Monday, January 23, 2012


A whole day whisked by faster than a sweep on a broom by  an industrious well-organized housekeeper. I washed three loads of clothes, usually only have two. With a my Life Group meeting at my house yesterday, I had to pickup and decide where to move each pile of clutter off the dining and serving services. Hope I find it all again.

Luckie had to have a bath, scheduled for Saturday.Then there was the usual phone calls about what may be going on in a our small town, mainly 3 new eateries, even though there is a surplus already for a population that is declining in general with a large number wintering over in other states.

And 4 hours on Thursdays is devoted to church office duties  as a volunteer. Tuesday the housekeeper was here. My duties those days are to answer questions, clean the washroom and usually the kitchen/den  table where we do our daily dining.

When Friday arrived I began to panic. I made a trip to WalMart for last minutes items I don't usually keep, like International Delight flavors for coffee. I also had a dental hygiene cleaning and a date for an allergy shot.

Fortunately weight loss, albeit incremental, has helped my heart behaving acceptably for several weeks now--a few minor breakthroughs for about 45 minutes or less--not the 2 hours like I had in the beginning. But then I am now equipped with medicines to knock it back into rhythm; also some techniques call vagal maneuvers, and several relaxation techniques like hot showers which are surprisingly effective.  

My nurse practitioner recognizes I am wound tighter than an alarm clock almost 24/7 and includes a medicine to be taken 3x a day, but I rarely take a mid-day dose. However, on busy or stressful days like Sunday was,  I do take it and it does cut the hot salsa back a tad.

SO what did not get done? Well I missed getting by the upholstery shop to select fabric for my lift chair. That is on for this week. I have found pacing, myself instead of pushing myself are much better for my over all well being.

I fuss and worry over Luckie's somewhat dislike for men but she behaved very good, only begging for food, and finally settling down for a nap  after our dining. She was in an enclosed room until the actually dinner was over. She immediately check us all out upon release and the sniffed out all the crumbs on the kitchen and dining floors, saving  me considerable time for cleanup today.

A friend came over also last week and encryted my router/network as too many unknown persons were using my open (public) network. I know some neightbors are mad, but I tolerated it until they were telling all their friends of its existence. It is a form of stealing, if you gett really technical about it.

Internet Photo
THIS WEEK: Let's see: laundry,cook two different dishes (one for potluck Sunday and one for our frozen storage at church for emergencies (like sickness and death in families), the upholstery shop, bring my finances up to date in computer, and an invitation to eat at a newly discovered catfish house in Gainesville MO, a friend has discovered, church office, and bread outlet. Some of these will be combined into one trip.

When oh when, will I get to play with my new camera?


Amber Star said...

Glad your hostess chores were sucessful and everyone was greeted by Luckie after dinner.

Moving "important" papers is dangerous around here. We forget what was in them and the room looks so nice...well, you get the gist.

rosaria said...

My goodness, you are doing too, too much!
Scale back and enjoy.
Who needs to know?

Arkansas Patti said...

The week is flying but how about the month. January is almost over, yikes.
I am so glad you are getting your A fib under control. That has to be such a relief. Way to go.

Lisa said...

Ohhh! I love your new camera!

You sound very busy. I'm so glad lucky seems to be feeling better.

faye said...

What a schedule...I would need a double dose of your daily meds to calm down.

I know what you mean about stealing bandwidth...
It became apparent during the holidays that our nearest neighbor was using our wireless ...sure they were surprised
to wake up one morning and find access was now secured..
I am keeping up with usage now and notice a huge drop.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Wow you have busy life. Made me tired reading everything you have been up too.
I too can not get over how fast the weeks and months have been going by.
I traveled this week to the GOP debates in South Carolina and I have to say being on the road with someone that talked politics 24/7 made a long week for me. hahaha

Lorna said...

How can you keep up with yourself?

Amber Star said...

*tap tap* You ok in there? Haven't seen you around much lately.

CHERI said...

You are one busy lady! Glad health issues seem better. I too have had a verrrry busy week...basically the week from #@$%! Sometimes there are people I'd just like to take a stick too...or at least give them a good shaking. I encountered two or three this wseek. You take it easy now and don't overdo...but personally I like to have some degree of "busy-ness" in my life.

Dimple said...

You are certainly busy!
We went by Deadwood last June, I think I saw one of the mountains you posted...but maybe not, as we didn't get off the interstate unless necessary!