Friday, June 15, 2012


May-Pole Flowers - Not Really! These June lovely
tiny ox-eyed daisies are flourishing in fields in my area
now. This cluster around a telephone pole charmed me.
It is SOOC(straight out of the camera). Another shot of
same scene with a little PhotoShop is below.
    I like this one best.
Several on my  bloglist have noticed a decline in comments and posting and wondered if their posts were uninteresting, or people pass on through.

I have gadget that shows quite a few persons pass through without a word. One particular day I counted 50 and I only had 10 comments. I enjoy comments because I feel we know a wee bit about each other's niche in the world. Some days I comment too much; others days it is short and sweet.

Spring and Summer lure us outside to see, marvel, wonder and enjoy the beauty of awakening of life as well as maturing into Summer. For those able to garden, participate on water sports, or just walk, I say all fully justifies less blogging, etc.

May-Pole Flowers - Not Really!
This has been slightly Photoshop
and cropped ox-eyed daisies.
I am partial to the SOOC.
Others like myself find myself due to certain health conditions stressed to complete the daily duties expected of a wife. Once I could whiz-bang through the morning and have an afternoon and evening to enjoy my hobbies and avocations. It is getting harder and harder; but I have been blogging 3+ years.

Currently I am trying to write once or twice a week, and read my complete bloglist through at least once a week and I DO comment unless the material is overtly biased in religious or political matters. Even if I agree, I do not comment. I feel I know you but not well enough to engage in this kind of banter. I may mention religion or politics in passing but usually in a generic way, not trying to persuade anyone of my viewpoints.

Cell Tower - our church leased
small amount of land to a cell
company who built a road through
our parking lot. I watched road
construction for 2 weeks.
Thursday when I arrived for my
4 hours work the tower was up
but not complete. See top of
tower in next photo.
One of the aforementioned bloggers I am featuring today. Her blog is Finding Life Hard? I added her in my first few weeks of blogging because we both love dogs. As with all bloggers, there is much more to both of us than dogs. She lives in Wales, United Kingdom. I live in Arkansas--not sure she ever heard of this neck in the woods.

 Liz Hinds was writing an e-book when I first added her to my bloglist. Recently she completed the e-book, THIS TIME NEXT YEAR, which I purchased for my Kindle Touch. I am not sure but I think it is her first book.

USA persons may purchase THIS TIME NEXT YEAR by Liz Hinds here for $4.74. United Kingdom persons may purchase the e-book here for £3.o8 or go to her abovementioned blog where there is also a link. The links here are Persons in other countries contact Liz Hinds for any other distribution channels.

I have not read Liz's book but have purchased it. USA have two 5-star comments and apparently the humor is great. I am engrossed in reading James A Michenor's THE SOURCE, which is an epic novel and may take me the rest of the year to read, as I just started it. He is a favorite author of mine.
Top of Cell Tower - If the prongs
along the sides are for human climbing
I will not watch - unless I have my
trusty camera. The transmitting/re-
ceiving equipment on top is yet to
be installed. I work 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Liz has four blogs; besides the one already been mentioned, one is the title of her e-book. Give her a visit and tell her I am helping her spread the word. She is busy promoting the e-book, which is the hard part or writing, so I am told.

Lastly, the this post, Husband (H) and I are planning a trip to Plattsburg, NY, known for one of the more important battles of the War of 1812. It is also home of a museum from one of the Navy ships H was on in mid 1960s, U.S.S. Henley. Their convention is the last weekend of the 2week Commemoration of theWar of 1812. I promised Shelly one ship reunion, and time may be running out.

We also will return via Niagara Falls. I have seen them, but he has not. I told him it was on his Bucket list now. All my slides are gone, so I want one more chance a photos, too. And it is one of the marvelous wonders of our beautiful  country. That leaves one thing on my Bucket List- Grand Canyon. Have no idea how we might accomplish that one.

