Saturday, January 14, 2012


Luckie's small foot prints compared to her somewhat
German Shepherd body. Taken with my new
Nikon 5100 with only cropping. Not much of a
photo as it has been a busy week for and old lady.

This week my part of north central Arkansas had a skiff of snow, a term I learned here; I call it flurries to a light snow which nearly covered everything but streets. Further south of me, but still called north central Arkansas, there was some treacherous ice. In fact an ambulance en route to a call slid into a ditch and was rescued by a fish and game officer who carried them to their destination. There were a few slide-offs and minor collisions but thankfully no major causalities.

I received my camera last weekend and discovered I had a 263 page manual to digest so I am plowing through major points. Since it is same make as my former camera, some features are similar or the same, others entirely new. One feature is I can set auto flash in the menu and turn it off with a knob on the exterior of the camera without plowing through dozens of menus. It also has a video feature. are many other features I have not yet begun to explore.

The worst of the week was today when I discovered my YAHOO mail account has been hijacked. I spent the day tracking down e-mails sent in my name which I knew nothing about. Very few of my blog readers are in my YAHOO address book. My blog is with GMail and it is not affected.

I have changed my password that may not solved the problem. The perpetrator seemingly is also a YAHOO subscriber and I have supplied what is called the complete header to YAHOO tech support. However I cannot use the account as the header that goes out on my e-mail has all the perpetrator's info on it.

I have had this account for 8-plus years without any problems-only a SPAM once in awhile.  But for about a month it seems on weekends, I received about 20 a day. Somehow I am sure this is related.

As soon as I can figure how to salvage addresses and some saved files I will create a new account. It is the only solution. I am sure the 106 addresses that woke this morning to SPAM in my name for CIALIS, VIAGRA, etc from a Canadian pharmacy with my name and e-mail were a tad shocked. Actually about 40 addresses were no longer valid which were returned to my account by that fellow DAEMON.

I cannot imagine people fall for these fake ads, because the products are largely tainted; some have absolutely no therapeutic effect even though they are made to mimic the original product remarkably well..

SOooo, my day has been brutally crushed by a malicious person.

I am thankful my blog and GMail are unaffected. Stay warm. Tomorrow is projected to be warm and Monday, too, with some rain.

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Amber Star said...

Sorry about your spam/hijacker ordeal. It has happened to me before and yahoo locked me out of my account for months. I think it might have happened again recently, so if you get something with a subject line of something like Cialis, well, it isn't me.

Camera takes swell pictures!

Lorna said...

A skiff of snow? who knew?

Arkansas Patti said...

What a bummer!!! I didn't know that could happen. A bit scary. Hope you get all straight soon.
Nice you got snow. Our few flakes just flew sideways past the house in the high winds. Nothing hit the ground.

islandwonder said...

Good luck. I know 5 people in the past 12-months that went through this. It took one 2-months to get hotmail back

faye said...

Send a skiff or two of snow this way...

I hate spam.. may the perps that did that have an exploding computer..NOW

CHERI said...

I am constantly getting those drug and Viagra emails!!!! Such a bother! I have had my Yahoo account for years but lately I absolutely hate Yahoo. They revamped and since then I have had nothing but problems...freezes up and I lose the whole email I'm trying to send, missing features that I was so used to, etc., etc. I need to change to another email group but it is sooooo much trouble! Sorry for your problems but I guess as long as there is technology there will be those unscrupulous people who are going to find ways to interfere with our privacy!

Nezzy said...

You'd think that people had enough to do out there without hijackin' a poor gals email wouldn't ya???

Congrats on your new camera. Woohoo...I see great pictures in your future.

God bless ya and have a fantastic week sweetie!!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I had that happen to me once. And he had me out of money and out of luck in London. He sent all my email addresses a panic letter asking for a loan to get me back home. Nobody fell for it. Thankfully. I looked at the address he used to get their mail to come to him instead of me. He has added an extra letter "c" to the end of popslinc. And then took out an yahoo address in that new name and sent the letter to all my emails he stole. Anyway, I still have the former and use it daily. Glad you got it squared away.

Lisa said...

First of all: I'm so happy to see that Lucky is up and around. I do hope she is doing better.

Second of all! Good grief! I can't believe people actually take the time to high jack accounts. So sorry that happened!

Great shot by the way! Loven the new photos!