Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It is like and infirmary here. Between my medicine routine and Luckie's medicine and water intake measure, we need a chart system.

Luckie has to take Pepcid an hour before antibiotics. Seems she also has a sensitive stomach which may have contributed to her early rejection of food. She is eating like a horse now.

Her water intake has returned to normal for her size/weight. She played pitch and retrieve her surgically modified soft porcupine.

But I see this is going to be a long recovery from reading and talking with persons who have had dogs with chronic Ehrlichiosis. Some have treated their dogs with antibiotics for over two years until they get two straight negative blood tests.

In between all this vet medical routine, I have my own. I surely keep the two sets of medicine entirely separate both in storage and dispensing. I don't need any mix ups. Further we both are on Doxycycline right now for different reasons--i have a sinus infection.

I hope Husband stays well for a season, but he manages his medications himself. It is called "don't take it if I don't want to theory." Sometimes I cannot argue with it.

My new Christmas present has hardly been touched--a new Nikon D5100 which can almost function without human hands. It has a GPS feature for geotaging, but at this time I am unwilling to forfeit my flash shoe for this feature with limited importance to me. I check all GPS accessories, both NIKON and other brands which work with same camera. None had very positive review, so I'm saving my money. This is relatively new in lower tiers of cameras for advanced amateurs like me. SO I PASS.

If I just had to have GPS, I could carry a handheld one and actually but the data on the picture---too much trouble. I bet nobody wants to know exact coordinates of where I took that closeup of a butterfly on a posy!!!

By the way, I finished reading a TALE OF TWO CITIES. There is a lot allegory in Dickens's writing but I really am scared our populace is descending into an abyss of desiring anarchy instead of rule of law. Excesses at either end of the spectrum is dangerous and incites unrest.

 When I was a city alderman, I had a phrase, of which I am not the author, when used when faced with decisions concerning enforcement issues: "justice tempered with mercy." Many judges use this phrase, but there is often circumstances and hardships which arise and were not considered when regulations and laws were written.

Last two paragraphs are my personal opinion only.


rosaria said...

Somewhere in the middle, when you spoke about your husband and his philosophy about taking meds, I couldn't stop laughing. That describes me! I hate being on meds, and will fight with the doctor about any and all. He had to threaten me for me to take Vitamin D, as I figure food is the best medicine.

Amber Star said...

I'd wondered about Luckie and how that was going. I knew that disease sounded familiar. My mil's dog had it and she would give him the medicine with milk thinking it would make the medication go down easier. Well, it was tetracycline and the milk counteracted the antibiotic. She had taken him to Texas A&M for diagnosis. He finally got well
and I went with her to pick him up, and she never mixed tetracyline and milk again.

Arkansas Patti said...

I am so glad Luckie is responding though a long treatment is not encouraging. Keep your pills separate or you may feel the urge to drag your bottom across the carpet:))
So far I am on no regular meds which is good for I am a terrible pill taker like your hubby.

faye said...

Hope you and Luckie are off those
meds soon.

Congrats on the new camera....
another great feature of that model is the video mode.

I have a GPS and never use it... when traveling Bob
will always go the opposite of the GPS.. he is stubborn like that.

Nezzy said...

If the GPS people wanted men to follow directions they should give 'er a male voice! Heehehhee!

Hope both you and Lucky are feelin' better.

God bless and have a wonderful day sweetie!!!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad Lucky is doing a little better. It's hard when no one feels well.

So, You have a Nikon D5100??? I'm so jealous! I have been drooling over the Nikon D3100 ~ I think I will read the reviews on the 5100 and compare. When you do get around to using it ~ keep us posted. I would love to know what you think.

We haven't read the Tale of Two Cities yet but it's on our list. My kids and I just finished Crime and Punishment. WE LOVED IT!!! it was very dark BUT! fabulous! We couldn't get away from it. My son ,who is not a reader, couldn't put the thing down. That Dostoyevsky was one heck of a writer.

I do hope Luckie will get back on her feet soon.

xoxo, Lisa

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh I hate to read this about Luckie.
Hope he continues to get better. I know you have your hands full.
I too had to laugh about your hubby's remark. All to familiar.
Interesting book you have been reading. I had thought of reading it myself this winter.
Take care and hug Luckie for me

Lorna said...

I like the way your last two paragraphs sound

Liz said...

I'm glad Luckie is on the road to recovery even if takes a very long time.

Good luck with getting all the meds right!