The possibility of pulling this trip off is nebulous. We have relatives everywhere in poor health: a brother on radiation due to reoccurrence of cancer; half-brother with unbelievable heart problems, brother-in-law with multiple heart problems and possible decline in mental acuity; sister just diagnosed diabetic; and my heart medicine for A-Fib is definitely fading, which means a heart procedure which may prohibit my attendance (however, I am working getting a fishing pal to maybe go in my place, and I'll find someone to stay with me).

At least our deposits and reservations are refundable except $20; we have 70x that already in deposits/reservations. That does not count gas and nights on the road going and coming back.

PHOTOS: scattered through this blog have no relation to subject matter, so I have added longer cutlines. All photos by NitWit1 unless otherwise attributed.
Spider Web Hens/Chicks Blooming
In Pot Near Handicap Post
Starting Up the Ramp
Hens and Chicks Nearly Ready
to Bloom (Zoom Lens Macro)

I plan a later post, no certain date, on hens-n-chicks, perennial succulents of the family Sempervivum tectorum. Like many plants in my yard, they require little care and multiply ad infinitum. Almost all of them are blooming this year so here are two teasers of a quite a number of photos I have made.

Hens and Chicks
Zoom Lens Macro With +4 diopter added


TexWisGirl said...

i like your 'may pole' flowers and your hen and chicks blooms.

i, too, get traffic so know folks are zooming thru w/o leaving comments. and summertime should be spent to the fullest, so good for them. at least they take the time to view. :)

good luck to your friend on her book. i don't read (except too many blogs!)

turquoisemoon said...

Normally I read my blog lists early in the morning. It's been so hot around here, that now I get up and started on my outdoor activities. By evening, I'm tired, so I tend to read my blogger friends posts, but don't have too much to say. I don't think it has anything to do with being interesting or not...just think outdoor activities/chores are the priority right now??? I know I sure miss my cyber friends if they'd quit posting.

Arkansas Patti said...

Sadly blogging is the perfect foul weather activity. Winter is perfect, blistering heat of summer pretty good but in spring or fall it is hard to sit in front of the key board.
I have noticed that a lot of my passerbys have just landed on my blog by accident when googling a subject I happened to write about. When they see it is a blog, they split. Can't win them all.

rosaria williams said...

I'm not familiar with your hen and chicks plant. It's a stunner! I wonder if it grows well in my neck of the woods.

Hope your vacation turns out great, btw.

Dimple said...

I think the last photo is stunning. I wonder if such a lens is available for my little point and shoot...

It's too bad about your chair, though...

Hilary said...

Sorry to hear of health woes. I hope all works out well for you.

Comments usually do decline somewhat in summer. I think people are more anxious to get on with their day.

Sending best thoughts your way.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I too love to leave comment and receive them. It is a fun way to keep up with friends but like everyone I am finding it harder and harder to keep up. This ole place out here is more than this old grandma can handle but that Just Between Me and You. lol
I always love hearing about what you are up too. You may live in Arkansas but honey you live a very interesting life. lol
If I did not live in Tx I would love the beautiful state you live in.
I am beginning to think my bucket list should of been put in a small flower pot because I seem to be not seeing any of the things I have on it.
Love your pics and you for always remembering to stop by and visit me.
Take care dear friend.

NitWit1 said...

Liz said...
Thank you for the mentions, nitwit!

Hope you get to do the trip. I'd love to see Niagara. It must be amazing. And the Grand Canyon too. Maybe one day.

Copied by Nitwit1 from Google gmail, after I hit a wrong button and could no longer publish it.

faye said...

Your photos and commentary are great as usual... And you certainly get around a lot even with the health issues.
I have no issues at the moment that keep me from getting out and about....just too hot and too lazy.

faye said...

Your photos and commentary are great as usual... And you certainly get around a lot even with the health issues.
I have no issues at the moment that keep me from getting out and about....just too hot and too lazy.