Thursday, June 28, 2012


Mouse in the House -1
We Have Not Yet Baited Trap Today.
[Available Light Photo (no flash)]
Caution: Mouse in the house! Saturday I noticed the tell-tale dropings of mice in a food cupboard where dog food is also stored. Unfortunate for the mouse, storage in this pantry, one of two, is mostly canned goods or other containers usually impermeable to the razor sharp needle teeth of mice.

I began to search the house for other tale-tale signs and found one under the sink. We set three traps but no luck. The critter stole the cheese and did not trip the two of three traps.

Monday morning I found the tacky mouse and maybe companions had dined on tomatoes on the kitchen counter which I had separated from others I was ripening on the window sill. At least those were chosen for discarding as Husband is fighting blossom rot.

So a trap will be set on the counter tonight. I may buy some more traps and several boxes of D-Con which I can only put in places Luckie cannot reach, because she will eat just about anything within her reach and that is remarkably extensive.

I am afraid I have a case of nausea that the nasty critters are on my kitchen counter that I scour daily with Chlorox wipes. In fact I hate the critters so much I hauled in the Fence Defense Deer and Rabbit Spray and put in crevices; even Luckie can't stand the smell of that stuff.

Mouse in the House -2
This is nearly same photo, except I used flash.
I prefer #! as I hate the harsh shadows an
on camera flash produces. My point-and-shoot
camera has no choice. I can turn the flash
off on my Nikon.
My best friend has found out the product works on raccoons and armadillos, too; just a little tidbit or information to tuck away for future use.

I spend the day looking for likely places the mouse found entry. In a manufactured home there are many, most of which I have dutifully stuff steel wool which cuts up the little critter's mouth. But I have found a couple of pieces under the kitchen sink. I check the bar sink which we reinforced against an earlier mouse invasion which ruined a case of paper towels.

I still have several more difficult places to look, and for all I know, they may march right in the dog door flap. Some time ago I watch one hop out of my husband's armoire drawer of outdoor shorts and run through our master bath under a darkroom door that had a seal flush with floor prevent light leakage.

Since the digital age this room has become a linen storage area, but there is water pipes through the floor in there, too. However, ceiling lights are also a nice entry way.

An Mature Miniature Rose with Buds
[Using Zoom Telephoto w/Macro Built-In]
Usually field mice, which I am assuming this is, don't enter buildings until fall and winter when outdoors pickin's are thin to none. However, this is not a normal summer, nor do I expect it to improve. Rain is not in our forecast for the next 10 days. It has been at least 7 days since we have received any significant moisture. My water meter is spinning so fast, it is meeting itself coming and going.

Deer are already moving around because grazing is scarce. A whole herd of deer were standing in the middle a town on a state highway near us. Usually, this occurs when they change from grass to acorns here which is about October, or hunting season.

To rid myself of the indignation of  mice army invasions, I have posted a couple of mini rose photos, with which I am still experimenting with my close-up dioptors.

Photos: NitWit1, unless otherwise attributed.

Miniature Rose Bud, Lower Right of Above Photo
[added+10 diopter to Telephoto Maco Lens]
Center of focus is center of bud; when using
a large magnification the focused area is
quite small. What I have not figured out
is the awkward white highlights tinged with
blue edges. I will figure it out eventually.


Steve Finnell said...
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NitWit1 said...

I rarely remove comments about my blog. When I began blogging I vowed not to embrace or comment on overtly religious or politically biased subjects, even if I agreed with them.

And I have professed to be devoutly religious several times but have not pushed my specific beliefs on my readers.I do profess to have spiritual life based on Christian beliefs.

In keeping with that, today, I have removed a comment I unwittingly and somewhat still asleep first approved, which did not comment on the content of this post but was overtly inviting me, and thus advertising my readers/commentators to follow a overtly religious blog whose beliefs with which I partially agree.


TexWisGirl said...

good luck with ridding the mouse presence (and good for you for deleting the comment, too).

turquoisemoon said...

Mouse trap #l is my favorite of the two, but the miniature roses really grabbed me. I consider my blog, my journal. Highlight the word "my"... Comments are like a guest and must follow the house rules. It was very nice of you to explain the delete, but I don't feel it to be required. You're very kind..

Dimple said...

I hate mice. When I find they have entered my house again (they do so regularly) I call the exterminator!
As to entry holes, they can go through any hole they can get their little noses in, according to said exterminator. I have seen one go through a hole the size of a dime, so I can believe him!


Cheryl said...

EEKK!!! I despise mice. In my old home they would tiptoe in and clean up the cat's dish, the cat being too lazy to disperse the mice! I have heard stuffing tin foil around pipes helps keep mice out. Good luck with the situation!

Arkansas Patti said...

I have a friend who swears by using esential oil of peppermint on cotten balls put in obvious places. It will repel the mice and won't harm people or pets. Besides, it smells good.
I sure wish you luck.

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

I wish I could lend you my cat - Mazie Grace - for a few days. She would rid your house and surrounding areas of all rodents in no time. Unfortunately she also catches squirrels, rabbits, birds, lizards, and snakes.

Small City Scenes said...

Mice--ick!! The thought og them running over the counters make me feel as you do. Hopefully you will fine the solution soon and all will be happiness again.

We have rain just about everyday so I am in sympathy of those with no rain and high digits temps.

Love the chicken stories. We used to raise chickens for eggs and has an abundance one time so I offered some to a neighbor extolling the goodness of fresh eggs. And she said no thank you I will by from the store yours are too close to the chicken for me. Oh to be impersonal. ha! MB