hope you at least had a happy surprise or two. Big time belated wishes.
I hate you are going silent but you can at least write up those funny stories off line and bombard us when you get out of there.
Do take care and get out of there soon.
I'd hunt you down but I am still struggling with my cold/sinus infection.

Linda said...

I wish the very best for you and that you and your husband will have piece of mind.

faye said...

Birthday wishes will have to do..
I don't think even a cupcake
would arrive on time and in
edible form.

I will be thinking the best
thoughts for you and that cauldron of meds....

Waiting patiently for good news.!!

forever lost said...

no b'day cake AND no wifi! not sure which would make me cry! well do hurry home and perhaps this will be "THE magic formula!"
nice to hear from you!

Lorna said...

Happy Birthday and happy hospital stay. Looking forward to ribaldry.

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Just sending you love and prayers!!! I left a comment earlier, but it doesn't seem to have landed here...who knows? But you are in my thoughts!!! Missing you!!! Love, Janine XO

Lisa said...

I'm late but believe in Birthday weeks so really I'm right on time :)

Happy Birthday WEEK even if you had to stay at the hospital.

I DO hope your doing much better now.

I am sending you Pun"k"in pie from South Carolina with real sugar and pretty flowered candles.

oxox, Lisa

Nezzy said...

Shoot take it!!! A hospital is no place for a birthday. Golly gee, if I were closer I'd sure sneak ya a big old piece of birthday cake with piles of luscious icing. Sorry, I only eat cake for the icing!

Happy late birthday anyway and am anticipatin' good news.

Ya'll have a beautiful weekend filled with warm sweet blessings!!!

Virginia Mallon-Ackermann said...

boo hoo! tell your hubby you want a little blackberry for your birthday....not the fruity kind, the phone kind. I carry it with me always and blog, email, fb, do everything on it. It comes with its own T-mobile service so you don't need to worry about wifi.

Happy birthday to you! I hope this new year ahead comes with better health and a lot of happy times. Please accept a large slice of virtual birthday cake from your www on long island!