Monday, June 04, 2012


Those who follow me, or have read my brief biography, will extract a minuscule measure of nerd in my measure of life and its pleasures, especially my preferences in music and reading.

Being 75, and having thus far survived several serious and diverse health episodes, I have sporadically spent time, some with my husband, doing the 'putting our affairs in order,' or more pragmatically, less tactfully, last will and testaments, funeral preferences, etc.

My husband has not put his in writing to date, but since it is primarily military, I pretty much know what he wants. For example there is a Navy tradition, where a boatswain's mate,( shortened to bo'son mate by comrades), uses small pipe (similar to a piccolo, more like a multi-note whistle) to announce important events, including retirement ceremonies and funerals. On these occasions the pipe's 'music' is somewhat symbolic of transition, and commonly called 'piping over." A military funeral of any branch is finished after presentation of the FLAG and playing of TAPS.

However, I have deviated from the normal civilian rituals, at least in areas that I have lived. My distinct preference is 90% all music, some with and some without audience participation, reading of the complicated obituary which includes my biological and adoptive families (already written),  audience stories (IF appropriate for church) and NO SERMON funeral. If you think this unusual, succinctly my philosophy is 'a sermon does not make a saint.'

I consider music the equivalent of 'piping over.'

In order to make this request for music easier on those who try to comply, I am making a CD, I have encountered a popular musical group of unusual composition, 4 males and an orchestra. I saw them on TV and began listening them, primarily via You Tube. I plan to purchase at least one DVD. They speak and sing 3-4 languages and have several world tours. You may check them out here.

I have provided YOUTUBE links to I CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE (Elvis Presley), UNCHAINED MELODY, MY WAY, and AMAZING GRACE. [that is if I clicked on the right YOU TUBE title! I don't do this often enough.] Another worth watching is DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA - a lot of Spanish here I am sure, so I did not include it but if you go to YOU TUBE and type in IL DIVO you will get a large assortment of their music, some professionally made and some obviously filmed by amateurs attending a concert.

 A number of their concerts include other celebrities in the music field like Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand. Some of these videos are amateurish, but the music recording is representative of their voice richness and range.

Attribution: Videos = YOUTUBE links, none of which are my work. Nor have I been contacted to promote them.They do not need my endorsement. - NitWit1

NOTICE: If YOUTUBE links do not work, the title of the music and IL DIVO will get you to the clip in YOU TUBE. I don't believe these play using 64 bit IE.


Cheryl said...

My husband and I started "getting our affairs" in order when we married 10 years ago. At first I thought it a bit scary but I had two children under 18 at the time. Anyhow, glad we are all set although I hope its a long way off! I love IL Divo very much!

Hilary said...

Your links work just fine. They're quite amazing.. beautiful voices.

Lisa said...

'a sermon does not make a saint.' ~ This made me smile in a big way. LOVE IT!!!!!!

Ugg this is something I hate to think about. But, since my husband was diagnosed with heart failure -stage 4 ~ we know we need to do this. Especially, when it comes to the "who" will take care of our young children. If something happens to me.

I"m off to listen to your links.

Lisa said...

WOW! Those guys can sing!!!

Amazing Grace always makes me chock up ~ my mother's name is Grace and my father loved that song. It was sung at his Funeral Mass as we walked in behind his caskets. It was all very beautiful.

Have a great Sunday Carol :)

Liz said...

What a wise idea. I have attended very evangelistic funerals and don't like them so I think you're wise in your no sermon choice,